Thursday, August 19, 2010

Harvey Nichols London

I've been watching gritty British movies on Netflix of late. Have you ever seen Mike Hodges' Croupier or the gangster movie to top all gangster movies, Get Carter?

Not that either film has much to do with swanky Knightsbridge or Harvey Nichols, but they do get you in a British frame of mind.

I saved Harvey Nichols for last - it's one of the best department stores.

They don't get swankier.

It's like an art museum - you never know what to expect visually floor to floor. Even the escalators have surprises. 

Are par excellence-this Alexander McQueen dress says it all. 

Definitely glittering.

Cupcakes rule in London. 

Cupcakes in every imaginable kind of gift box.

And such gorgeous tea trays on offer! 

Loaded with Whoopie Pies!

Truly spectacular windows at Harvey Nichols. 

Knock-your-socks-off window displays

Rather unusual cups and saucers as only the British do them.

By the way, THANK YOU for all the cups and saucers you've sent me to paint, some even from Budapest! Thank you Chas for your Cafe Deux Magots cups. 

A big Thanks to Julie of the Provence Post for the shoutout about the cup/croissant watercolors. Do visit Julie, who spends half the year in Provence...quelle dommage


  1. Justine9:28 AM

    the whole darn place looks absolutely delicious!
    Must go see toute a suite

  2. Anna-Maria A.9:29 AM

    Mad for Whoopie pies I have to admit
    Merci for the cookbook.

  3. Really Carol it is I who should be thanking you! Paris Breakfasts has added so much to our enjoyment of the City of Light; we never would have thought of photographing tablescapes as a way to remember fine times spent in cafes and bistros if not for you. So thank you very much, indeed.

  4. Loved yesterday's post and today too! I love shopping with you. So fun.the food hall is wonderful reminds me of Harrod's.
    Marie Arden Pink Living

  5. can't wait..I'll be there for one day only next month...gotta go to Harvey Nicks

  6. Oh Carol, You are making me homesick for my beloved England. "Hello Snailwell" I miss you desperately!

  7. But I JUST retired! And here you are posting the world's most tempting job: Window dresser at Harvey Nichols! Just think - after working up a sweat doing up the most wonderful windows, I could go to the food hall and have my choice of goodies. Or sneak over to the china department and photograph great painting cups!

  8. Oh my goodness,
    that truly is a swanky, yet lovely, place!
    Love that cup with legs. Very tongue-in-cheek.
    And those croissants?
    I feel truly sorry I only ate a true croissant once!
    (Have to confess 2 chocolate-filled goodies, though.)

  9. Carol, isn't Harvey Nicks one of THE places to spend extended periods of time in the Sloane St. area? Their 5th-floor Bar is one of the best places in all of West London for people-watching, something I probably don't need to tell you. Love that whole corner of London.

  10. Hey, I didn't know we can send you stuff to paint! Right, I better get a move on then, I've got a few to flog your way mate :)

    I'm joking!

  11. I guess being brought up on so many BBC shows on PBS that Americans love things British.
    Wallace and Gromit are favorites of mine and I love that tea cup :)
    Looks like a great store!

  12. If you have Netflix try "Monarh of the Glen. It was a BBC TV series --- I LOVED it!

  13. I am madly in LOVE with the teacup with the woman's legs sticking out of the side below!! Have you any idea of the maker?? I just searched H. Nichol's website but to no avail.
    Let me know if you know!!

  14. Oh thank you, Carol, for these current views from Harvey Nicks.

    When visiting London, I always made sure to get over to the HN hat department and treat myself to the best of the least for a few minutes of heaven.

    I always thought that their buyers were sort of like curators!

    Still have a wonderful French raincoat that I bought at Harvey Nicks ... oh, could it be almost twenty years ago? Yes, it could.

    Best wishes.

  15. The "cup with legs" made me giggle. Quite unusual but a lot of fun.
    If you are interested in painting Chinese food in watercolor, I just posted a ton of food photos. Yes, I shoot my food!

  16. Great shots! Love the window displays and that fabulous green hat!

  17. london tube stations, glorious food, and Alexander Mcqueen....all my favourite things in one post!!

  18. Thanks Kathleen
    I'll watch 'Monarch of the Glen' though I doubt it's such a sock to the solar plexus as Get Carter which may be closer to Bleak House.
    I did love 'Skins'
    Watched the last 3rd of Red Riding-gripping but made no sense at all.

  19. HN is probably much more interesting than H&M, except for when they sell Sonia Rykiel? :-)

  20. Hmmm....
    'Monarch of the Glen'
    Terribly cosy and fun
    But no grit
    Not my cup o' tea...

  21. London!!!!
    Another wonderful city, with wonderful sights and eats and fashion. Luck you

  22. i love the pic of the lady in the tube - what a fantastic silhouette in her outfit. and i love the way the sweep of her hair mimics the hem of the jacket.

  23. Oh, Carol that teacup with the fem glams! Do you know where it is available??? Please do tell.

    Stef in sunny Chicago

  24. Oh how I miss London. Thanks for this post. London does for me, what Paris does for you. :)
    I used to work for British Airways for many years, so I would travel to London so very often. It is by far, my favorite city. I'm way overdue for a visit.
    Have a lovely weekend.


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