Sunday, August 30, 2015

Paris Bleus, Saint Severin, les Pommes Rouges

The intense blue of the French tricolore
Is everywhere in Paris. Have you seen this this witty card by Camille Soulayrol?
The same illustration is in Leslie Jonath's terrifically visual compilation of Paris illustrations, EVERYONE LOVES PARIS. Me too. Loads of fun and a great gift book.
Practicing my blue notes in Leslie's book.
Mariniere blue stripes in Paris. You can't miss em.
Perfect metaphor for la mer at the marché fish stand. You see blue stripes? You get fish.
Cobalt blue worn with blue denim. Or dress your date in red.
A red and blue ensemble can not go wrong in Paris. People worry too much about wearing brands. Just wear blue and you're covered.
Toute en bleu.
Should be in this bleu shoe shop.
Or this corner shop on rue Montorgueil.
Why is a lemon blue? You tell me.
Café Etienne Marcel has turquoise tables, chaises.
Am I at the piscine?
No, Metro Jussieu.
To improve your stroke in bed you'll need blue sheets. I have to try this.
Blue shirts look good on everyone.
I was walking by eglise Saint Severin for the 800th time and decided to look inside. Beautiful blue, blue stained glass windows by Jean Bazaine (added 1970). Note the unusual twisted palm tree-like pillars. Perfect examples of the 'flamboyant' Gothic style (flaming according to Malcolm Miller).
This is a lovely, intimate church I'll bet you've passed by in the Latin Quarter behind Shakespeare and Company. On rue Saint-Severin not far from Notre Dame minus the crowds.
Just bring along some choral music for company.
The pale blue out my window at dawn - a lovely distraction while I slave away on September's red apple SKETCH LETTER. Many apples were eaten.
Back to work.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rue Montorgueil Map Diet

I went on the PMD back in May so begin your Paris Map Diet with Baba au rhum as a starter
At Maison Stohrer. By the way you can eat your Baba any time of the day. NO time restrictions on this diet.
L'escargot are a must for lunch and do not miss one iota of buttery sauce please.
The toast points will reach into every nook and cranny of those darling little shells. 
A fabulous deal on rue Montorgueil of 5 different hunks of cheeses for a mere 9€
At Fromagerie La Fermette No. 86.
There appear to be dozens of cafes on this long pedestrian street.
Frankly I couldn't tell the difference one from the other.
I will say my lunch of 'Roman' tartine at Café du Central was amble enough to feed a party of four.
Moving right along, there must be 5-6 places to buy ice cream on rue Montorgueil (an essential ingredient on the PMD).
I tried Charles Chocolatier though they are especially renown for their fab hot chocolate a l'ancienne served from a copper pot in winter.
When I see 2 words citron + framboise offered together in the same cone I can not walk by.
How did I miss this 'Petal Rose' ice cream?
Or fruit de la passion?
Since I started drawing the PARIS MAPS there has been some serious belt loosening.
It seems required to research and taste the 'fruits' of my labors even if my scale doesn't like it.
Two French girls who are NOT on the Paris Map Diet obviously.
They get their 'glace'/glasses at this street cart selling fancy lunettes/glasses.
This Frenchie IS on the PARIS MAP DIET with her heaping cup of gelato from Grom. Plus she's training future PMD converts.
As Oscar Wilde said, "The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it...I can resist everything but temptation" 
There is no better place to start than on rue Montorgueil.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Rue Montorgueil Map, L'Escargot

Saint Eustache is a late Gothic cathedral (1300-1500) at the apex of rue Montmartre and rue Montorgueil.
The height and space are simply mind blowing.
By the way there are free Sunday organ concerts from 5:30 -  6:00 pm.
There are so many gorgeous churches to discover in Paris.
Do you have a favorite church?
FYI the big round windows are called 'rose' because of the circular rose petal pattern (this one is Notre Dame).
When you come out of Metro Les Halles at exit Rambeauteau, Saint Eustache awaits. Don't miss it.
Some PBers have asked about proper cathedral dress code. Bathing suits and flip flops are out. Scooters are IN.

Turn left up rue Montmartre on Thursdays/Sundays for an outdoor morning marché Saint Eustache.

Or turn left onto rue Montorgueil to find L'Escargot and the best snails in the city in 4 different flavors (curry, roquefort, traditional butter, parsley and garlic).

A lovely 19th century interior.

I walked in early with no reservation & ordered the formule for 17,50.
IIfyou're going to draw escargot, you've got to eat them. They are delicious. Mostly garlicy, buttery, parsleyed sauce on toast points or 'soldiers'. Ooops I forgot to show the snails!

Moving right along on the August map - my printshop opens tomorrow after their summer vacation. I'll be burning the midnight oil tonight.
Have you hung any of your
Paris Maps on the wall?
Take a photo and EMAIL IT TO ME.
I'll post them on the blog.
Tell me your favorite churches PBers and I'll visit.
Cheers from rainy Paris!