Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Tea with Mary Cassatt

Friday I took tea with American artist, Mary Cassatt (I wish..) at MUSEE JACQUEMART ANDRÉ.

Cassatt (1844-1926) lived in France for 60 years, was mentored by Degas and the only American painter to exhibit work with the impressionists in Paris. If you need new china the museum's gift shop has beautiful tea sets.

Or stop in the tea salon to get in the right frame of mind.

Cassatt's oil portrait of her sister, Lydia taking tea is in the show.

I wish this painting from BOSTON was there. Look at that silver tea tray! 
Under the tutelage of Degas, Cassatt began to collect and study Japanese wood block prints.
And a Japanese exhibition in 1890 deeply influenced her work.

Closely cropped-in figures fill up the picture plane.

Large flat areas of color and simple diagonal patterns are reflected in her prints.

Cassatt's muted color palette is similar to this Hokusai floral print.

Figures become flattened 2-dimensional patterned shapes merging at an angle.

Like the French impressionists Cassatt loved to paint water.

Unusual to see some of Cassatt's loose watercolors in this retrospective of 50 pieces.

I left the Jacquemart longing to paint cups and teapots.

First the thumbnail studies over and over.

Then finally tackling my new/old watercolor paper. We have to get re-acquainted again.

Mary Cassatt is in 3rd from the left, with relatives at her Chateau Beaufresne. The exhibit is on through July. Go and have tea in the salon while you're there. 
Now I have so much paper I'm having a Spring watercolor sale on Etsy of some larger, older Paris views.
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Cheers Carolg

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Paper, dessins d'Israel Sylvestre, Paris map, Jour du macaron, Spring?

Bear is happily back home, king of the Manor, guarding that French watercolor paper you're curious about.
It seems to still exist at Arches (in Arches). Perhaps you'll have better luck procuring some than I did. Contact information is below. I bought my supply 5 years ago at NY Central (closed now) when they stopped distributing it to the US.
It has been sitting in Louise's closet. Time to bring it home.
Plus a chance for a couple of missed Nathan's hotdogs. Food has such a nostalgic pull.
Still I prefer the view coming up out of the Paris Metro than the NY subway even if skies are grey.
And I discovered something worthy at Picard's Hello America promotion - very good stuff.
Last week an exhibit of drawings by 17th century artist, Israel Sylvestre opened at the Louvre.
He's renown for his splendid perspective views of Versailles and vaux le Vicomte.
I especially  love his tiny figures of everyday life. French families relaxing and at play just as they do every weekend along the Seine.
I thought I'd adopt those playful figures for the March macaron map
But after sleeping on it, less figures and more shops looked better to me. Paris maps went in to the mail today!
Colorful March macarons are such a cheerful harbinger of Spring
I couldn't resist the macaron hunt today, first at Pierre Hermé at 72 rue Bonaparte.
Then over to patisserie Arnaud Lahrer on 93 rue de Seine.
I hope macarons never go away. The colors, the flavors are too joyous.
Yesterday we had inches of snow in Paris. And today pink flowers are in the garden!
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Hello Spring!

Monday, March 12, 2018


A very quick trip to NYC and a quick post.

To pick up my FRENCH watercolor paper I can NOT buy in France


3 days spent cutting it up to fit in my carry-on bag

On Norwegian airways...great current movies btw

A last blast up to 57th street to see Bergdorf's terrific windows.

I miss you Bergdorf windows. I miss Nathan's

Its nice the guys in the Apple store speak English

But other than that I felt most of the time like an ant 🐜 

A lost ant in the canyons of. New York City

Heading home to Paris NOW. Hooray 🤸‍♂️
Cheers Carolg and Bear 🐻

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Omnivore 2018

Last sunday OMNIVORE PARIS had their 3-day annual tasting event. Hooray
ALAIN MILLIAT is always there. Love their nectar Fraise(strawberry) and the pommie juice and.
BADOIT is one of the sponsors and has new sparkling fruity waters coming out this Spring
You probably should not drink this divine Canadian maple syrup straight from the bottle but its that good. Pass me the. Mandarin
Taste some Bellota-Bellotta charcuterie..why not?
ALASKA SEAFOOD was there and will soon be available in PICARD. Another Hooray
Copper pot company MAUVIAL 1830 was not giving anything away unfortunately..so beautiful.
But lots of oyster tastes from Cancal, LA FAMILLE BOUTRAIS. THEY THOUGHT i was nuts to take the shell away..
LA BEURRE BORDIER tends to hide behind their mountains of falvored butters. Getting a taste here is like pulling teath...ahem
You can't buy the products at this even. Strictly tasting and best to go the last morning. Less crowds. More, bigger tastes. Most of the time.
Except with jam/confiture. Here you can taste till you drop. Just svp do not double dip!
There are top chef lectures in the grand hall...good practice for your French but no tastes. I did not stay.
A lovely homage to PAUL BOCUSE from his china company. I used to have this bowl- left it in NYC
Speakng of which...by the time you receive this I will be on Norwegian heading back there for 5 days to retrieve a few things and eat a Nathan's. Just when Picard decides to have a US ptomotion too! Ha