Friday, January 30, 2009

Pierre Bonnard: The Late Interiors, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Bonnardish still life...,watercolor, 9" x 11"
Yesterday PB reader Jeanne Long sent me this
 interior watercolor she'd painted to show her obsession with blue and white. Wow

Pierre Bonnard: The Late Interiors Pierre Bonnard:Late Interiors show has just opened at the Met

Pierre Bonnard: The Late InteriorsI raced out the door to catch the gorgeous piles of persimmons

Pierre Bonnard: The Late Interiors Pomegranets lining the gallery walls. At least 80 pieces on view - one of the richest exhibits I've seen in a long time

Pierre Bonnard: The Late Interiors Bonnard pinned his canvase to the wall and painted on them directly. They were mounted on stretchers later. Initially the walls were lined up with works in progress.

Pierre Bonnard: The Late InteriorsThere are many preliminary sketches in the show
 Pierre Bonnard: The Late Interiors Detail of “Dining Room Overlooking the Garden",1930-31 I love his vertical tabletops
Pierre Bonnard: The Late Interiors Plenty of his small daybook sketchbooks are on view.Pierre Bonnard: The Late InteriorsPierre Bonnard: The Late InteriorsPierre Bonnard: The Late InteriorsPierre Bonnard: The Late Interiors I'll be back for more Bonnard. I was too late to buy the lush catalog yesterday
There's an excellent slide show at the Times today on the show.
Don't miss it if you love Bonnard.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Blue Willow-aholic

Blue Willow Blue Willow-oholic,watercolor,5" x 7"
Well another obsession is taking hold it seems.

Blue Willow Was the seed planted with these over-the-top Blue Willow windows in Bergdorf's?

Blue Willow Yesterday I bought this BW cookie tin. fun no?

Blue Willow And these two cups + 3 dinner plates...ahemBlue Willow Of course it's all meant to go with my new re-decorating theme of blue an white.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Le Loir dans La Theiere

Le Loir dans La TheiereLe Loir dans La Theiere chocolat chaud, watercolor
A quick hop back to Paris for some serious comparative analysis on combo cafe/patisseries.

Le Loir dans La Theiere Dear Anne of MesVitrinesNYC took me to her favorite place, Le Loire dans la Theiere in the Marais at 3 rue de Rosiers, 75004.

Le Loir dans La Theiere It's rather dark and cosy and friendly inside... In fact Le Loir dans le Theiere could easily be transplanted to Soho, NY in an instant. No fussy desserts. No ladies who lunch here. This is total casualness and a relaxed atmosphere.Le Loir dans La Theiere Anne arrives and we decide to share.Le Loir dans La Theiere Le Loir's fabulous Citron Meringue tarte. Racked with inappropriate fear, my photos are blurry. There really was no need.
It's very RELAXED here!
Le Loir dans La Theiere This citron tarte is so high it's served on it's side...sigh
Note the essential soup spoon served with it.
Le Loir dans La Theiere After tea we passed by the dessert buffet for a closer look at the goodies on the way out.Le Loir dans La TheiereThe ardoise (blackboard) reports:
Apple cake with nuts and cinnamon
Tarte Bordalae

Apple crumble with salted butter
Diplomate creme anglaise
Figge tarte
chocolate pudding
cheese cake

And the lemon meringue tart or what's left of it...

Le Loir dans La Theiere ? ? ?

Le Loir dans La Theiere

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

La Bergamote NYC

La Bergamote NYC La Bergamote Hot chocolate, original watercolor, 5" x 7"


More chasing around New York looking for that touch of France yesterday...

La Bergamote NYC La Bergamote chocolat chaud, original watercolor, 5" x 7"


Especially since I got off early and quite nearby was...

La Bergamote NYC One of New York's most "Frenchified" cafs - La Bergamote on 169 9th Avenue.La Bergamote NYC That's what I've heard and the interior bears out it's reputation - banks and banks of pastry cases...
La Bergamote NYC Plus a very over-the-top Frenchie mural...
La Bergamote NYC These cases hold a vast array of gateaux...
La Bergamote NYCAnd big glossy, fruity high gloss tartes...
La Bergamote NYC Plenty of small fruity tartes...

La Bergamote NYC The croissants do look like the REAL thing...

La Bergamote NYCAND they have macarons...or a sort...a tad stale I have to say.

They are not bumpy or lumpy nor huge like some I've encountered in New York.

La Bergamote NYC A very nice Frenchie counter to pickup your drinks...

La Bergamote NYCMy order....

La Bergamote NYCGrowing up we thought to "Frenchify" something (well mainly lamb chops) was to stick a frill on it. But New York has this obsession with both the classic Parisien cafe + the classic patisserie and attempting to sandwich the two together. When you do find these two in Paris, it's a salon de the accompaning a patisserie like Angelina or Carette, never a cafe.

Plus there's an aura of "ladies who lunch" to these Parisien tea rooms - quite proper and generally inhabited by the feminine gender + kiddies. I shall continue my pursuit of the genuine article in NYC, but large clumps of hair are beginning to litter my studio :(

Meanwhile I suggest you take along Jamie Cahill's fun compendium of true Parisien delights to read when you drop into these faux French New York joints...ahem


Monday, January 26, 2009


PetalBelle Hot Chocolate, original watercolor, sold 5" x 7"
I've been trying to visit "Frenchie" cafes every week in New York...
In this case PetalBelle is decidedly Belgian in Soho at 158 Sullivan Street...
Still you can almost see Belgium from France so... And all the accoutraments are very frenchie to me...
I love the menu writing on the pastry case...