Thursday, May 06, 2021

A Renewed Visa + A Single Lady


By the time you read this I’ll be clutching my new carte de sejour/visa card🤞 I’ve been trying to get a rendezvous/appt since September. 

Its like playing roulette to get a time slot online.You pick from 10 numbers but keep coming up with zero.  Try, try again, in the middle of the night and still you get zero.

With Covid things aren’t the same as they ever were.


Then last week I hit it lucky 🤸🏾‍♀️😃

The other day running round getting visa papers in the rain I spotted this Citron tarte that looks like a donut. Plus a citron meringue that looks like an eclair! Naturalement I had to get them. 

Coming home, they were slip, sliding away. Sadly they did not taste great...

No wonder in this big, silly cake box. 

The lady in the red dress reminded me of the irreplaceable Alber Elbaz we lost last weekend to complications from Covid 😢 He put bows everywhere including legs.

Every time I put up another single letter I hear Bay’s Single my head.

Not exactly single but definitely singular, Marie-Antoinette letter is available in my shop

With a personalized envelope 💌

For those who dream of grandeur

And for those want to cut and fold faux Marie-Antoinette paper dolls. Have fun PBers ✂️🐻😊


  1. I love anything Marie-Antoinette ❤️
    Thank you !

  2. Sybille T.1:27 AM

    So pretty and whimsical
    I never know what is coming next :))

  3. So glad that you and bear have your new visa. 😊 I can only imagine the frustration and anxiety that goes into that process.🤦🏼‍♀️
    I like the drawing on the silly cake box. Just thinking...perhaps a new venture for you?!
    Bon weekend🧑‍🎨🍰🎁

  4. GA from Dekalb...drawing Cake boxes would be great fun!!

  5. You have a visa card for a cat? Hopefully, that's just a photo and you have a card for you. Though, if I was traveling I would probably need a visa card for Lizzie. Maybe one for Bear?

    Ah, pity about the lemon. Sounds so good....

  6. YAY for a new Visa! YAY for getting vaccinated! YAY for café terraces opening up in a WEEK! 🎉 Hopeful that we all get back to “normal” in 2021. 🥂🍾 Keep on sampling those lemon pastries so we know which ones are worth the calories. 🍋 ❤️😋

  7. Thanks for the permission to keep stuffing myself :))

  8. Sure Bev,
    I was just picking it up.
    Its good for 2 month. Must make another appt immediately!

  9. Meredith Mullins1:33 PM

    Felicitations on your appointment. Good work. And who would have thought there were two Talking Heads fans on the Ile St Louis (maybe more…).

  10. Sorry those lemon goodies weren't good - they look delicious but now, thanks to the taste tester supreme, I can mark them off my list. Your final photo is beautiful, and, yes Carol, I am a little sweet on Bear.

  11. You do make me laugh - your battle with sweets which I totally identify with. If the treats are anywhere as good as you make them look in your many pictures then I will pray for you. LOL

  12. Please pray for me Tim, even though the donut/eclaire missed the mark wide. They were boulanger not patisserie items.
    As mentioned before, life here is a continuous walk through landmines.
    I envy ppl who dont like sweets...yet I do really prefer savory bottom line...which is something I dont want to talk about.
    IF I COULD JUST STOP LOOKING IN WINDOWS.. but its a professional necessity.

  13. Congratulations on your card. Love the cutouts of Antoinette. So, do you speak French all day these days? I still practice but don't know if I'll ever get back to France...

  14. Beyoncé and that video!!!!!!!!


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