Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Timeless Paris by Marin Montagut


Last Friday I went to a book soirée for Marin Montagut’s latest brilliant book 📕 creation, TIMELESS PARIS.

It was held in his own eponymous and wonderous shop on 48, rue Madame 6eme. 

Remember I wrote about his shop mid-May when toute Paris was just opening up. You all went ga-ga over it. 

His new book 📕  is just like being in Paris walking around in his shoes 👞 

Full of fabulous photographs and his unique plethora of aquarelles.

Maybe even better since you get to see things up close and personal. 

There was Champagne of course. 

The window displays are always enthralling.

Montagut now prints his designs on silk scarves. 

There are entire corners of the shop you want to buy like the drawing desk area. I’m thinking about it. So much nicer than my quelle wreck workspace 😊

Do you follow CakeboyParis, Frank Adrien Barron. You should. He was studying the cloche à gateaux for future buttercream cakes, his specialty.

Enfin, the author, Marin Montagut, man of many talents: map maker, film maker, watercolorist, book designer, motorcycle rider etc., etc.

You can page through his book on @marinmontagut
It’s a must-have, if you’re a Paris dreamer. It includes many hidden away, secret shops no one tells you about. Many I have not yet been to I must admit. There will be a followup post when I visit. Like Montagut’s shop, his book is a wonderous ‘cabinet of curiosities’. The Pub date is October 5 📕📕📕📕💕

Monday, September 27, 2021

Walking in Holly’ Golightly's shoes into Cartier’s


Saturday I pretended I was Holly…quelle adventure.

I didn't go into Cartier’s on Place Vendome.There was a
 line and I’m a wuss. They’d instantly know I’m an imposter.

Instead Cartier’s on 12, boulevard de Capucine is less scary.
The doorman outside asked if I’d like something to drink while waiting. (There were already too many imposters inside). I said, “I’ll have a martini with an olive please”. We giggled and talked about what he really did (he’s not an actor, but an architect!). This is his weekend gig.

Once inside the double doors (for a brief moment you’re locked inside). One door closes and another one opens. I asked if I could take pictures. They said yes, but no jewelry. I immediately focused on the flower🌸 bouquet. 

The chandelier seemed a safe bet.
The entire joint is très elegant.

Who knew Cartier’s had perfumes? My friend Louise knew. She hangs out in those places. “Of course all luxury jewelry stores have perfumes. “Oh.” Cartier’s first perfume was created in 1980 with a stunning, ribbed red bottle. I got to try many. They were the most delicate, flowery🌸 ethereal perfumes ever.

I’ve always been crazy for their logo panther.

There are many beautiful bibelots with the panther 🐆 but not much for us ‘populaire’/ordinary folks. “Quelle rats”as Holly would say. Remember the silver telephone dialer you could buy at Tiffany’s and even get it engraved for a tener!?
After walking on air, I came down to earth and got a tea at Nina’s Marie-Antoinette. Their chandeliers are just fine for Holly and me. 

This adorable tea fan can be had if you buy their entire  pink collection of teas.

I’m still drawing✏️ Audrey/Holly.

You can order Holly’s hat from @Celestelilou on instagram.

I think the obsession will break soon.

Once I’ve had the AH intervention… Meanwhile I’m getting pretty good at wafting into luxury jewelry 💎 stores. Any requests from the peanut gallery where to venture next PBers? 💋💎🌸🐆🍁🐻

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Holly Golightly in Paris map, Place Vendome


The opening shots of BAT/ Breakfast  at Tiffany’s  are part of New York iconography don’t you think? You can watch the entire movie in 3 parts.  

If Holly went to Paris, and why wouldn’t she, for a girl who loves luxury, where else to go? With lunette de soleil/sunglasses🕶 or without/pure Audrey. Big question. The sunnies won. “There are certain shades of limelight that wreck a girl's complexion.” So many sketches✏️✏️✏️

Your letter will be hand-personalized ✍️ just like Holly’s note to Fred in the movie.

You can hear the full book read on Youtube if you’re playing catch-up. Capote’s writing is wonderful. It’s a classic.

The Cat “stays in the picture.” Also known professionally as ‘Orangey’..quite a recalcitrant cat, who ran away habitually at the end of shooting but was famous for sitting still for long hours.

Which hotel would Holly stay in Paris? I asked knowledgable Paris Diary by Laure. Do you get her newsletter? You should. Comes on Tuesdays. She said luxury 5* Hyatt Vendôme is currently very hot with celebrities.

I thought about it and put Holly in room #114, Mr. Flannagan’s chambre at the Ritz(from Love in the Afternoon). The Ritz and Audrey are joined at the hip don’t you think?

For BAT fans watch the making of…essential. Yes, we all hate the casting of Mr. Kuniyoshi. Big mistake, even back then they should have known better. 

Have you wandered around Place Vendôme looking in the shops? 

I haven’t except for specific errands to the 
The Ritz Chalet de Noël or the Salon Proust Salon preview tea.

What a treat! I had to for
 Holly’s Paris map It was lovely. A beautiful open, airy space with extraordinary shops. Why not do a trial run yourself? 😊💋🕶🥂🐻

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Big White Shirt, Liwan


The oversized shirt/OS is a Fall must-have more or less. Today we’re in Paris!

A classic white man’s shirt has always been essential for French women. Yet I couldn’t find any pics or mention in French bible, How To Be Parisian Wherever You are!? So I sketched one on the cover.

Perfect for Design Night Out.

OS was spotted on rue Saint Sulpice

 tells where to get the big white shirt and how much to pay. 

We discovered the delectable concept store, Liwan walking further down rue Saint Sulpice at #8. Their windows had a stunner. We had to go inside.

One of the owners demonstrated how to wear it. So chic.

Accessorized to perfection.

Remember Catherine Deneuve of the extremely pointy-toes and high heels? Guess what she’s wearing when not on the tapis rouge? Lebanese-made babouches from fabric she brings in! It seems everyone who is anyone is wearing Liwan’s slippers according to Vogue.

Both Carolyn and I bought the OS in Grasse at Carmen’s. Even though the sales woman said it was a small, mine is so big, 2-3 people could wear it at once😬 Of course Carolyn’s fits fine.

If you’re wearing a white shirt you better stick to white food no? Galeries Lafayette, at the moment has a counter of almond milks from Maison Gazelle. Course the exotic flavorings could be problematic…

When in Place Vendome, I usually waltz through Hotel Ritz. They don’t mind a bit and they have a fun concept store in the back for affordable Ritzy souvenirs. Reason enough for walk through.

Plus a lovely inner courtyard. 

I was curious to know the flower’s name and asked the front desk concierge. She said they change them weekly and asked me to sit while she called their landscape artist. She said they were called 
Me,”Please write it down ✏️” 
Oh…impatients😊idiot moi
My next map is set in Place Vendome. Coming soon!You won’t want to miss it!