Wednesday, August 18, 2010

J'Adore les Musee Arts Décoratifs

I never miss a visit to the Musee Les Arts Decoratifs when I'm in Paris...
As fabulous as their fashion exhibits are, they also have another side that appeals to me...
Currently and through 17 October they're showing, Exposition Petites et grosses bêtes
Supremely witty and whimsical exhibit of children's animal toys I could not resist.
Regarde! A New York dog walker is in residence.
He has to be French non?
Bears/nounours up the whazoo.
Do translate if you can..something about a flea?
"Les elephants sont toujours representes plus petits que natures, mais une puce toujours plus grande".
Another irresistable bear...
Just a few blocks away Baby Tuileries 326 rue St. Honore has bears dressed in their finest on swings...
Why are there no animals in New York City everywhere you turn? c'est pas juste :(
Pierre Herme pastry-eating mini bird, watercolor, 9" x 11"

Are you a dog person?
Or a chat person?
There's plenty of goodies for animal lovers at Plastiques on 103 rue de Rennes 75006
Here's a little dog I found waiting in the CDG airport loo.
No dogs allowed at JFK I'm afraid...
I loved your stories of galavanting around on your first day in Paris !


  1. Bon! I'll have a chance to visit the museum.

  2. So sweet, love the dog walker!
    The rooster is a hoot. ;-)

  3. Karryll Nason11:41 AM

    Le Musee des Arts Decoratifs

    "Elephants are always shown smaller than they are in nature, but a flea is always larger."

    Je suis une chat personne!

    J'adore Paris Breakfasts. C'est un petit cadeau chaque matin.

    Karryll Nason

  4. Well, GG & I are both chat & chien (cat & person) duo. Alas, we cannot have a chien now. Someday again...before I adopted GG, she lived with dogs & children & likes both to this day.

    The museum is has been far too long.

  5. So funny, on my recent trip to La Saut de Loup, I popped into the gift store - c'est super!

  6. Carol-

    Do you know how to find the é and è on the American keyboard?

    They are there just waiting for you.......

    On my Mac I press 'option and e' at the same time to get an ´-then with out doing another thing press the e key and you will get an é.

    To get an è you press the 'option and the tilda key at the same time' (the key above the tab key) and next press the e key and you will get an è.

    Bonne Chance

  7. Malhereusement je n'ai jamais visité ce musée, mais c'est tres sympa.
    Merci de partager des photos.

  8. @Rosanne
    Of course I know where the accents are on my PC, but Blogger turns them into Japanese or they used to in the subscriptions so I gave up fussing.

    @Sweet Freak
    Both the gift shop and the resto at Le musee are FAB and well-kept secrets IMHO

  9. Yes the writing next to the bear is somehow a bit strange it means that the Bears are always in their representation (drawings or stuffed) miniaturized meanwhile the fleas are them always enlarged if represented ( drawings or stuffed…never seen one) …some sort of French Tongue and cheek….

    Voila if it can be helpful


  10. Just Plain Jane1:30 PM

    I have been following Paris Breakfasts for a few
    years and really enjoy your writing and pictures.
    We are going to be in Paris October 7 -11 and I have a small ceramic rooster I would like to
    get to you - it was given to me by a writer - since deceased - that
    wrote a local monthly newsletter - The Spotted Chicken. I think I
    remember you collecting chickens - is that right? Anyway please let me know if we can meet for a few minutes in Paris!
    And keep blogging please!!!


  11. Justine1:32 PM

    J'adore the charming elephant on the velib!!

  12. I want to go there ... this post made me smile... Thank you

  13. Very cute! I your close-ups at the museum - and the bears.
    The dog at CDG is cute, too, and that last poster :)
    In other words, I like it!

  14. Oh so cute, those pics made me smile, thank you. I will have to add this to my must see list, which is getting quite long, of Paris.


  15. Carol, I laughed to see that pull-along vintage bassett hound in a Parisian musee. Ooh la la. How would a bassett howl sound en francais?

    Your prior post and the outpouring of comments about how to spend one's first day in Paris certainly got my wanderlust go into overdrive.

    Please do keep on giving me more incentives to empty out some secret fund and get a ticket.


  16. That museum looks like such a magical place. The teddy bears are absolutely adorable.

  17. Love the displays - especially the one with all the dogs on "leashes"!

  18. Love that rooster! J'adore les petit chats definitely.

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