Saturday, September 29, 2018

Walking shoes etc. are In!

THANK YOU PBers for all the fab walking shoe suggestions! Yesterday Carol said, I love KEENS...but you won't pass for a Parisian wearing them!
Not true at all. Look at the Fashionistas for Fashion Week. Can you get clunkier than this lace-up pair with the uneven plaid hemline?
A Japanese couple here for Fashion Week dans le rue..
What they were wearing on top
Are these Doc Martins?

Very IN now
New Balenciaga slipons...only around 65€ I think.
Gold high tops for walking the dog in the Tuileries
Faire la course in the supermarché
Fabulous cookbook author, COCO JOBARD yesterday was going to get new walking shoes at AU VIEUX CAMPEUR (80 bd.St Germain).. She swears YOUPI are the top, the Mercedes of walking shoes! Who knew?
Look what this stunner outside HOTEL COSTE on rue St Honoré has on her feet
Oui, c'est vrai :-O Names, names?
Course pas toute Paris is wearing sneakers or variations there of for Fashion Week...ahem. 
More pics in my Instagram STORIES.
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Bonne week-End PBers!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Walking along the Seine

No jet lag to speak of here but too relaxed post-Maine to knuckle down to present matters.. Mind you I have been to see; KLIMT: ATELIER DES LUMIERES, CARRAVAGIO INROME, RELAIS DESSERTS and EBLOUISSANTE VENISE. Reports to come soon I promise. Meanwhile I'm still WALKING DAILY, mostly along the Seine.

And what a revelation it is to see Notre dame in morning light.

I recommend to all Paris visitors.

Its not crowded

You can walk under so many bridges, all different in design. There are 36 ponts. I've walked under about 5 so far...

Are these trawlers? They bring jam and butter to Paris. They were much missed when the Seine was high in March.

Morning light is stunning. But morning doesn't begin until 7:05am these days. I'm not one to walk in the pitch dark.

American painter EDWARD HOPPER may have walked the same path while living in Paris for 2 years. He said it took him 10 years to get over Europe once back in Greenwich village.

This Hopper view is on the other side of the Seine

An early bird Urban Sketcher taking advantage of the light on Pont des Arts

I've been told my Arcopedico shoes are not good for proper walking. All suggestions are welcome. My feet are not a pretty sight...wide and bumpy. I have absolutely no problem finding a proper breakfast post-promenade. Walking is a wonderful way, maybe the best way to see Paris. Come join me! Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. If you'd like to receive Parisbreakfast letters and maps in your mailbox 📬, look in my Etsy shop. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

What I ate on this trip...

When you travel half the fun is gastronomical isn't it? My stopover in the Frankfurt airport (largest hub in Europe) did not go without local eats bien sur. A double frank (the only way they serve them evidently) with a heap of saurkraut (free cos it was cold!..too early at 11 to get the hot water going). Huh? No Hermann's does not microwave their food. Purists.
There are many, many places to eat in the Frankfurt airport. Fear not.
I also got this super lentil/roasted salmon salad at the place above - MEYER DELI KITCHEN. Needless to say I did not eat a thing on Lufthansa coming over
Tragically i did not get any of the pretzels on offer. They have pretzel sandwiches too.
In Maine: lobster #1 at the old, hokie ROCKLAND CAFE on Main street. Most mainers turn up their noses at the caf. No moi :))
At ARCHER'S on the wharf steamed clams. Can one ever get enough clams? I was happy as a .... Thank you Christiane!
Lobster #2 at MCLOONS and probably the best of em since it was picked out of the sea 15-20 minutes before cooking. I even ate that white roll thing for nostalgia's sake.. So Maine no?
These 2 slices were a religious experience. A neighborly gift from RUSTICA'S on main Street. Only open for dinner btw. So croustillant the crust...that cornmeal bottom. They may not look like much but sheer heaven in my book.
Breakfast at the SALTY OWL. This pot of porridge put me out for the morning. I slept through the lecture. Too good.
I somehow resisted their tarts and scones. I will try to practice similar resistence in Paris patisseries. Testing 1-2-3
A terrific idea from the SALTY OWL I'm bringing this back to Paris. Lemon slices in water. So refreshing.
Last day of class David treated us to more delectable pizza from CAFE MIRANDA. Almost as celestial as Rustica's.
One cannot leave Rockland without a hotdog from WASSES and ice cream from DORLAND'S.
Now what to get in the Munich airport? I read Kafer is good for bratwurst and kraut...All suggestions are welcome.
Eeek...I forgot to show Lobster #3 CAFE ROCKLAND. And the clam bisque my hostess left for me. Nor the dozen mini cheerystone clams from McLOONS. Enfin a Plain vanilla from DORLAND'S. Do you shoot your travel food? Bonne manger!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Patisserie Frederic Cassel - Fontainebleau

A quick trip back to France to visit patissier FREDERIC CASSEL in Fontainebleau and his atelier ( when I was in the midst of my train painting phase).
Think ORANGE when you think of Cassel. Toute en orange like this fab chocolate box replique of the chateau in his salon de thé on 21, rue des Sablons
You can liesurely eat his pastries here ensconced in orange.
In Frederic's bureau inthe new atelier. Take an orange chair svp.
Frederic signing his delicious new book LES FRUITS ROUGES DE MON JARDIN.
Et voila. He grows his own red fruits and was recently on ON VA DEGUSTER, 29 july 'Petits Fruits Rouges! Do listen
Some of frederic's fruity desserts in his patisserie on 71-73 rue Grande
His fraisier...reason enough to go to Fontainebleu. Forget the chateau! Though there will be a not-to-be-missed chocolate salon in november at the chateau. I'll remind you absolutement.
Looking inside the orange 'Roussillon'
Les chefs full of Chantilly cream in the atelier.
I said to Frederic, "You are the king of Fontainebleau!"
He said, " No I am the Napoleon". He has a chocolate Napoleon in his window to prove it too.
Ten years ago I came to see the chateau (about a 20 minute train ride from gare de Lyon) amd to visit Frederic's patisserie. It was a Monday when all French pastry shops are closed, but I took this picture. On the train home I sketched his macaron tower.
Frederic Cassel is president of the reknown RELAIS DESSERTS and led the team of chefs that won the World Pastry cup in 2013.