Thursday, August 05, 2010

Paris pastry souvenirs

Do you hang on to all your old Pierre Herme receipts/tickets?
How about the napkins? Absolutement oui!
Today I was inspired to have another go at the mountain of French pastry souvenirs dans ma chambre.

I decided to file them away each in their own lovely file.

Someone once told me, “DO NOT START LOOKING AT stuff you're organizing or you're toast”

But who can resist these vintage treasures of M.Herme?
Regarde - macaron maps! Do you have these?

Even a bookmark!
So thoughtful M. Herme - so your macarons are never far from our thoughts. Merci.

Did you collect the Pierre Herme minis a few years ago? These are quite rare and in demand. Should I stash them in a safe deposite box?

The best souvenir of all - the guide de Jour de Macaron 2010!

Et voila my newest PH acquisition!!! Found lurking in the Publicis Drugstore branch on 133 Avenue Champs-Elysees.

A huge wall map of all of Herme's goodies! Soup de nuts.

Of course the elegant sac must not be left behind. Wouldn't this make a perfect lamp..?

Pierre Herme Verrine, watercolor 9" x 11"

While you're going through your pastry souvenirs dans sa chambre do listen to this soothing song of
Kat Onoma - La Chambre


La Chambre
Dans ma chambre vous croqueriez une pomme petite vous tremperiez
Dans le thé des langues de chat
En silence
Et après le débat comme dit Casanova
Fronçant les sourcils vous diriez
C'est bizarre

Car vous n'auriez qu'un mot à dire
Dans la rue la journée
Pour vous servir d'acolyte j'aurais mon parapluie qui sait?

Dans ma chambre vous croqueriez une pomme petite vous tremperiez
Dans le thé des langues de chat
En silence
Et après le débat comme dit Casanova
Fronçant les sourcils vous diriez
Ç'a été?

Car vous n'auriez qu'un mot à dire
Dans la rue la journée
Si seulement il vous en disait


  1. Boo, hoo - I haven't any pastry souvenirs from Paris ... yet. I have a lovely menu from Betty's tea room in York, England tho'.

    How did you get that watercolor done so fast? : )

  2. Oh, Carolg - here's the menu - I found it online! With watercolor illustrations - you will adore it!

  3. Good Lord, you Do have a collection!
    I love collecting stuff that I feel passionate about - you have me beat :)

  4. You are unique! :-)

    Love that painting, tres beautiful.

  5. I have not encountered a pastry in Los Angeles worth keeping a souvenir of mais I wish someone would have told me....

    "You know what they say...DO NOT START LOOKING AT the stuff you're organizing or you're cooked!"

    ...this explains why my library is such a beautiful disaster.


  6. I have good intentions but - alas- I get into these wild cleaning up moods and PITCH out all my wonderful chocolate maps, etc. Not that I have the same class of ephemera! No, I pledge to put it all into my journal every day starting now! This is the journal into which I a going to draw each and every day. Starting now.

  7. Ca ete un etat savoreux (delirant) reading ton post!

  8. OUi, I have far too many treasures of my visits to Paris. Now I have found a place for them all. A marvelous woman in Cincinnati makes altered books and when you purchase them, she has lovingly tucked her many momentos of past trips to Paris in each one. I will be visiting her next week and photographing her. She is 90 years old! I can hardly wait to capture her making her delightful books. I am proud to have one of my very own. I am hoping to learn from her so that I might find a wonderful way to preserve my Paris momentos, rather than stashing them in a box somewhere!

  9. Elizabeth10:36 PM

    Cool video.
    The room reminds me of David Lynch.
    I will have to listen to more of Kat on YouTube.


  10. Justine10:38 PM

    Funny...I did not see a single cup amidst all that splendor.
    You keep yr obsessions separate.
    Now I am obsessed with this Kat Onoma. Is he Japanese?
    ? ? ?

  11. Anna-Maria A.10:51 PM

    On KON OMOMA Justine you have good taste...
    RFI says:
    Kat Onoma, a five-strong group who hail from Strasbourg in Alsace, persist in being one of the most politically incorrect groups on the French music scene. Their vice ? Singing in English - which means national subsidies are basically out of the question ! Although Kat Onoma have not yet scored a great commercial hit with their ‘underground’ rock sound, many music critics consider them to be one of the best bands on the current French music scene.


  12. I don't have any pastry souvenirs either. I will have to make the trip so I can get some.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I have a macaroon map which has prime placement on my study mood board

  15. Ellen E.5:55 AM

    J'adore your collections
    Do show us more trophies of the pastry wars svp

  16. Pls. translate Mme Paradise!!!

  17. It's a bit of a pun.
    C'a ete?
    Usually a server asks if everything was o.k. but literally c'a ete means..."it was"

    Then you can say:
    c'a ete un etat savoureux (from your song, a savory state) delirant (that made me laugh! - see way at the bottom of page below)

    voila mlle!

  18. Fred K.6:36 AM

    Dear Carol,

    I wish I had thought of this before your last trip to Paris, but the P. Herme watercolor you posted today made me think of the color-coded verrines at the little restaurant at the Bon Marche.
    They are sweet or savory, and quite colorful and delicious. I'm sure you would enjoy checking them out, and maybe painting them.

    Still enjoying PB,


  19. My god, the man is stalking you!!!

  20. thanks a lot, I love this song (La Chambre) which gets played pretty
    often on the radio I listen to (France Inter), but I never manage to pay attention to the title when they announce it (also just found out I can use deezer at work, yay!, though not youtube).
    This must be serendipity.

    merry rangement,

  21. As an must find inspiration everywhere...I love looking at your inspiration!

  22. "You know what they say...DO NOT START LOOKING AT the stuff you're organizing or you're cooked!"

    So true. It happens to me every time.

    It was nice meeting you at BlogHer last night, and your artwork is beautiful!

  23. Anonymous12:21 AM

    speaking of things "dans ma chambre" you might enjoy the CD by Mayane Delem titled Dans Mon Chambre...I found some of her songs from the CD on you tube, the songs are really good and the videos are clever. I really like "Manon des Fetes" and "La mare aux connards"

    I am trying to find this CD or mp3 here in the US so if anyone knows of a good source I would appreciate it. Thanks!

  24. @Anonymous
    I do have manon des fêtes video somewhere on PB, but can I find it?
    Mais non :(

  25. Whew! I thought I was the only one who saved such momentos. I have an entire box of fabulous shopping bags from different stores (including several from PH, bien sûr!), and recently framed a collage of business cards from our trips to Paris. Because I did not have une carte de PH, I had no choice but to use the wrapper from the Plaisir Sucre we savoured one day.

    I totally get it.....


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