Monday, August 02, 2010

London Studio...

I've been painting teapots today, though not this one, not yet. This teapot was provided when I stayed at the Club in London = love at first sight.
It's convenient to have a sink right by your drawing table (really a pull-out writing table in the chest of drawers)... Wherever I go

Except when staying at French Girls', where I mind my Ps and Qs. There was one catastrophe - the result of a pair of pink underpants, seen here drying on the window knob. They have 'SUPER MODEL' printed on the seat in big silver letters, so they're favorites and previously considered lucky underwear. I hand-washed them as usual. FG has a 6-string clothesline over the tub on which I'd seen sheets, towels, and practiquement Berber rugs hanging. Naturalment I didn't think twice when I tossed them up over the lines. Naturalment the whole thing came crashing down! I tried to untwist and replace it, but one string was irrevocably broken. The pants went onto the radiator to dry. When FG came home I was sitting as usual at the computer quietly tapping away. First words I hear,
"What happened in the bathroom?"
Not so lucky after all.
Bear and Squeak, the cat, hold a truce session in my studio-bedsit.
I would have loved to paint this mess on top of the desk.
Pencil thumbnail for Green teapot watercolor.
Green teapot in London, 9" x 11"
Tarte Citron in Paris, 9" x 11"
Hediard tea in Paris, 9" x 11"
Has anyone has painted at the breakfast table at the Club..? This hallway sign should have been on my door.
I tipped the cleaner, Manuel extra not to clean up my mess.


  1. Great watercolors, Carol, as always. You can mess up a room at my place any time with all those goodies. Take care

  2. Fabulous paintings! Just when are you going to start online or in-person lessons? I would LOVE either one.

  3. ps..loved Manuel in Fawlty Towers!

  4. The 'Manuel' at the Club is quite a bit like the other. I think they may have renamed him...

    Online watercolor lessons Carol? Maybe in Provence...sigh

  5. It's fun seeing behind the scenes and works in progress.

  6. Who won the macaron necklace?

  7. I love the paintings - and the whole artsy "mess."
    I don't know how you manage to function in all of the tiny habitats that you end up in!
    Love the Lucky Underwear story........:)

  8. Those paintings are out of this world,
    love those teapots too!

    I am wondering whether it is easier for a painter than for a photographer to arrange still lives. I find it truly hard work. Your pictures looks so perfect, they seem arranged effortlessly. I am sure it ain't so.

  9. Where did they find a pull-out writing surface in a bureau? Perfect! Lovely mess!

  10. Mess is good!! I love the "green tea-pot in London" painting and of course J'adore the little cutsie teapot in the top pic. Take care
    Dianne xx

  11. Jeannette - it's an artists club so all the bureaux have a pull-out table. They must be quite old in fact...

  12. Justine6:50 PM

    An awful lot of drawers in this post today.
    Shocking really!

  13. Carol, I love the artistic mess on the bed, they are as beautiful as the final work! You should sell them too.

  14. London, teapots, orange cats...fabulous!

  15. basically, I adore your blog

  16. I love the cat! People who are fond of cats have wonderful personalities. Your paintings are amazing. Your blog keeps me coming back.

  17. Beautiful watercolor teapots .. love love love your colors! Fun seeing your artist mess! I seem to create that wherever I go but I must admit, not always artistic ... sometimes just a mess!

  18. Carol --

    I adore this kind of post of yours where you document your artistic process. I love to watch the evolution of your work, and how it comes together into a finished piece. I'm glad that the painting workshops you have done this summer have encouraged you to post your sketches and thumbnails (see? I have been reading and paying attention, even if not commenting! I read every post in my email subscription!). I know that you have been posting them here to help keep yourself accountable to the work, and I love that you are doing that.

    I really like how your blog posts of late has been showing so much more of you as an artist at work. I love your photo posts about things in different places, too, but to watch your artwork in action is really inspiring. Thank you for doing this! :)

    Also, sometimes French Girl is a little bit, ummm, uptight for my kind of personality, lol. I want to tell her to have another glass of wine and RELAX. Poor girl. Life is too short to get one's panties in a twist about things. I just had to say that as posts about her make me a little anxious and panicky. I feel like I have to walk on eggshells when I hear stories about her! I want to say to her, "Tu calme!" and then give her another glass of wine. ;-)

    But the cat stories? Like Squeak up there? I love those. Good to see Bear, too. :) They make me smile!

  19. Uh-huh. I know very well the pitfalls of those bathroom contraptions. My Parisian landlord assured me they were all the rage... in New York... in the 60s.

    Comme d'hab, your watercolors are gorgeous!

  20. :)
    In defense of French Girl - her appart is fairly new - just 6 moi je pense.. and she is very proud and fond of it. I don't blame her a bit - it is pretty perfect. I'd trade in a second and mine is much bigger, but not nearly as pretty.
    We are a bit like The Odd Couple.

  21. You'd be in your element here. Mess is my middle name!

    One of my daughter's friend's nickname is Miss Catastrophe as she does things that pulling down shower curtains!

    Lovely paintings, comme d'hab

  22. An artistic mess is better than a normal mess Carol!

  23. Clare,
    Miss Catastrophe sounds so classy.
    I was renamed "Avalanche" by a so-called friend...ahem

  24. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Love your post. beautiful watercolors...the panty story is so funny je ne peux m'arreter de rire. I'm not a painter but a cook so my kitchen looks like a real mess. Hve nice day

  25. Anonymous9:45 AM

    breathtaking watercolours... and what a gorgeous artistic mess

  26. Loved the catastrophe story! I share a birthday with Calamity Jane, and that's my excuse when I do something klutzy.

  27. I love your mess! And Carol, wouldn't it be a fun cheeky thing to make a watercolor of that picture of the rose and shiny round metal tea pot AND include your reflection in said tea pot photographing the scene. Just a little thought.

  28. Melody6:49 PM

    That was funny . . . mostly because I hang mine on the door knob to dry,too.
    It's not a great idea when people drop by. laughing
    I have no excuse I have a washer and dryer but I don't like them dried in the dryer.

    There was an artist (going back maybe 20+years ago) that painted undies. They
    were so cute framed. Little lace bras and panties, so cute and very girly.

    Have a great day.



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