Sunday, December 30, 2018

Marie-Antoinette at Le Grand Palais des Glaces

I went with SOLLI to LE GRAND PALAIS DES GLACES not Marie-Antoinette
But wouldn't it be nice if Parisians were dressed in full 18th century Louis XIV costume whilst skating?
My first time experiencing the lightshow
And disco show by DJ Eric Pryde.
Very dramatic fun even though neither of us put on the skates/patins included in the entry fee.
While hundreds skated by and will continue to skate through 9 January.
I scribbled in the dark the big ice bear carved by sculpture Richard Orlinsky (he also created the chocolate bear at the Salon du Chocolat in November.
One scribble leads to another - the sketch for the January Paris letter.
Where Marie-Antoinette comes into the picture.
Why not put an Eiffel tower in her hair, Champagne, glasses, caviar, oysters?
Who knew the V and A museum lets you muck about with powdered wigs plus accessories online. My monsterpiece...ahem
The finished January letter art came out a bit better me thinks and your name is personally enscribed on it.Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. Please share with a friend. If you'd like to receive Parisbreakfast letters, watercolors and mapin your mailbox, please look in my Etsy shop. 
Bonne Année PBers with love ❤️ from Paris 🐻🥂🍾 xxx

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Nut Cracker Suite Kiev

Thank you Rob and Bonnie for a visit 
To the Casse-Noisette/Nut Cracker Suite at THEATRE DES CHAMPS-ELYSEES of the Ballet de L'Opera National de Kiev on the day before Christmas.
A glorious performance by Kiev Russian dancers raised the spirits
Post-ballet doodles in a new sketchbook
Then we waltzed into nearby Hotel Plaza Athenée - hotel bears were taking it easy
While guests worked the courtyard rink.
We worked on a vertical buche de noel, all vanille top to bottom.
Out on Avenue Montaigne the light show continues.
Paris night lights at Christmas are just as glam as in New York
Animated Christmas tree 'Rockettes' shake a leg in Le Bon Marché's windows
Inside live shows perform every 20-30 minutes.
A song and dance team harmonize American carols in French
The simple tree decor was the best department show in town
My so-called 'staff' took up residence offering specialized last-minute Artisanal gifts.
Tie a Guerlain ribbon on it.
Temps dropped today in Paris from mild to more like New York. 32 degrees, feels like 29. Golden mittens would be perfect, plus a golden Marie Antoinette lollypop...
Bears are big in Paris. I moved to the right place.
More show biz acts get the joint jumpin'
A show-stopper shopper. You should have seen the luxe dog beds at Bon Marché.
Instead of the traditional yule log, why not a baked Alaska or as the French call it'Omelette Norvegiene' filled with ice cream. Last night returning from Jane's, a flashy light show inside Saint Paul in the Marais. Lights Action Camera!
I hope you all had a lovely day.
With love 💋 from Paris 🐻 Xxx

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Bear visits Versailles

THANK YOU PBers for all your lovely letter orders. On Thursday Bear insisted we escape addressing envelopes briefly and do a quick run to VERSAILLES.
*ALERT! Do try to take the correct RER C to station VERSAILLES RIVE GAUCHE rather than station VERSAILLES CHANTIER. You will save oodles of time...over an hour vs. 38 minutes. We did get to sketch Louis-Philippe on the train to pass the time...
FYI bear in mind station Versailles Rive Gauche is a much shorter walk to the chateau too.
Since you'll be walking a hell of a lot anyway its best to take into consideration.
I always seem to hit the gift shop first. It puts you in a Marie-Antoinette state of mind don't you think? What we all need now is gold-covered chcocolate lollypops. A bright idea!
Someone in the comments asked about bougies. The French are obsessed with perfumed candles. The huge bougie on the left goes for 169€ Check out on Youtube, VERSAILLES' DIRTY SECRETS - TOUTE L'HISTOIRE, perhaps too much information on the use of perfumes in the 18th century.
Nina's fabulous Marie-Antoinette teas come in a luxe travel box. All you need take of you're flying over on Norwegian Air non?
Such pretty soaps etc. Perfect gifts for christmas if you're not sending letters from Paris...
Here is the top, top secret about Versailles! Go on a chilly winter day in the AFTERNOON.
You will have the place more or less to yourself. The morning mass of tourist coaches have left the premises.
When my back was turned (and the guard's) Bear hopped onto a l'interdit/forbidden settee.
We both would have loved to take a closer look at this gorgeous portrait but the velvet rope and the guard were looking.
No crowds. No one blocking your view. Definitely visit Versailles in the afternoon. And three hours is enough to see what you want before total exhaustion kicks in.
Besides you do not want to miss the town of Versailles a few blocks away on rue de la Paroisse.
Next year I promise to write JOYEUX NOËL on the Christmas letter and not Bonne Noël. Leçon learned.
Don't miss the big covered marché in town either, open everyday until 7:30 pm
I was compelled to buy the raspberry tarte on the right, since I resisted temptation in the gift shop.
Sketching another Louis on the correct RER train returning home...
You come out of St. Michel station to be greeted by the tree at Notre Dame!
Bear 🐻 wishes everyone all the best for the Holidays and the New Year !!!
From Paris with love ❤️ XXX