Friday, January 30, 2015

Cooking in Paris with Charlotte

Yesterday in Paris it was 40 degrees, grey and drizzly.

I went out looking for Valentines goodies to put in the February Paris Sketch letter. Found some doozies including French recipe cards, very excited. This stunning cake is in Dalloyau's window.

Le Grand Epicerie has Love jam waiting for you made of strawberries and champagne!

Next door Bon Marche's windows are full of pink flamingos, some dropping their shorts...ahem.

They have a promotion with The Webster Miami. Who knew? Pink flamingos everywhere.

On rue du Bac, chocolatier Chapon is in a flamingo state of mind.

Is this little French girl getting ready for Saint-Valentin?

Next door an over-the-top love birds window.

The day before yesterday, I left the house at 8:00 AM to join cooking teacher Charlotte Puckette at her marche Grenelle by 9:00 AM. We had a ball. Charlotte knows what every cow, goat and sheep in France ate for breakfast. And why and when you should buy their cheese, milk or meat. Pretty impressive visiting Paris markets with her.

Then we made a fish 'bone' broth, which by the way is the new hot, hot food for 2015. Alert: bone broth of any species is IN PBers. Throw out your bouillon cubes. Run to the butcher. More to come. Check out Karen Wheelers book on what Marie-Antoinette ate. M-A was a big bone broth eater.

The end result was

This gorgeous Tunisian fish soup from Charlotte's The Ethnic Paris Cookbook (page 30).

Followed by a chocolat fondant with crème Anglais.

More to come on cooking with Charlotte Puckette and bone broth soon, I promise.

Yesterday I was inspired to get up early and go out to my own marche Bastille by 9:30. Yahoo. Every Thursday/Sunday I have the best of intentions and never make it.

But Charlotte has shown me the way. Visiting Paris' marches is an upper better than pills or sun lamps. Full of color, conversations and enticing smells. A Don't-Miss in Paris and Free.

These early birds share freshly-shucked oysters. Do go before the crowds ascend.

Alert: there are new bus shelters going up all over town.

They must have elves working at night.
Another Alert: I got invited to Opening Night at the Brussels Salon du Chocolat - an opp not to be missed. More to come on this.
Bon Weekend PBers !

Monday, January 26, 2015

Maison Objet 2015

After Solli and I ate ourselves silly at the Fete de la Coquille a Montmartre on Saturday, on Sunday we met up to 'do' Maison Objet 2015. Here's some of what we saw.

All the insane picture-taking. 

This dame drew lots of shots.

Clever home décor Spanish Guardarte went pink flamingo-flamenco for MO.

Spanish Desigual offered us solace 'from the maddening crowds' with Sparkling Cava, Manchego cheese, Clemintines

And harp playing to 'soothe our ruffled' souls.

Brand new 'cool' Greek epicerie KILI KIO, gave us olives and showed off their take-out lunch at their new Republique boutique.  34 rue ND de Nazareth 75003

A fab Spanish VMW on display.

Loved this handsome spice vials from Le Monde 100% Epices en tube.

Like the millions of candles on display.

How candles are made. Who knew?

I was ready for a chocolate egg by the time we got to Monbano. No chance. You have to wait for Pacques/Easter.

Stacked Glass cubes embossed on the inside.

The best stacks of all at MO - new seating arrangements. Just flop down anywhere and relax.

Colorful balls/bowls on the wall from BIBOL made of thin bamboo in Vietnam.

We both flipped for new ceramic pots from Belgian GREEN PAN

Sooo much better than Teflon and so much healthier. And you can fry a square egg!

I loved this heating blender that also cooks! your soup.

From Scott with recipes designed by top Lyonaise chef Georges Blanc.

Mad about this mat Japanese-style casserole. Sometimes a pot just rings your bell doesn't it?

These all rang my bell in fact from new mark Terre Etoilee in collaboration with Habitat (but formerly the renown Staub in Alsace.

Raphael was explaining that Pierre Herme's factory is just 10 meters from theirs in Soufflenheim.
I said we would be visiting Very soon!

Just what we all need now since we're perpetually glued to our iphones, ipads, tablets, what have you.
Just make an announcement with this china.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

La Fete de la Coquille a Montmartre

This weekend my favorite Parisian foodie celebration is taking place !!
A definite DON'T MISS if you're in town.
Celebrating one of my favorite foods, the lovely scallop (coquille) from Brittany.
Everything and everyone is from Bretagne, l'Armor area.
The REAL thing! Authentique. These are smoked scallops btw.
I went with blogger Solli. We shared 1 brochette (7 euros) fresh off the grill.
No sharing the oysters though.
Just 7 euros for a half doz. fresh, icy, super brinie oysters(huitres).
Solli slurps.
Then on to the soup guys, there every year from L'Ile Bleue. A big bowl is 2,50 but a good sized bottle is 3,50. I shlept 2 home and may go back for more. So delish.
To go with your huitres and soupe - cidre or sparkling apple juice. I got one to take home.
A big variety of Brittany beers and ciders.
On to dessert!
The ineffable kouign Amann, made with Brittany caramelized salted butter. We were told to toast in the oven for 10-15 minutes. I do mine in a pan on top.
I ran the other way when I saw the wonderful crepes
With salted caramel. I overdid it 2 years ago eating 2 crepes with caramel + scallops, oysters, soup, Kouign amman. Lecon learned.
Always the Armor-Luxe stripped Ts and all butter cookies.
The Brittany band played on...many bands.
Just take Line 12 to ABBESSES, the elevator up et voila!
The fete is right in front of you at Place des Abbesses
Do wear something red please. Or bleu...