Wednesday, August 04, 2010


This is a tale of how I went to teacup-rehab and got over my addiction.

Well, not really. I got a brill idea that if I hung out in china departments of Harrods and Libertys I'd find terrific still lifes just waiting to be painted. At least until they caught on and asked me to put my camera away. For the PB reader who was interested in the 'hatbox' teacups, they're from Royal Doulton.

Aren't these mugs adorable? If you hang out with mugs and teacups somethings gotta give?

Fairly soon I was telling myself I had to own some of these to paint naturalment.
When Sue took me to Rococo Chocolates, it was the mug in the window that made my heart skip.

Yes, I bought it.

Back in Paris, more heart skipping beats in the Passage Joufroy over this lovebird cup and saucer.

Malheureusement you can not buy these.

Angelina's cups always put me in a state of cup-mania.

They have a gorge new pastry counter FYI.

AND they have decided to sell us their cups! YAHOO

I had to leave my other treasures behind so I could bring home this one didn't I? Manuel, at the club, got the darling Rococo Chocolate cup. And French Girl inherited the lovebird cup and saucer + the handsome bow mug. Left behind as tokens of my appreciation.

Angelina Hot chocolate, watercolor on Etsy, 9" x 11" 

Here's a little gouter/snack to tide you over.

The new Angelina cup is patiently waiting to be painted. Hmmm... Mistress Henny has made it her new home and is planning on laying a few jelly
 beans within.
Oh why didn't I get this one instead? Je regrette beaucoup!


  1. Oh...why don't we have such beautifull things around here in Amsterdam. Angelina's new pastry counterlooks great and so does the pastry

  2. Geri, NJ11:43 AM

    My first chuckle of the day thx to M. Henny & the jelly beans. BTW, I have been enjoying your helpful little tutorials on painting. As ever, your work is lovely!

  3. Carol... Now you have touched my weakest spot! My legs go weak when I see tea cups and tea sets.
    I could never leave any of them behind, like you did. Instead, I'd buy 2 of each in case I wanted to leave as present, and keep one for me.
    Is there any website that sells the cups you showed here today? Please, let me know.

  4. What is it about cups? There's something about choosing which one to use each day. My husband laughs at how particular I am about this... I have a cupboard full (yes, all three shelves) of mugs & cups from all over the place. I buy them everywhere. I only have two that match and that is only because they were a gift...and I love them both :-)

  5. I love it! These cups are all wonderful! I send you a kiss, and if you can please pu translator in your blog, and I'm not very good with my English as I read ..... and I really enjoy your notes. I would then know about your work, to choose and buy one ...... In October I will travel to France and Spain. where you are?

  6. I had to shield my eyes through most of the post. "Must not more room....must not look."


  7. Oh I am envious of French Girl getting that Lovebird cup and saucer. That got my heart pitter pattering. :))

  8. I guess I'm the only one who is satisfied looking & not buying. I do love them but when you live in an apt. it does force you to choose. I think that's good. And how nice for your, you know that they have good homes. My mum collected tea cups & saucers & I can tell everyone, when it gets out of hand, it's not pretty.

    As for someone asking about buying things online...just use the Googley-tubes with the names. Liberty & nearly everyone else has a site (& their own blogs, fer heaven's sake). Cannot decide if this is a good thing, a bad thing, or neutral.

    Ciao-meow, C.

    Susan & GG

  9. Oooooh,
    I get the gimmees, alas, my cupboard runneth over as it is. ;-)

  10. Oh, cupaholism is a major problem here. I have cups tucked in drawers and cabinets all over creation. It's definitely a sickness. Lovely, Carol--that shot of the bow cup in the window is charming--did you paint it?

  11. I love the shots of Angelinas - the window shot and that gorgeous interior pic.
    Your cup and macaron still life is perfect.

  12. Yes! I am one too!! What IS it about painted porcelain?!!

    Here are a couple names for you:
    Sarreguemines (French). Exqusite!

    And of course, Royal Doulton (note spelling). Check out their figurines.

  13. Carol
    I think they make you drink from paper cups in rehab. Good luck with that!

  14. In all fairness, you really need to post a little warning at the top of your blog:
    Warning: may be hazardous to your wallet and your weight! Posts have been known to incite major acquisition sprees.
    Your teacup-aholism is highly contagious! I am the stage in life when I wish to divest myself of the decades of acquired "Stuff". But now, I want that Harrod's mug and the Angelina, and the one you passed up...and even the rose in that still life!! With a couple of macs on the side, please.

  15. Every once in awhile I go back to my series of still-life paintings, each featuring the same old Diner coffee mug. Friday nights in S. Jersey were Diner nights, after bowling.
    Not at all tre' elegant...but what
    can one expect from a S. Jersey Boy?

  16. Could be worse Carol....I like your cupaholism very mush.....xv

  17. looks at all those lovely cups, there is nothing wrong with an addiction to beautiful teacups!

  18. And so it is that another day has dawned in the Old World and hopefully your cup on your side of the pond is not only of the most exquisite bone china but also beautifully tinted and painted and filled with the finest hot chocolate. Schlag, anyone? ;-)

  19. ... Carol, you still in London? Article online yesterday Wash Post on Eating in London .. I'm sure you have it all scoped out, but thought I would mention. Love the passion fruit tart post, such eye candy.

  20. the cup and saucer hang up i totally get! so clever of you to "recycle" them as hostess gifts. and i can now say that i am totally in love with miss (ms?) henny? i would love to have her around for those moments when a little no-calorie "pickmeup" is required!

    and yes after this post, someone might have to do like a phd on what teacups mean to females and why!

  21. Amy Ferguson4:07 PM

    Carol, what would those tea cup ranged in price?
    Love your blog...
    I shoot my food too...

  22. I too have a love affair with tea cups, could be because I have a love affair with tea....
    thanks for the love
    kate :)

  23. Clicked on your blog link from someone's else's blogroll, who I visited after they were kind enough to comment on my blog. Small world, huh? Anyway, "Paris Breakfast", sigh, I hope to one day experience it.

    These cups are fantastic. I would have came home with all of them.

  24. Anonymous6:08 PM

    These cups are all so gorgeous and chic. There's definitely that whimsical "Alice In Wonderland" feel to a chic little teacup. Such cute finds!! They're also perfect for storing jewelry like rings and bracelets.


  25. These cups are divine! I know a few cupaholics myself actually, they can barely close their cupboard doors.


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