Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Gelato Diet!

The Gelato Diet (or dieta) requires you... To eat THREE gelatos a day... Preferably in a conno or cone. And you MUST be in Italy. This regime works no where else. Where to get started? Look for giant colorful triple cone displays.
It could be a sign...
You will want to get to know your sizes:
Piccolo (small)
Media (medium)
Grande (BIG)
Gigante is also on offer. Doing a bit of comparison pricing is fub but as a rule this dieta will not break le banco Please note sizes can often be displayed diagramatically...
If the cone is chopped off at the bottom not to worry. This will not effect weight loss.
Getting to know your flavors is hard work - there are many!
Have your Italian dessert and eat it too.
Don't worry.
Be happy.
If you are Viennese, non problemo.
There is Sacher Torte gelato especially for you.
Who knew 'Galak' was white chocolate?
Some people will only eat pistacchio, pistacchio...
 Exercising on the Gelato Diet?
The answer is on the counter in 5 languages:
Il gelato da passeggio non puo essere consumato al tavolo! Grazie. Ice creams purchased at the bar may not be enjoyed sitting at the tables!
You must walk with your gelato - this is great exercise.
You will not be alone on The Gelato Diet.
There are many support members to team up with.
When do you get the sylph-like figure you've been dreaming of? Molto simplice. You MUST leave Italy. Go to Paris. No gelato tastes the same outside of Italy.
Going cold turkey/tacchino freddo is the way to fit into that Eres bathing suit. Where to get your Gelato in Venice?
Try: Fantasy, Il Gelatone, Il Pinguino, Da Nico, Alaska, El Todaro, Lo Squero, Suso, Millevoglie etc.
For the BEST gelato in the world you MUST go to Bologna to Sorbetteria Castiglione. Just 1 1/2 hours away by Eurostar train from Venice and well worth it!
BUON GIORNO Gelato Dieta!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Buon Giorno Venezia

 Bear is back from Venezia today and wants to share his adventuras with you!BEAR adoro San Marco. What's not to love?
And Italian gelato! Absolutemente perfecto! Ahhhh pistache Bronte... BEAR, being French (permesso Parisien) has expensive tastes.
So we go to Caffe Florian.
BEAR is crazy for Italian fashion.

The 'wrinkled look' is perfect for the traveler.

Non e vero?

BEAR spots his first Venetian dog...
On the vaporetto #1 Bear spots his first true Venetian...

You can tell by the complicated boots.
Venezia te adoro!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bonjour Paris Spring!


 And shortie striped skirts.

Whilst eating some red berries... I got berrie thing at Gerard Mulot to paint... But I ate it :) I wanted to buy anemonies from my favorite fleuriste
On rue Vavin, but I'm off to VENICE TODAY! The trees were busting into bloom in the Luxembourg jardins
People were even wearing sunglasses!
Why not take a gardening class or arrange flowers at the gardens?
Why not write a letter in Spring green ink?
Or wear a floral hat...
From hat shop Marie Mercie...
Why not tie a pink bow around your waist like at Eric Bompard?
Even if you have no waist at all yet, wear a red bow for SPRING!
The Easter chocolate chickens are wearing them...
Everyone was out in the Paris cafes...
Even the Eiffel Tower poked it's head out from the clouds yesterday.
I decided to try my luck and get the best waffle/gauffre in Paris yesterday.
Well Le Figaro says L'Avant Comptoir has the best so it must be so. When I tried on Sunday I waited on line 45 minutes. Then at the take-away window they said it would be another 10 minutes! Well they only have ONE waffle/gaufre maker! I gave up and went away. But yesterday with Spring finally arriving with a blast I hit lucky and didn't have to wait at all.
YES it was well worth coming back for.
But perhaps I'll post on PB at a cyber cafe...qui sait?
I'm taking a petite vacance. Please excuse dearest PBers.
I'll be back onboard the 30th of March.
Patience et courage...ahem
Why not combine both with striped ballerinas?
Look! Yesterday the ballerinas were out in Paris.