Monday, August 16, 2010

Paris Moms

 ALLO PB Moms!Are you out there? Do you want to know what Paris Moms are wearing?
And what Paris Bébés are wearing?
Les gosse/kids?
 Definitely les jeans.
Just like in NYC, Paris Moms push those pousettes/strollers every which way and you better keep your eyes peeled and feet out of the way or else.
Rather stylish too.

You can spot them a mile a way.

Paris dads know a thing or two about ice cream.

Some dads are famous pastry chefs.

Paris babes go early to the Salon du chocolat btw...
So many lecons to learn for Paris Bébés.

Life can be tough for the Parisien child - choices, choices.

Some French kidlets ride right into Patisserie Pierre Herme on their tricycles.
There are certainment some lecons to learn from these Paris Moms and Dads.


  1. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Hi, Carol!

    I loved your post! My daughter and I live in NYC, and I took her on her first foray to Bloomingdales this weekend -- I think I have created a 6-year-old fashion maven! "But Mommy, why doesn't Michael Kors make this in my size?"


    Please, more posts like this -- I need to get up to speed on what the chic mamans are wearing, lest I embarass my kid, lol!


  2. Bonjour Carol, and MERCI for this great post !!! YES, definitely more on what the maman is wearing, si vous plait !!!!

  3. This is so interesting~ of course I would love to see more. It must be hard running after active kids with your camera, they are so hard to photograph.

  4. I must now add to my own personal "Mommie Dearest" that my cruel and unfeeling mother never attended to my pastry education! Not one single Ispahan pour moi! No, I had to wait till old age to learn from Paris Breakfast just what I've been missing. Helas!

  5. PS
    She did not dress me in jeans either! She made me wear corduroy pants under my dresses to stay warm in winter! Quelle fashion disaster!

  6. Cute little tykes with their "'rents." I'm taking my sister to France next year, once she's well again, and she wants to bring her daughter, too--(but her daughter is not a little one--she's a teenager.) Can't wait. I'll have to get your advice when things get close.

  7. Lovely tribute to the tres chic Parisians.

    (I can so relate to Jeanette, but it's something I keep a bit dark)

  8. This was fun, they looked so similar to here, really, except for the shoes. I still do not see how they can eat those fab deserts and be slender? Except that they have to wait for hours on line and walk a lot.

    Your featured watercolor looked good enough to eat. Yum.


    But did you HAVE to wear matching outfits with yr feared older sister?
    Or worse yet...did your MOM sew?
    And make you matching outfits to look like a mini mom?
    The dreaded past always catches up with us.

    jeans under yr dress is at lease a step in the right direction. Be grateful for small favors.

  10. love the "mamans et bebes!"

  11. Great post Carol. I love seeing the Paris babies sitting in their pousettes and snacking on a macaron.
    Bon journée,

  12. Katherine11:43 AM

    I'll admit . . .
    I love your blog all the time, but especially today. I used to be a Paris Mom. My boys were small when we moved there 8 years ago. I didn't want to stand out as an American (don't we anyway?), so I rarely pulled the camera out when I was on the street. What a mistake! So thankful for you to be there to catch the things on film that I did not.

    Et, bien sur! I would love to see more Paris Moms pictures!


  13. Thank you Thank you Thank you Katherine!
    Tragically, I am not THERE, but here in Astoria,NY until the next jaunt in October
    c'est la vie
    when I am THERE I tend to shoot everything in sight
    Very little discretion or I would have no

  14. So cute moms and children!I like your choice and how to resist to your Hispahan???

  15. Well I have the stroller and the adorably dressed adorable tots however I don't look much like those Paris Mums;) And my tots are anarchist and don't eat sweets Quelle horreur! But I love seeing those Paris babies looking so cute in their jeans.


  16. I don't have kids, but this post is adorable, as well as yummy as usual! I do have a stroller for my cats, though...

  17. Carol, what a delightful post....but as to fashion of any sort I am sadly a lost cause. I do have one thing to say (OK, maybe several) about being with bebes in Paris though. I had the joy of being a single person in Paris twice before my last/third visit in 2008, with my hubby, older daughters and toddler in tow. And wonderfully, I found that whenever I took a pousette (sp?)through the Metro, cafe, or restaurant...the French people were so very understanding and accommodating. I was always offered a seat on the Metro when I was holding my Sophia and room was made for our gear. Once, even a sweet Parisian woman helped me up the Metro steps with the diaper bag while I carried my bebe (hubby was herding older girls and luggage). Paris, such a cosmopolitan and busy city, was welcoming and respectful to this American maman.

  18. I'm glad that you "shoot everything in sight" - it gives us an endless photo (and painting) treat.
    I love this photo-essay!

  19. Lynnette2:41 PM

    Hi Carol,

    I was just in Paris for hot two weeks in July and I always peered into those strollers to see what chic outfits the petits were wearing. I'll add that half of those babies were being pushed around Paris by their nannies, who were mostly women of color, and I had to check out their outfits also. They too were perfectly made-up and looked fashionably-correct!!

  20. OMG - I saw a Paris mom in ...



  21. NOKCIN5:48 PM

    I love this photo essay..
    It's not the mommies that get my attention - it's your ability to take a subject and compose art out of the subject and the surroundings.
    You look around, see something, frame it and viola!
    A piece of art!

  22. Loved this post yes! want more and more! now was that a Ladurée bag I saw a Dad carrying? the water-colour is just gorgeous!

  23. Wonderful post! And I'm so pleased I learnt a new word..."les gosses." The children are so lucky that they live in the city of Paris! The icecream shot of Dad and child, and the little girl at the end in her pink jacket were my favourite snaps :)

  24. Yes, pleease, more! :-)

    I caught some candid pictures of children, they were so adorable (no faces, to not get into trouble).

  25. Yes, pleease, more! :-)

    I caught some candid pictures of children, they were so adorable (no faces, to not get into trouble).

  26. Mai oui!!! I am a mother of vicariously through you, so keep the pictures coming.

  27. Loved this post Carol. So many lovely photos to give us a feel of the Parisian Mommy. Such a great city to be a child in, and most of us don't even get to visit Paris until we are adults.

  28. Camila Névoa7:27 PM

    You can make a post about Paris adolescents :)

    I loved the post hehe

  29. Oh la la! le type de post que J' AIME! Mille merci, Carol!


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