Sunday, June 29, 2014

Gifts from a Broad

Good things come to those who wait.

Well if your leg's in a cast you'll be doing a lot of waiting.

The lovely boxes that turned up on my doorstep were much appreciated while I was house-bound. Every single Japanese stamp ever created was on this box from Kat.

Kat blogs about what she eats. We were chatting how rare Yuzu is in Paris. Kat decided she must send me some yuzu jam and candies. Out of this world wonderful! Arigato Kat!!
I can't bare to toss the box or the paper bits inside...
 From 365 Creative Dresses blog.Too perfect no?
Visiting French friends wanted me to immediately put on the chocolate masque from 365. Hello?
And the packing envelope is perfect to paint washes on top of. 365/Jeanie says I'm like a cat or a kid, more interested in playing with the box then what's inside. Haha
PB reader Emily formerly from New York came by. When I showed her a weird French bulb I've been carrying around  in my purse for MONTHS she insisted on finding it for me! WOW
Emily returned with the bulb and her ebonyist friend who, like a surgeon, repaired and replaced the bulb. 
Grand Merci Emily and P !!! Tres gentil.
From Chris and Steve in California I received a Marie-Antoinette pillow (for Bear) and great wads of American Kleenex, which is surprisingly much better than the French stuff, when you're painting watercolors. Who knew?
Brought me cherries that got the cherry painting obsession rolling.
Coco (looking like she stepped out of a Vermeer at my desk) asked what she could bring over?
As soon as I mentioned I was dreaming of Picard's little pots of lait d'amande ice cream, Coco finished my sentence. She too is addicted and also eats 2 tiny pots at one go. Coco arrived with SIX pots of almond ice cream! WOW! I never eat the griottes/cherries in kirsch inside. Coco being from Franche-Comté, where les cerises griottes are made and much prized got doubles.
My gift to myself -this haul of Monop salades YUM
I have to buy good supportive running shoes by next Wednesday or my PT/kine will whoop me upside the head. Never having worn these before, you kind advice is sought dear PBers.
THANK YOU EVERYONE for all your suggestions, stories and tips during my healing. You've been just wonderful!!!
As Kat's card says"Enjoy Life" ;))

Friday, June 27, 2014

Balik Salmon, Prunier and the Little Print Dress

Even people wearing enormous gladiator boots need to get out once in a while.
I remembered Prunier was having an apero et salmon tasting last night. Last minute I decided to give it a go (buses 87 + the wonderful 84 again).
To 15, Place de Madeleine. If only I'd had the requisite little print dress to wear or the bod to wear it well.
Balik Salmon is Swiss though I assumed it must be Russian with a name like that.

It was in fact Russian and a favorite of the tzar but the special recipe for smoking was lost till the Swiss bought Balik 30 years ago.
Melt-in-your-mouth delicate and tres rafinee, it comes both smoked and nature.
With just a hint of dill on the smoked version.
Anything in Paris these days between two seeded buns is hot hot hot and Balik salmon tartar even more so. These are miniatures not full-size in case you were wondering.
A whole salmon why not?
Or huge swathes of what many consider the best salmon in the world.
I did not imbibe any of the lovely wines offered, just Badoit bubbly water. I'm wobbly enough without any outside help.
The requisite summer print dresses accessorizes with Michele's cardie
A storm was brewing. Cinderella, with her heavy boot, 'jumped' onto her pumpkin #84 to return home a toute suite.
A quick look of longing in Repetto's window while changing buses, even if the PT says ballerinas are Taboo forever. Lunch today with Jancie wearing, just by chance the requisite little print dress.
We ate a healthy pile of veggies at Merci, their excellent comptoire de salade (10-15€). The perfect plat/main to go out and eat a naughty dessert. Low and behold a divine and very covetous salmon-colored carrot 'sharpener'. Who knew? An absolute must-have for those who dream of pencil sharpeners.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Out and About in Paris

Sometimes life IS a bowl of cerises/cherries.
I'm painting cherries up the wazoo for a special secret project!!!
Sunday I got out to my much-missed marché Bastille and stocked up on bags and bags of Burlat, Summit, Biggereau, Napoleon cerises.
There's nothing quite like cherries in Paris...
Unless maybe you live in Washington State...
Or Oregon? So yummy to paint and to eat.
Monday I went first thing to the Kine/PT. In France you go to your local pharmacie with your prescription and they provide names and numbers in your quartier. C'est comme ca.
Mme. H. says tout va bien with ze foot. It's healing nicely. She suggested I wear a heel of equal height to match the therapeutic boot but I don't think she had this in mind. After the boot comes off, in two weeks, I must wear 'footing baskets'/running shoes. Ballerinas are the worst. Taboo.
Later an afternoon jaunt to the art store, Lavrut in 52 Passage Choiseul 75002. Not one of your most romantic passages but still great fun to be out and about after being cooped up for 3 weeks.
This angled brush was my objective...a must-have for July's Paris sketch letter. Bet you can't guess why?
Instant coup de foudre/mad love over this giant pencil sharpener in Lavrut's window. Why do I constantly lose pencil sharpeners on my tabletop? This wouldn't help much but still amusing.
Quite a large and complete art shop as art shops go in Paris.
Then a look in Boulangerie Julien's delish window
Scrumptious berry madness but it's impossible to use crutches and hold a pastry thank goodness. 
Across the street on rue du Champs it is possible to eat my all-time fav sandwich from London's Prete à Manger - roquette and crevette! Who needs to take the Eurostar when you can get it in Paris?
The bus ride home reminded me of times I've moaned to myself, "Oh why is the bus stop so far from  Hotel de Ville or whatever my destination"n. Now it seems such a gift to be able to walk anywhere sans fatique and heavy boot.
It's lovely to be out and about a little in Paris. I can again watch the boats on Pont Sully. And make 'runs' to La Poste and mail out your Paris Sketch Letters dear PBers! Yahoo