Friday, December 31, 2010

Bearre Année!

"Are the gateaux prete/ready?" asks Little Bear.
"I think we have enough champagne glasses..."
" Champagne will NOT do!"
"After all, I have a candle light date with the Veuve Clicquot..."
"The heck you do!" shouts BEAR.
" Oooops I forgot...
Prior arrangements must be respected."
Bonne Année dear PBers!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The London Transport Museum

Yesterday I had a British moment. I succombed to a jar of orange marmelade (It was Sarabeth's not British). Then I went to see The King's Speech very spur of the moment and I LOVED it, but more later.London Transport Museum Have I told you about the London Transport Museum? London Transport MuseumAn oft overlooked London museum - loads of fun. Floors and floors of British travel immersion awaits you from all periods of history.
London Transport Museum AND you can hop aboard the trains.London Transport Museum Just 'Mind the gap',
'Keep clear of the doors'
'DON'T SPIT'!London Transport MuseumIt's tucked in a corner of Covent Garden and surrounded by fabulous outdoor eating stalls = not-to-be-missed. Your entry ticket is good for a year.London Transport Museum I loved the old graphics...
London Transport Museum Some of the best posters ever were created for London Transport.
London Transport Museum During the Second world War.
London Transport Museum When Underground stations became a refuge.
London Transport Museum Winston Churchill's poster graced the Underground and he's present in...
London Transport Museum The King's Speech, based on old diaries found by speech therapist Australian Lionel Logue's grandson in the attic.
I was expecting the usual Masterpiece Theatre concoction.
Instead it's a griping thriller both brave, witty, all-engrossing with superb acting. I can't think of a better movie to see this holiday week-end.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

DIY Gingerbread Houses

I've been wondering if 'After-Christmas Sales' include...DIY gingerbread house sets I saw hither and thither..? Update: Forget these! They've been recalled! A BIG NO NO! I'd liked to make this Van Gogh-esque starry, starry night house in particular. Lord & Taylor obliged with a gingerbread house theme in their windows.
Marshmellow roofing - what a good idea!
And gumdrop landscaping...
Furthermore Lord & Taylors provided actual DIY kitchen scenes...
With Mother keeping a discrete eye on the kids shenanigans.
Sadly L & T did not provide a recipe for making your gingerbread house.
Another kidlet adds finishing touches or is she about to sneak a bite of roof?
On the upper East side French Bon Point had white paper cutout houses in their vitrines.
I would have much preferred to see a gingerbread version of this chocolatier.
Or this Paris bistro.
These paper cutout store fronts were in a Marais papeterie boutique vitrine.
Best of all I would like to see gingerbread Paris monuments!
If they can make them out of Legos why not gingerbread non?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bergdorfs 2010 Windows

Bergdorf Goodman's Xmas Windows Enfin les vitrines Xmas at Bergdorf Goodmans!
Bergdorf Goodman's Xmas Windows Comme d'habitude les singes/as always the monkeys are present.Bergdorf Goodman's Xmas Windows The theme this year is 'Wish You Were Here"Bergdorf Goodman's Xmas Windows So climb aboard the crocheted horse (who's been chatting with the knitted-legginged ostriches at Bendels per chance?) Remember seeing this gift-bearing hound in
'The Scenic Route'
Bergdorf Goodman's Xmas Windows'Full Speed Ahead' in your sequined stripped jammies...pourquoi pas?
Bergdorf Goodman's Xmas Windows Accompanied by sailors beaucoup...
Bergdorf Goodman's Xmas Windows'Ready For Takeoff'?
Bergdorf Goodman's Xmas Windows More Bergdorf monkey coachmen...
Bergdorf Goodman's Xmas Windows And why oh why is Amelia Earhart riding in an old fahioned coach? Qui sait? Only Bergdorfs knows that answer.
Bergdorf Goodman's Xmas Windows In the 58th street side windows, astrology and cartography is going to town.
Bergdorf Goodman's Xmas Windows A feathered haircut peut-etre?
Bergdorf Goodman's Xmas WindowsLions guard the maniquin here...
Bergdorf Goodman's Xmas Windows Paper rams of the horoscope.
Bergdorf Goodman's Xmas Windows Bergdorf Goodman wishes you Happy Hols