Monday, August 29, 2016

C'est la Rentrée, September Paris letter, the Bikini 70 years, what they are wrearing

Buon giorno! I know it's been quiet around Parisbreakfast but we've been busy getting the September letter done and into the post box before we take off for Italy tomorrow for a week.
Five days in Volterra, Tuscany c/o Urban Sketchers. The 5th year session was too tempting to pass up. I promise to post daily on my progress painting Tuscan hills and cypress trees.
Remember this wonderful school back pack (cartable) I spotted in the street?Wisteria asked me where she could find one. Run right over to BHV
Its waiting for you.
I was inspired by the beautiful school supplies to paint them for the September letter from Paris.
French écriture always delights. I haven't given up learning how to write.
The French kids may be loaded down with books and crayons
But they're so chic it makes you want to turn back the clock and join in.
BHV was mobbed on Sunday with parents checking their supply lists and then checking them again.
This month Michele invited me to a summer Sunday lunch. Too pretty not to share with you.
The yellow 'Bikini at 70 years' poster is plastered all over town where ever you look this summer.
Its a blastat the Joseph Galeria.
Especially the vintage photos of the first skimpy two-piecers.
Very timely with the burkini controversy going on. 
Why can't women choose to wear whatever they want?
What French girls are wearing during the end of summer heat wave. Tribal prints are in.
A splash of red always works. 
The best-dressed Frenchie seen on the playground yesterday.
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Friday, August 19, 2016

Savignac of Trouville and The girl on the beach (not the train)

                             Girl on Trouville beach - watercolor on ETSY
Jill Butler asked me if I had seen any of local graphic artist Savignac posters whilst in Trouville. I saw many and thought I'd share them with you. I often heard about Savignac from a French guy I went out with whose own artwork was influenced by him. Savignac is iconic for France by the way even now years later.

I wanted to make this Savgnac poster into a watercolor but it took me all week.

Why didn't I get better shots of Savignac's posters that line the boardwalk (la planche) now called 'Promenade de Savignac'

Another affiche

The library has its own specially signed Savignac. By the way you can not get away from the gulls in Trouville so don't even think about it.

Savignac did many, many menu designs for Les Vapeurs, an outdoor cafe along the main street.

Here a hotel poster painted on the wall (more gulls note svp).

I imagine they have an annual exhibit of Savignac's posters. The hall to the right of the tourist office (filled with consistently UNhelpful staff. This seems to be often the case in France).

This year's exhibit is food-based.

Savignac is known for his visual wit.

There's always a joke or visual pun lurking

Amidst the terrific design.

Simply fun!

Don't ask me why I didn't buy a Savignac mug Please. I'm kicking myself.

The only picture I could find of Savignac was on the postcard stand! He does look droll.

I am still painting beachy scenes FYI. France has 3000 miles of sea coast.

I intend to visit and paint them all. 
Your suggestions are most welcome if you've been to Biarritz or Dieppe.
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Friday, August 12, 2016

Les Halles aux Poissons, Trouville-sur-mer

A bit more on Trouville and the wonderful seafood. Non-seafood eaters may want to leave now. I didn't go into the Casino. Don't know why, but it was right outside my window. Renovated in 1937. You don't have to win at the Casino to eat lobster in Trouville btw.

Maybe Monet would have loved the light changing on the Casino me thinks...

Les halles des poissons is quite a large building. I discovered it by chance and curiosity.

Typically Normandy-style split timbers (faux).

They open at 8am and go to 8 pm in the evening, but if you want to eat sur place get there by 6. I missed out on the famous 'Jeanette's soupe de poisson' sadly.

Its another kind of promenade like the boardwalk at the beach (la planche).

Everyone is doing it.

The choices are delectable.

If you want the other local cooked specialty like moules et frites, you must go elsewhere to a restaurant or cafe. They don't cook to order at les Halles.

The metal basket the waiter is holding will contain your choice of seafood.

After the weigh-in it comes back to you like this heaped on a bed of ice.

My last lunch in Trouville (about 18€). You won't find melted butter for your lobster etc. here, but the most divine seasoned mayonnaise. Miam!

Bringing your own bib is not a bad idea. Or wear old clothes. Bring your own baguette too. Everyone does. Bread is not served FYI.

Time to tuck in. All hands on deck! Making a mess is de rigueur.

Trouville's lovely harbor. Note les Halles in the background. You can't miss it.

I hope you're tempted to take a short trip outside Paris. I can't wait to go back!
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