Friday, May 29, 2009

Instant Gratification

When I walked by the Dalloyau vitrine/window, temptation called. I ordered the mini Torbion Caramel . Nothing was going to come between me and this hunk of glossy caramel (filled with whipped cream I didn't eat - I hate whipped cream.) The thought never entered my head to buy it and eat it later. Jamais! Can you resist temptation when it calls?
 Are you one of those people with self-restraint?
Do you think, "I'll come back later if I still want it and get it".
Ice cream is an instant gratification food. Ice cream won't wait for you to return. It's an "I want it now" food and thank gawd for that.
Ah, the smell of chocolate.
When chocolate beckens, who resists? Some can. Even I, Queen of Instant Gratification, can resist chocolate.

If I have a refrigerator full of it after a chocolate show. There's safety in numbers.
I can resist macarons if they're wrapped up tight in the freezer. Out of sight - out of mind.
Magnolia's cupcakes I waltze by with ease. I'm not big on cake or icing, so personal tastes effect issues of temptation.
There's an extensive article in the NEW YORKER on this.
If you enjoy Paris pastries you must read this.
When Pres. Obama admonished Wall Street
"to show some restraint,
and show some discipline,
and show some sense of responsibility.”
I thought he was talking to me. It was my new motto for a week or so. But could there be a Paris Breakfast if I had a modicum of self-restraint and discipline?
 Visual beauty plays a big part in my downfall.
 Would I trade a peach for a macaron?
What about you?
Can you show self-restraint when offered a packet of Pierre Herme macarons? Would you say,
'Let me think about it.I'll get back to you later'.
Would you? Be honest?
Do tell all s.v.p.
 Aren't week-ends for sinning?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

You Asked For It

Yesterday I got many requests for Paris Breakfast watercolors... VOILA! Some of you would like to see more Paris signs...along with your professors(!?)
I got a request "pour les hommes aussi"
Many requests for Parisien BIG BAGS came in...
Here 2 big bags + a big scarf!!!
Another BIG BAG. This should hold y'all for a while...
This was the only napoleon I could find in my pics :(
Je suis désolé...
Pierre Herme's "Miss Gla Gla"...
A boulangerie was requested...
I know I have pictures of Paris sunglasses somewhere.
This will have to do meanwhile. Désolé...
A wedding gateaux from Lenotre - requested before I left.
This pic is for Anne, who doesn't think there are many chiens in Paris...
Someone asked for this black dog in front of this cafe on rue Augereau...
And someone wanted to see the Parisien Green sanitation men...
Red shoes anyone?
Oddly enough no one asked to see more of ze Eiffel Tower yesterday.
I guess you're satiated...hmmm
Moi, I'm hanging out in the bushes chilling and working on the commissions that were awaiting for my return...
I'm sorry for the nasty copyright notices blemishing my pics today until I learn how to do the "GIMP" software.
Unfortunately some have been downloading PB's watercolors to print out and hang all over their law offices.
Not fair.
Please don't PB readers...ahem
As for requests for more MACARONS!!!!
This shot was taken while stalking in Place St.-Sulpice...
Big bag - check
Trench coat - check
Parisiens eating in the street - check
Pierre Herme - check
Macarons - check

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Paris Macaron

Adorable non?
In fact everything they have is pretty adorable non?
The French bonbon baby T-shirts are to die for...
Just like these bonbons I wrote about...
More French bonbons as a necklace/collier and as a bag/sac too!

Doesn't this mignon collier look very much like...
These chocolate macaron-style bonbons...
Hmmmm...yesterday Carol said...ok, love the...macaron shopping bags, and the colors are fabulous all politesse...can we move on a bit, I feel as if we are in macaron here is a SARDINE BELT especially for Carol.

Oh and a broccali bag too for Carol and other non-lovers of Paris macarons.

And more of photographer FULVIO BONAVIA's Kiwi watch...

And a raspberry for Carol!

I immediately donned my new T-shirt and went into patisserie SECCO to get a sandwich. The girl behind the counter asked me, "Where did you get your T-shirt? In Paris.."
"My mother makes those", she said!
Was it Karmic Destine that we meet - this T-shirt and I?

Here is today's Parisen dog. I had a lovely Berger Belge for 13 unforgettable years - dear Rudi. He understood French. I'm sure he would love Paris macarons. If you're tired of all the macaronerie on PB please comment.
Should we vote?


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Confessions of a Mac-aholic

Paris is besotted with Confessions of a Shopaholic. You can not take a Metro or bus without confronting this image... Photo (c) The Selby.comSome people are SHOE-aholics as noted on The I am a MAC-aholic. This trip, well last Friday to be exact, I brought home 19 (!) boxes of Parisien macarons (oui, reserche again). It was quite a challenge and required consultations with one of the world's best mac makers....Dalloyau One thing I learned is look for macs packed in a box with no spaces like these at Dalloyau...Look at the big spaces in Patisserie Carette's beautiful box. What to do?Tartelette's experte advice-Kleenex Helene of Tartelette , Champion du Monde macaron-maker says, put little pads of tissue paper (Toilet paper or Kleenex) and fill in the spaces in the box so the macs don't bang around and crack.Pascal-Caffet.comI found a new place for macarons from M.O.F. pastry chef Pascal Caffet . His boxes are perfect for travel and preserving your macarons. I have yet to tastes them. Note each mac has it's own little compartment so it can't jump around.
A side view of macarons
Hyper Marche Champion from hyper marche Champion.
You get 12 macs for 6.50 euros. Pas mal. Consider it research to have a few bites from the bottom of the food chain as well as the top.
 This global chain stores their macarons in compartmentalized containers.
 But packs them loose in their fancy boxes. No protection.

Sharon said...You keep mentioning (and painting) macarons. What are they exactly? Describe what it feels like to eat one. They must be fantastique! ps: I'm living vicariously through your adventures!Take your average OREO cookie.
And you have all the components of a Parisien macaron.
2 lids or shells (coques) made of delicate, chewy meringue + a filling of jam (confiture), ganache (chocolate creme) or caramel.
Macarons are smaller than Oreos and don't keep long as a rule, so instant gratification is part of the joyous experience of eating them. miam miam And they come in a vast and endless range of exotic flavors and rainbow colors. Some are even savory...
Before I caught the plane Friday, I made a last minute dash to Gerard Mulot *Note the whole counter in the front of the store right is only macarons.
I should have put all my traveling macs into sacs/cabas instead of a giant BHV bag. I got stopped at French customs before boarding the plane. A shout went out like 8 times -Scan..scan...scan...scan!
They came running over with a weird wand and ran it all over my person and across my hands?
And I was wearing my French "macaron" T-shirt.
Am I a macaron-terroriste.
Is there metal in macarons?

At USA customs the guy asked me,
"Do you have any food?"
"No, just cookies"
"OK, you're set".
Who knew US customs is easier on macs than the French?