Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The New Choux!

Another French pastry lecon today deconstructing the basic creme puff or French choux. Sharpen your pencils svp. Everyone knows the traditional French croquembouche wedding cake - a tower of choux pastry filled with chantilly whipped creme, then dribbled with molten caramel. Here a mini version minus wedding, obligatory hat and gloves. Indulge yourself! What is the religieuse but a double-decker stack of choux?

La Maison du Chocolat helps you out with a nice pastry cross section view of the innerds. Not so helpful since you can only buy these on Fridays/ Saturdays in October in Paris. I missed out.
I loved this informative drawing on the walls of new patisserie Sebastien Degardin.

If you buy a how-to eclair book you can also make choux - same pastry.

Different shape.

Sadaharu Aoki deconstructs the creme puff by slicing in half and exposing a naughty chou a la creme.

Another new patisserie, Cyril Lignac gives the religieuse a modern twist.
Angelina makes the religieuse's pate a chou crustillant, a newish pastry look = crusty, crunchy texture.

Angelina has a book out showing the revisited Saint-Honore - more choux innovation.

At hotel Mandarin Oriental pastry counter a Saint-Honore of creme puffs de-stacked (8 euros).

Their trio de choux(8 euros) - some say the choux is the new macaron. What do you think?
Some choux you don't want to bite into! Candles.
Choux/religieuse do NOT travel well. Avoid the Metro and order a limo for gawds sake.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eclair Plaque Chocolat

L'eclair ordinaire is a staple of French pastry... Eclair aquarelle... You almost never see an eclair lurking at Pierre Herme but they adorned his window in October...
Perhaps because they adorn his new book, one even caterpillar-like.
Eclair recipe books are hot hot hot in Paris!Edible pansys on your eclair? go for it.
Make your eclair look like sushi? Pourquoi pas?
Fauchon's master chef, Christophe Adam has a new eclair book out...
Fauchon is showing a Paris Brest eclair...
But the newest twist/tendance on the eclair is an added plaque or flattened layer instead of the usual slather of icing found at Arnaud Lahrer.
Hugo et Victor's eclair not only has an added plaque chocolat but is slit down the middle of the pate chou pastry with the filling exposed. Naughty!
I bought one of these but forgot to shoot the obligatory cross-section view. Heck! Still the thin chocolate layer adds a touch of crunchy contrast to the soft mush of the inner filling and isn't as sweet as usual.
Angelina has adopted the new 'plaque' look in white chocolate...
As has Un Dimanche a Paris...
Here's the 'New York' DIY eclair I can do without the twist...ahem

Monday, November 28, 2011

Barneys Gaga

Barneys Gaga Barneys Xmas windows are an homage to Lady Gaga...
Barneys Gaga Do drop in for a look at Gaga's designs on the 5th floor...
Barneys Gaga A sufficiently hairy fan poses in front of Gaga's Boudoir. My hair is too short for this...

Barneys Gaga Gaga is famous for her outfits and bows made of hair but a hairy shoe and a hairy dressing table may be taking hair too far...

Barneys Gaga A hairy chaise lounge...

Barneys Gaga And a hairy chaise/chair. One wonders how sturdy this it..?

Barneys GagaLooking hairless more like chihuahua, Gaga spins...

Barneys Gaga Flying hair...

Barneys Gaga Inside Barneys Gaga greets you wearing an Andy wig. Is this from a few years ago Barneys windows?

Barneys GagaNeon Gaga in a different hairdo...

Barneys Gaga If you buy some of Gaga's goodies on the 5th floor you'll get this Gaga bag. And 25% of sales from Gaga's Workshop will benefit the Born This Way Foundation.

Barneys GagaLike these chocolate Gaga 'lipsticks' ($18.)

Barneys Gaga So grab your hairbow...

And head on over to Barneys.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Post Thanksgiving Recovery

I saw this Jo Malone poster hanging in Harrods' cosmetic department.

It's what I'd like to be doing today instead of homework.

c'est la vie

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How 2 Survive Thanksgiving

THANKSGIVING We would all love to have Mona Lisa's composure on TG(Thanksgiving). THANKSGIVING Instead of falling to bits in a panic.
Dr Steve says knitting is the key.
THANKSGIVING To finding your inner serenity - something the French have known forever.
THANKSGIVING Not only is knitting responsible for the famous French aura of inner mystery, but it keeps hands busy (out of the fridge) and necks well protected. i.e. Why the French neck is so enwrapped both winter and summer in my opinion.
THANKSGIVING Now that we've worked out what you should wear to TG dinner.
THANKSGIVING And what you should not.
THANKSGIVINGJust a reminder to eat your veggies.
THANKSGIVING And when dessert is served...
THANKSGIVING Think Limoge pill boxes and abstain if possible.
THANKSGIVING DO keep your pets off the host's furniture.
THANKSGIVING Put a bow in your hair and carry on.