Thursday, September 30, 2010

Q & A Today

Would you rather see the REAL Mona Lisa in the Louvre or an eclair Mona Lisa?
More Paris sandwiches...
And less...

More real food in general?

Less gateaux?
Do I drag you to Fauchon...

Too much? Should I drag you to newer places?

Are there too many Paris dogs at PB and not enough Paris cats?

I know you'd like to see more OFGs (Older French Girls)...

More Paris Mommies are getting added to the list...

You ALL want to know:What do I wear in Paris?

Is there too much RED at PB?

Can there ever be too much Eiffel Tower?


Or too much Paris?

Only if you live in Paris full time and can't stop thinking of NYC...

What about jam?

Is there enough jam at PB? I think not...

I eagerly await your comments and suggestions.

Do tell.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Penhaligon's Paris

Penhaligon's Ribbons and parfum are a perfect match in Paris...Penhaligon's Even if the parfum is British Penhaligon's... Especially if it is Penhaligon's and sitting on 209 rue St Honore right next door to French Queen of lingerie, Chantal Thomass.
Penhaligon's But look! How British.
The bottles are perched on lovely cake stands. Penhaligon's Or simply lined up like soldiers and beribboned. On rue St Honore, Penhaligon's could pass for any French shop.
Penhaligon's They offer scented ribbons in the street for you to sniff as you pass by. Help yourself.
Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet: 'allows a gentleman to undo the good work of the finest ladies finishing school'
Penhaligon's Artemesia: 'Ladies, apply and prepare oneself for games in the parlour'
These are Penhaligon's advice not mine.
I do wish they didn't show these Fiesta-like cups and saucers in their windows.They sell tea and scented candles but these do not 'go' in my opinion, not that anyone is asking.
Penhaligon'sI wish they'd stick to their very Victorian look with a decadent edge and leave it at that. The cups and saucers are trop ordinaire.
Penhaligon'sIf you adore perfume and have not read Chandler Burr's The Perfect Scent you are missing out. Everything you want to know about perfume lurks within this book.
Penhaligon's Then hightail it off to the Paris Musee du Parfum for further immersion whilst sporting a pink ribbon and a matching macaron.
Penhaligon's Don't miss the very old style Frenchie Caron full of ribbons and fluffy powder puffs at 34, Avenue Montaigne...
Penhaligon's I will hightail it back to cold remedies and more zzzzzzzzs etc. BONNE JOURNEE a toi

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rouge feu

Rouge feu. I had something altogether different planned for today...
But I kept hitting RED photos...

Red dogs.
In Paris...

Carrying unread newspapers in the Metro.
Bear is big on Paris Reds.

Red checks - a classique.

Do YOU use the Pudlo Guide to restos in Paris?

Red Parisien naughtiness in the Metro station

A dolls face in a toy store window

Classic red Paris on rue Vavin

Are barber shops red because of former blood-letting?

Did all grey Jacadi order up this dashing red stop sign to relieve the greyness?
French Girl leaves the house in her red riding hood manteau.

Is she going for brunch to eat the much adored bagels and cupcakes..?
Or far better yet, PHerme red red red Ispahan specialties!


Monday, September 27, 2010

French Lunch

French lunch is the BEST is it not?

Even better than French dinners, because it's that pause.

A salade. On occasion I'll stop at Au Pain Quotidien, since their menu is universal and I never leave their communal table all draggy and stuffed to the gills - ever onward to more tearing around Paris.

I LOVE for these lunch boxes at Fauchon - this one holds 'Risotto Langoustine citron'. Practicement poetique non? Now even Monoprix carries rectangular boxes..

I do love eating lunch out of a box (only in Paris)

Very carefully designed boxes they are too.

Don't you love getting something fresh in the marche to eat at home.

I'm a Taurus

We're homebodies you know

My favorite concoction-
"American Soup" French Girl calls it, because there are more than 3-4 ingredients. This plus a side of tabouli and you're armed to do battle with the endless cobblestone rue of Paris.

A nice read while you eat your lunch in or out is Liz Bard's Lunch in Paris, especially if you like to cook but it's not required.

Shall we all celebrate Google on their birthday with this little petit four painted by Wayne Thiebaud's for dessert? 

Today's PB subject came to mind when I got this video made by David Turecamo in Paris on What French children eat for lunch. It was on CBS news this weekend - oh to be a French child in a school in France...oui!
(do you gobble your food?)
Do watch and enjoy!