Sunday, December 31, 2017

Painting the Eiffel Tower

Painting the Eiffel Tower seemed a good idea for January's Paris letter.
First off get some Eiffel towers to observe in the studio. 1€ each Pas mal.
This too would have made a good model
You can wear your Eiffel Towers over at Boutique Anne Maisonneuve 112 bvd Raspail
I was after the wild fireworks effect that takes place every New Years in Paris.
A macaron box lent a helping hand.
Step 1.Prepare background watercolor washes just in case I don't pull it off first time. I did not.
Step 2. Experiment many times over.
Ta Da! et Voila
Now for the last of Paris Noël pictures
Saint Sulpice
Street lights in the 6th arrondissement
Always plenty of bears around Paris.
In Cartier's window last night at Place Saint Germain des Pres.
I've fallen back in love with macarons. These are from RichArt, rue Bonaparte
Bear drops into Le Bonbon au Palais19, rue Monge for some marron glacé..
Enjoy your champers tonight PBers!
Turns out this year's fireworks will be on the Champs-Élysées. Nobody told me.
Have a wonderful celebration and a fabulous 2018 PBers!! Thank you for stopping by all year.
Xxxx Carolg and Bear

Monday, December 25, 2017

Celebrating at Angelina

Thank you for all the lovely holiday wishes dear PBers! December 25, 2012 was a special day. 5 years ago I moved to Paris.
Bear said let's celebrate with a hot chocolate at Angelina's.
If you stop by at 10 am its easy to find a seat.
Angelinas is like a touch stone.
Full of good memories and delicious flavors.
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday full of joy.
The weather was sunny this morning on rue de Rivoli. Wish you were here.
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Cheerio Carolg and Bear

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Le Grand Colbert

Today is the Winter Solstice.You can extend the light at LE GRAND COLBERT 2, rue Vivienne 75002. Its so luminous inside.
The day before I was researching Galerie Vivienne for January's Paris map and it seemed like an awfully good idea to have lunch at nearby Colbert.
As we were peering in, wondering should we come back, two French women immediately assured us we should return and must eat there.
Besides they have a daily fix prix lunch for a mere 19€  Plat + dessert + cafe
So return I did, neither Françoise nor Bear could make it. Big mistake on their part.
The Christmas decorations are lovely.
Everything is warm and glowy
Except this shot of my veau with veg. Very delicious.
I love the old brasserie feel to Colbert..
Such a pretty l'arbre de Noël.
Those brassy globe lights...
The dessert oldie-worldie
My slice of tarte au pomme was fine thank you very much.
And my little espresso which I have duely painted for you.
Le Grand Colbert is a great place to sketch. No one minds at all. I was surrounded by French-speaking patrons by the way if you happen to hate going where tourists go. I don't care a fig one way or the other. Just go. Its delightful and pas cher. Thanks for reading Paris breakfast. If you like this newsletter, forward to a friend. Gift yourself and others Paris letters, your mailbox. I have single letters up on the Etsy shop for the rest of December.
Have a great Christmas !

Monday, December 18, 2017

Pierre Hermé Rouge

Sometimes it seems like I fall in love with a new color every other week. Yesterday Pierre Hermé's Xmas rouge red stole my heart.
Spotted first at 86 Champs Elysees these bags. Yum yum
On my way to the pool yesterday i thought I'd pop in for a look see at the rue Bonaparte Pierre Hermé before the plunge.
I never made it to the pool.
To enthralled with this stunning RED!
By the way P hermé's smallest box of chocolates is one of yhe best deals in Paris (12€) a winner.
The buche de Noël are simply gorgeous
Did I really think I was going to just browse?
My divine haul. Its been a long time since i've painted macarons...
That Xmas red was a challenge...maybe Daler Rowney scarlet...maybe Winsor Newton cad scarlet...maybe...
Most of yesterday was spent wrestling with macarons. I'm rusty! I need more practice, more macs.
What to wear when buying PH red macarons.
What to listen to whilst munching on PH red macarons.
Why was a PH rouge car parked on my street? And a man in PH red trousers walking just ahead of me? Synchronicity that's what. Thanks for reading PB! If you enjoyed this newsletter, forward to a friend. Receive Parisbreakfast letters, maps, watercolors and macarons in your mailbox.