Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cheese Day Pavillion Ledoyan, L Maison de Couture

The week I attended L Maison de Couture's show at Circle de l'Union Interalliée.
A fabulous collection Made-ro-order evening gowns Calling Joan Crawford...
Each gown takes well over 300 hours to create. Even more for the embroidery alone.
Lush flowers the perfect accompaniment.
A stunning lineup for L Maison de Couture. And a rave review in Vogue the next day.
Artistic director, Isabelle Moser, an alum of John Galliano and the Christian Dior atelier, comes out for a round of thrilled applause.
More L Maison de Couture show photos on Flickr.
My brother-in-law's nephew, Rudine Mottaghian, a co-founder of L Maison de Couture. Why do I have no lace dresses to wear to couture showings?
More fashion photos on FLICKR.
Monday was the 1st ever held at Pavillion Ledoyan along the Champs-Élysées 
So many to taste
I would not be surprised if all of France's 300+ cheeses were represented in one room.
We were given large, empty platters, a knife, and wine glass.
Let the tasting begin!
A lineup of Calvados apple brandy from the lightest to the most intense with companion cheeses.
All you can eat and drink of wine and cheese for 15€ from 11am to 11pm.
I'm sure will be back next year. Plan your trip accordingly.
Quite a few PBers have requested to buy just one letter.
Now you can.
The Paris Sketch letter of your choice will ship out in a large flat cardboard envelope. No creases and frame-ready.
Single Paris map letters can be had too. Plus Parisian souvenirs included with both.
End of a wonderful day, the cheering lineup of Russian singers in Concorde Metro.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dimanche Paris, Journée du Patrimoine, Garde Republicaine

Sunday turned into another 'Tourist Day' but sometimes when you're on a trip, things don't go exactly as planned...hmmm. A lot of you ask how I find out what's on and could I please tell you what to do next September when you're planning to visit. Honestly I get most of my ideas from posters in the Metro. On Sunday musée d'Orsay was having quickie 'free' concerts in their atrium...not so free by the way since you have to buy a ticket to get inside, hmmm. Still the Orchestre de la Garde Republicaine was playing at 11:00 am.

I live near the Garde Republicaine on bd. Henri IV. Every now and then they come out in full regalia on horseback and parade around stopping traffic. Very exciting.

On Journée du Patrimoine I watched them curry the horses etc.

They have an excellent somewhat secret museum inside worth a look if your into toy soldiers or real.

Sunday I raced over to the Orsay

Once inside…

Exactly SIX guards beating drums. That was it. This is not an orchestra in my opinion. C'est la vie. You don't always get what you want.

Last day for the Femmes Photographes 1839 - 1945 at the Orsay so I might as well catch it


Historic photos

By intrepid women. Doesn't this dark, moody interior shot

Remind you of Degas' painting called 'Interiors'? He often used a camera to set up his paintings.

Still feeling a tad disappointed if not in tears.

A hop on the Metro to catch a Sunday matinee. If you want to learn how to tie your scarf, do not be afraid to ride the Metro! An excellent place to pick up Paris fashion trends believe it or not.

I decided to see CAROL but I had an hour to kill before the show.

Nearby - the oldest restaurant in Paris, Le Procope since 1680 on 13,  rue de l'Ancienne Comedie 75006. I've never been and always wanted to try it. I bet some PBers have been here.

I ordered a soupe d'oignon

Plus a salade mixed. Perfect for a pre-matinee lunch. L'addition came to a mere 17,50€
I was surprised how much I enjoyed CAROL. It's atmospheric and filmed like a painting from start to finish. Did you see it? Did you like it oui o non?

Walking home 'tourist mode' kicked in. 
I rarely go inside luxury chocolatier Patrick Roger, but I have to do research for your February Valentine letters right?

I walked out with just 3 chocolates inside their gorgeous signature turquoise bag. Damage done = 2.90€. 
What have I been waiting for? An affordable luxury for sure.
Only trouble is I ate the chockies before I got to paint them :(
Same ole...same ole. Now I have to go back for more chockies.

Walking home a flash mob of skaters took over boulevarde Saint-Germain
That's what's great about Paris. Even when things don't go exactly as planned there are lots of fun surprises.
By the way here is my 'garret'(a top-floor or attic room, especially a small dismal one, traditionally inhabited by an artist) minus 'the bunch of cats' predicted by my dad as my future home. This is the back view. Pas mal non? Mille Merci Dad! ;))

Friday, January 22, 2016

Ai Weiwei at Le Bon Marche and Cha Ling

Tuesday night I reluctantly ventured out into the chill night to attend a cosmetics launch of Cha Ling l'esprit du thè at Bon Marche.

A few weeks earlier I noticed excitement going on in Bon Marche's windows - The biggest installation ever in Paris of Chinese artist, Ai WeiWei is on from 20 Janvier - 20 Fevrier.

I managed to catch a shot of Ai Weiwei's diagrammatic sketch.

Look at the wildly energetic results seen Tuesday night.

Ten windows with different poetic, mythical themes.

Inside Bon Marche, a new other worldly sérum infusion called Cha Ling l'esprit du thé is designed to hydrate your dry skin in the chill air.

Made with rare organic forest tea leaves plus red algae. The scent is wonderful, exotic yet not heavily perfumy.

Samples were expertly smoothed on hands
Chinese artifacts in exquisite still lifes

I suppose part of the Chinese promotion throughout Bon Marche.

On hand artisans

A calligrapher to paint your fortune

Taste tea made from the same leaves in Cha Ling skin care.
And of course gelato served by Il Gelato del Marchese
The guests of honor, Olivier Echaudemaison, Guerlain creative director

Hovering over the head of the president of Cha Ling and Guerlain, Laurent Boillot, swirling and dipping
Ai Weiwei's terrific mythical creature-kites Bet they'd love to swoop down for a glass of Veuve Clicquot.
Bon Marche's atrium is the perfect environment for these floating creatures.
At eye-level silvery fish swim in big tanks in the cosmetics department.
I have absolutely nothing to wear to these events. I went back yesterday for more shots. Wish I had mythical, floaty pink hair, perfect for tea cosmetic launches.This swath of Chinese red cloth worn on the wrist is so chic for French soirées (only for employees of Bon Marche and Cha Ling).
Don't miss the Ai Weiwei installation at Bon Marche if you're in Paris!