Friday, August 31, 2012

Paintbox Colors

Painting your paintbox is a fun thing to do.

 Here's one I did a few years back

 If the paintbox is small it definitely helps

 Sketch it in with Burnt Sienna paint

 Then just color in like a coloring book

 Get to know your paintbox colors

 Make loose swatches of each color in blobs of water on a scrap of paper

 It's easier to do if your water is dirty - easier to see that is.

 This Paris paintbox is on the to-do list. The trouble is not eating the macarons in the setup

 Did you do your blobs last weekend?

 The mess of paintboxes I'm playing with at the moment.
Paintboxes are so portable. Take yours with you this last weekend of summer.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

French Checks

Cafe table for two, Paris, 5" x 7"

When we see red checkered tablecloths

Cafe Le Buci Paris,5" x 7"

We start thinking of French cafes.

Cafe Marie Stuart Paris,original art, 5" x 7"

Even though "gingham" originally comes from Indonesia, was assimilated by the Dutch and finally was produced in the mills of Manchester, England..

It has an inherently Frenchie flavor to it. Bonnard used it innumerable times in his intimate, homey paintings

"Homey" is the key word to this fabric's fame. Bonne Maman puts a faux red checked fabric lid on all of it's confitures.

 At the Sunday Marche on rue Montmartre, red checks line the tables of freshly home-made foods like these cooking lentilles

Red checked fabric is called Nappe à carreaux in France? Most traditional wine bistros will dress their tables in red checks

Do red checks connote a wine restaurant?

 The bistro we went to in the 7th arrondissement - red wine stains come out easily or blend in on red checked tablecloths.

Dejeuner on a cafe terrace without red checked cloths? Forgettaboutit!

Red checks show up on a lot of cafe chairs. Red patterns set off a Parisien's stylish neutral or black clothing.

Red-checkered egg cups anyone?
Definitely very cheering first thing in the morning

Like red cherries and apples, red checks give you a lift.
Throw out those anti-depressents and get some red dishes instead!
And cafe au lait bols to boot at boutique Sabre - 4, rue des Quatre Vents 75006

At all-round grand magazin BHV, you find faux red checked dish towels(torchon) and bols "stickers" to cheer up your kitchen. Where are the real ones when you need them?

A red checkered fraiser gateaux!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

K comme Kilos of Macarons

100 grs., original watercolor,9" x 11"
Today we are going to tackle the complex subject of macaron math.

Walk into any Parisien patisserie and you're instantly dazzled by the array of colors.

  And the multiple array of flavors or parfums. Your first thought is how many and which ones to choose. Correct?
You look at the price and come down to earth with a thump. 66.00 Euros! You run out of the shop tearing your hair and shrieking.
  Here is where a little macaron math comes to the rescue. This will indeed help you when buying anything in France. You MUST learn the difference between kilos and grams.
By the way these macarons ("individual") are sold by the piece. You'll pay a different price in you eat them sur place (on the spot) or for emporter (take it away) if there's a tea salon onsite.

Here's where a little math can help.
1 kilo = 1000 grams
1 kilos = 2.2 pounds
Buy 100 grs and get 3.3 ounces or 4-6 macarons depending on the size.

66.00 the kilo
6.60 the 100 grams
Just move the decimal point over one.
A managable amount without costing an arm and a leg.

Two+ 'minis' are about equal to one bigger individual macarons previously mentioned.

Many patisseries have ready-made packs of 100 grs waiting for you, so put away your calculators and start munching. Usually you can choose the flavors you prefer. If the box is a designer or limited edition box you'll pay more by the way. Fancy boxes are not free, ahem.
 For your edification:
1 kilo of macarons = usually about 70 macarons.
The exception is Pierre Herme macarons, where I was informed a kilo = is 60 macarons
Their macarons are FATTER.
(I got this from a reliable source).
Say after me please, san gram (cent gram-100g)

Todays is a repost since my Paris blobs didn't come out so hot. It happens.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Anne Maisonneuve 75006

 Anne Maisonneuve is one of my favorite shops in Paris.

 Just about everything I put on my back (from the waist up) comes from Anne's shop in the 6th
112 Boulevard Raspail  75006

 These A-B-C T-shirts are Anne's newest addition. Who could resiste?

 Loads of fun gifts for the kiddies too and even infants.

 The jewelry looks like candy even when it isn't.
Bright and cheerful.

 Don't you think Anne Masisonneuve should meetup with Georges of Le Bonbon au Palais? Maybe they could do an exchange so you could eat candy at Anne's and buy a candy T-shirt at Georges'

 Oh why didn't I get these cerises earrings?
Because I bought the tassel earrings just in...

 Even the non-candy earrings look edible.

 No one could miss these are cupcakes.

 I got my FAB inimmitable polkadot scarf at Anne's

 I've been to this shop so many times yet I've never looked up! My eyes are clued to the goodies at eye-level so I missed these wonderful flower murals.

 And I totally missed the flower-garden theme throughout the tiny shop.

 A floral dress to go with...

 I missed these mix and match always classic black and white outfits at Annes. Someone is not so observant after all it seems...

 I missed buying this adorable hat in plain sight too.

Here is the owner, Anne Maisonneuve. (Note her tassel earrings - she makes most of the jewelry herself). Anne didn't miss me coming through the door though it's the 1st time we've met. I was wearing my fatal red glasses + her macaron T-shirt + polkadot scarf. Evidently enough of you have turned up that Anne now 'knows' me and gave me a big hug! If you haven't been by all means go! Loads of fun clothes bien sur.