Monday, October 31, 2011

Paris Pumpkin

Le(la) BOO!

I don't know what gender 'Boo' is but certainement you'll see signs of Halloween in many classy joints around town.

La Petite Marquise (3 Pl. Victor Hugo 75016) had several tres chic witches dans le vitrine in full regalia.

Sweet Paris said I must taste her fav, la feuille d'automne so I did.

Trop de creme pour moi malheureusement/way too much cream for me. I discovered the secret of tarte citron meringuee. Often it's just a tarte citron with a dollop of toasted meringue adorning the curd. Who knew?
Is it only the French who can get away with putting a knitted pumpkin plus a knitted aubergine into a window on rue St.-Honore to display fancy watches? Knitting is very in. This ain't happening on Madison Ave., NYC...

Not pumpkin-flavored macarons but pumpkin-colored at Angelina. Pumpkin is the color in my humble opinion in Paris.

Fancy kids store, Bonpoint is showing pumpkin hats and scarves.

Are you missing a pumpkin Eiffel tower in your collection? Dash over to rue Cambon immediatement.

Why not dress yourself in pumpkin head-to-toe like this French girl.

I was interested to catch this class act dans le Metro - an art student off to class with her supplies in a Hediard bag. Pas mal non?

I'm off to watercolor class today at the National Academy. We're supposed to paint from the nude...ahem. But I'm bringing along my own subject matter - nice, colorful geometric macaron boxes and bags to paint (plus real macarons for contrast).
Bon(ne) Halloween PBers!

Friday, October 28, 2011

R U in France?

How do we know this woman is French?

Baguette - check

Scooter - check

Alice in wonderland long hair - check
+ Scarf bien sur...

The French start taking tests from day one.
Their whole lives are focused on taking their bac for college, so really it's no surprise you must take a test at Salon du Chocolat before tasting? Your skills of discernment will always be tested and sharpened if you are French.

We know this chef is French because his arms are folded across his chest.
True at times a French chef may stand with his hands on his hips. And on occasion with his hands behind his back. These are the 3 positions to look for when identifying a French chef.
No matter that the British probably created the 'Bed Head' several years ago. The French have embraced this sexy hair style whole-heartedly. You will pay good $$ to achieve this look...

I've mentioned before the French love a good silhouette. The straight-legged French Walk as well is illustrated on this tiny expresso cup...

Oh why is it when we name a street after bread it doesn't sound as romantic..?

The French can scribble a few words on a black board/ardoise in the street and get you drooling...

I love that the prices of French pastry are always clearly marked.

Maybe it's the law. There is none of the unspoken snobbery of the US, where 'if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it'. Prices are front row and center in France.

Yet you can go into a French shop, admire the items in the window/vitrine and find out they are not for sale nor does the vendeuse have a clue how you could buy them!?

How do I know this dog is French? You can tell from his look of discernment bien sur. His j'e ne sait quoi...

Well this is a give-away.

These are my stereotypes and I'm sticking with them.

C'est comme ca..

Bon Weekend PBers!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fr Girls Apartment3

Time for the latest update on French Girl's apartment. There are always changes and restoration going on. In March the milk jug hung on the right side of the cuisine wall.
Now it hangs on left.
(I did not question this major decor decision since I'm not fond of a trip to the guillotine)
French Girl is evidently milk jug-happy.
so can you be in better company? I think not.
I love these new hand-made lavender sachets on the radiator.
Plus a bouquet of dried lavender straight from French Girl's mother’s jardin. The sale du bain smells pretty wonderful.
Another new detail noted - this witty lamp shade from BHV.
Isn't this perfection?
Your scarves lined up ready to go instead of folded, stacked in a pile or in my case a messy pile.
French Girl, like some American girls is crazy for souvenir trash (in this case New York residue). Shouldn't French Girl consider giving up her Parisien fashion PR job and come to New York to help us all get Frenchified? She'd instantly have a booming decor biz. When she was here for two days the witty ideas came pouring out. I must make an effort to put them into action!
It's true that French Girl's father is a maitre of bricolage/DIY. He can create and assemble whatever her heart desires in a matter of days. I suggested that Fr. Girl's pere might like to visit New York but so far no go :(
I'm quite proud to have been deemed worthy to grace Fr Girls' walls. She is one of my best painting subjects.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Le Boulanger des Invalides Jocteur

Two members of the Clean Plate Club (CPC) met yesterday. At Le Boulanger des Invalides Jocteur.
14 Avenue Villars, 75007
Metro - Saint Francois-Xavier
Bus 87
Glorious pink walls.
Ciel bleu/blue skies overhead.
A golden French chicken gazes out the window. The perfect setting to taste pastries from Lyon.Paris CPC member, Louise Chauchard of Raids-Patisserie chooses the menu.
And explains the order we'll taste.
1. The blueberry cake
2. The pistache/abricot slice
3. Last Jocteur's specialty - a sablee cookie with a praline topping, because it's the sweetest.
First we shoot our food bien sur!
Louise divides up the pastries...
 The only way to really taste dessert is by using our hands like a child. Forks & spoons are NOT permitted. Contrasting textures and flavors are missed when a spoon is used.
There's a fun exhibit at Musee de la Poupee on just this subject, displaying vintage ads of children eating at Impasse Berthaud 75003 near rue Rambuteau. Did I mention everything was divine at Jocteur - perhaps the best tastes of my trip. 
Louise sends me off to discover patisserie Sebastien Degardin, 29, boulevarde de Rueilly 75012. One must support new pastry shops non? More to come on Degardin.
End of day I visit Patisserie des Reves on rue du Bac to view their latest - it’s  research after all.
I'm heading back to New York this afternoon - a Swiss Sleep cure awaits.
And serious exercise with no desserts on the menu.