Thursday, December 31, 2009

Starbucks Macarons

CHATEAU BLANC I never Starbucks would be featured at PB.
CHATEAU BLANC I only found out about Starbuck macarons last weekend.CHATEAU BLANC Approximately 3,500 Starbucks stores carry these little macs available just for the holiday season. 12 mini macaroOns for $9.95 ($.83 per mac - not a bad price from industrial macaron maker, CHATEAU BLANC and way cheaper than Laduree from the same Holder Company.)CHATEAU BLANC The size is correct - 1 1/4" across. The texture is very smooth not horridly bumpy like too many US attempts at the French macaron but then again they make the macarons for McDo Cafe in France. It must be huge volume.CHATEAU BLANC The flavors: coffee, pistachio, raspberry, chocolate, vanilla, lemon. The mouth feel pleasently chewy.
The box is your standard egg crate affair - not a bad idea.
At least macs don't get mangled intransit.
*The big drawback - TOO MUCH SUGAR! Come on guys.
You came so close to giving us the real thing.CHATEAU BLANC Starbuck's macarons come from Château Blanc near Lille, a good 224 killometers or 2 1/2 hrs from rue Bonaparte Paris 75006, so these are not your true Parisian macaron. I don't see one word about the macarons on their website. Test marketing 101?
CHATEAU BLANC Here's information you'll never see on a Parisian box.
Who knew 3 little macs equal only 157 calories + 3g of protein?
At 39 calories each no wonder French girls are thin.
6 macs= Lunch!
HAPPY NEW YEAR Starbucks-Laduree-Paul Boulangerie
Please cut down on the sugar.
© by Carol Gillott 2010
Don't eat too many macarons.
Thanks very much to Cathy in CT for alerting me to Trader Joe's macarons. Does Chateau Blanc make these too?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Are You A Bendels Girl?

Is this you pre-holiday...?
Did you do a lot of shopping online like this Bendel girl?
Did you get snowed on while shopping?
712 ways to lead a charmed life...I'll take it!
Nothing wrong with being a Bendel girl...
Some of you must have ventured out and shopped till you dropped. Did you?
And the endless lists...aieeeeeeeeee
There's a good reason New Years Eve rolls around so soon after all that shopping...
Your chance to kick up your heels...
And drain the bubbly...
Load up on glitz and the bling for New Years Eve!
The Bendels piggie bank can wait just a bit longer...
A non-shopping poster at Bendels...
That New York hot dog awaits your Champers!
You survived.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009 At Bergdorfs

Christmas 2009 At Bergdorf Goodman At last Bergdorfs 2009 windows
WOW!Christmas 2009 At Bergdorf Goodman This Bergdorf window display of a chessboard is completely attached to the back wall! Hard to describe...Christmas 2009 At Bergdorf Goodman But very amazing to see - that's the Queen pouring tea.Christmas 2009 At Bergdorf Goodman A Russian babe? With her Russian house?
Bergdorf windows are appropriately titled this year,
"A Compendium of Curiosities" There's always plenty of silver in at least one Bergdorf window.
This is a first. I got to take some pictures inside of Bergdorfs!
The streets were jam-packed with people last night - it was 50 degrees out.
Christmas 2009 At Bergdorf Goodman And packed with hot dog stands to boot
Pretzel anyone?


Thursday, December 24, 2009

starry, starry night...

Ok, snowy, snowy night...a painting rescued from the closet

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Red is a power color...
Still you don't see red everyday and everywhere in New York...
The way you do in Paris.
Lord only knows why?
Though when Christmas rolls around surely there is red to spare in New York City ...

At least SAKS 5th Avenue's gals all wear power red gowns.
Bergdorf Goodmans has red ostriches signifying what?
Who knows?
Pierre Herme, Paris, original watercolor, 9" x 11"
Paris with a bit of red...
Bloomingdales has red smiling machines...
First you stand here...
In these red shoes....
Then smile like crazy and you'll appear in Bloomies windows!
EAT lots this weekend.