Friday, August 27, 2010

Tip Your Hat

Shall we tip our hats to the last days of summer?
I got a desperate plea from a PBer yesterday to PLEASE show anything, architecture, clothes, books anything but food.
The Brits do love their hats.
And their love of hats goes way back, even to this 1775 Lowestoft cane handle.
'Course you might have to go to Ascot to actually see someone wearing a hat in the UK. Here's that stunner again in the Underground.
Where else but in London do you see a plethora of...
Cocktail hats?
Even a decorative headband becomes a 'Hat' in the UK.
Butler & Wilson on Fulham road has been creating fantasy hats forever...
That hat again in Harvey Nichols - worth a second look non?
Naturallement, the French, who wouldn't be caught dead wearing a hat, think nothing of throwing some jambon on an assiette and calling it a chapeau.
Put a bow in your hair in Paris and it equals a hat.
A fantasy hat from Kensington Garden Palace...
You can always settle for a faux paper hat...
At the V&A...
I hope Maxim's will never lose their charmant chapeau rouge...
I rarely wear hats.
I do have a battered, ripped-up old straw hat I've wore this summer when out painting..
Do you wear hats?
Shall we all tip our hats to summer 2010?
I hope yours was a good one.


  1. J'adore le chapeau! I do wear hats sometimes and I think it is sad we don't wear hats on a regular basis any more.
    Marie Arden Pink Living

  2. I never wear hats! I don't wear headbands either. Truth be told, it is the large head syndrome which stops me. Hair clips are my weapon of choice when I have to hold my hair back. I love the idea of hats, though. When I worked as an interior designer, I would have to wear hard hats from time to time. Talk about bad hair... Maybe it was the required hard hat that put me off head gear all together.

  3. I went through a phase in 2006 wearing lots of knit caps. I felt the need to wear a straw cowboy hat to the pool this past weekend but didn't. I do have one!

    I've been thinking about a hat for my upcoming trip to Paris. I love hats.


  4. I wear hats. Straw ones, wool, and yes, even fur.

  5. The Mistress would not be caught dead out in the Kansas summer sun without her hat! It is a black baseball cap inherited from my son's kindergarten Junior Softball uniform. Have I mentioned that my son is now 35 years old? The fashion statement is unmistakably Longears.
    I did receive a funny look from one of my son's teammates. He had stopped by to send a message to my son and as we were talking, a funny look came over his face. Finally, he asked, " Is that hat....?"
    Yes, it is!
    Now, feel free to go back to the pastries. I find your shots extremely beneficial to my diet: Your pastries are so beyond perfect that nothing I can find around here can even come close to enticing me - knowing, as I do that the truly great stuff is in Paris.

  6. I'm absolutely a hat lover! Just love love love them!

    Have a great weekend dear Carol, I hope you are well.

    Much love: Evi

  7. I, for one, am very happy you didn't show food again. I get fat just reading your posts! (I must confess I love seeing the pictures of every dessert you paint.) I don't want to tip my hat to summer, though. I love fall, but can very truthfully say I don't want winter to come. Winter is very much overrated. Snow-covered trees are beautiful, but driving to work on snow-covered roads is for the birds. Well, they fly, of course, but you get my drift. Let's please keep summer around as long as possible!

  8. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Thanks for the sweet hat show.I DO wear many hats every day. I change them all day long, mainly to keep sun out of my eyes or rain off my glasses, and hair out of my face. I LOVE them! I am going to Paris for the first time next spring. Will I look like an Oregon country bumpkin because I wear a hat? I LOVE your blog! With the bear, the macarons ,the pastries,the great watercolors! Everything I have seen in your blog pushed me forward to make plans for the trip of my dreams. Thank YOU! Keep up the good work.

  9. J'aime bien les chapeaux! My daughter even bought a gorgeous large hat at Printemps several years ago and it was a major challenge to get it on the plane back to the US. They put it behind the pilot's seat! shhhhh!

    Passe un bon weekend!

  10. I love hats - especially in the winter, when they protect my head from wild and bitter winds!

  11. What a great selection of photos! A lot of fun to look at these gems :)
    (I always wear a baseball hat -Boston Red Sox).
    Have a great weekend!

  12. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Lovely images today - as you are about to say auvoir to Summer we are about to welcome Spring - one of my two favourite seasons.
    Hats!!! - I love them, beret's would have to be one of my favourite accessories - fancy that.
    x Suzi

  13. Cheryl B7:57 PM

    That is a wonderful change. Anything in the windows of Paris is great!
    I like to see fashion, food and especially the people in Paris (or anywhere in France).
    Thank you,
    Cheryl B

  14. Love the Hats today--did you watch Philip Tracy on last
    weeks Project Runway! I always wear hats and am known for my
    hats--check out my updated website photos and what I have been up to--still adding stuff and under
    television you will read that I even let Meredith Viera wear my
    hat when I was a contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!

  15. Always wear a hat. Always. And that is why, you will see for yourself, I have very few wrinkly bits on face. Plus, it can hide a bad hair day person who says she doesn't wear hats. Have hat stories but no time...thanks for this Carol.

    Tip of the hat to this summer--yes, as in get outta here!


  16. Since moving to Texas I wear a hat most every day. I am very fair and need the protection from the sun. I love the hats here.. especially, the cowboy/girls hats.
    As a child in Australia I can remember my Grandmother wearing a hat whenever she went out and about. Elegant and Fun!

  17. I love hats. And I love to wear them. That is one of the best things about living in can wear whatever you want and no one looks twice! And secondly, I have seriously hat love when it comes to weddings. I will never be hatless at a wedding again!

  18. M. in Paris5:21 PM

    J'ai regardé ton blog, les photos sont très originales j'aime surtout celle du métro londonien, belle perspective !
    gâteaux : moi aussi je regrette d'avoir mangé un cannelet à l'île de Ré, ce n'était pas bon !

  19. London is getting a 'Cake Britain' gallery,

  20. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Oui! J'amie mon chapeau! I've always liked hats but only really wore them on the coldest winter days. This spring I bought a straw fedora and have been wearing it all summer long. It helps keep the hot, Texas summer sun from beating down on my head and it looks super cute.

  21. you should come visit me, still atleast two more months of summer to go before even a hint of fall sneaks in!


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