Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What 2 Wear In Paris

Isn't this adorb?
Seen on rue de Buci in a teeny boutique for ouch 75€
OK giant cat faces are Not IN but I couldn't resist this Lulu Guiness T at Uniglo for a mere 15€. woo woo. And it has a polka-dot collar which is Very IN for summer. Wish I looked like her...where's the rosé ?
Basically (and all the Paris Summer trends this season are Very basic if you ask me) just get out a flashlight and comb the bottom of your closet for What 2 Wear In Paris. Like this ages-old jeans jacket. You know you have one lurking there.
Shirt tails hanging out will Always be IN in Paris.

*Note the runners/baskets on this otherwise chic Parisian. Elle mag has a full page on le Phenomene Running Gang in their current issue. Even super Fab Chanel has come out with a pair and let me tell you they are ugly. What to do? I will not follow the crowd on this trend but you can if you want.
The KED'S look I can easily adopt.
Let's face it. This is still a pretty look. Gawd only knows what to do with ones massive collection of Repettos (I wish...) Toss em back in the closet if U want 2 B IN in Paris I suppose.
I would have waltzed right by 'l'Esprit Hippie' look if Veronique hadn't given me the nudge. And it's Isabel Marant no less, who can do no wrong in Paris. Nail heads, fringe, Indian prints, the whole 9 yards etc.
Surely there's an old fringe bag and bandana in the bottom of your closet?
Here's another shocker - the old beat up jeans shirt! Who knew this could be a fashion statement? I used to sleep in mine. Do Not press yours with a steam iron. Better yet sit on it for a week to get the correct look. I kid you not.

 A splash of polka dots anywhere is a good Springy-Summery look. These minis from Agnes B
 The dotty scarf (petit pois) is everywhere even in the marche for a mere 5€. You won't have to break the bank for this look PBers.
The bow at the waist fore or aft is Always a winner in Paris from time immemorial. These gowns are from the DO-NOT-MISS COUTURE show (free but long lines) at Hotel de Ville.
Once the heat is on, shed EVERYTHING, but do NOT forget a little bow at the back for a nice Parisian touch.
Well that's how I see it PBers on the streets of Paris.


  1. Anonymous1:52 AM

    LOVE all yr lull tips and hints.
    The Lulu T is a winner you lucky duck

  2. Anonymous2:22 AM

    enjoying your adventures on PB.

    Sid xx

  3. my goodness! what has happened to the French folks??
    i don't think i have ever seen such awful clothing.
    i hope your message is that things are improving with those last photos. polka dot skirt is adorable.

    thank you for such enjoyable observations!

    1. What can I say?
      Basics are IN
      It's the fun details that count

  4. Great news, I unearthed an old, but fab Tommy H jeans shirt from the bottom of my closet only yesterday. I used to wear it instead of a light jacket with a linen dress. Should I look for that one too? I could always paint it with some polkadots, don't you agree? ;-)

  5. Still have the shirt,,and a few jean jackets..beige Keds:)

    Cute post..My grandsons wear TSHIRTS with animals on them..Angry Birds..Perry the Platypus:)..

  6. PS so I guess all those romantic linen crumpled long pinafores I see on French websites or magazines.. ..are not IN in Paris:)

    1. Long pinafores ?! Not in Paris...not a one so far

  7. Bonjour Carol. It seems most of your models were fairly young women... and they can afford to be creative and add whimsy to their attires. It's all good to me (especially the cute and timeless polka dots on accessories,) but these heavy sneakers have GOT to go. They did not even look good on Melanie Griffith's long legs in "Working Girl..." Le Phénomène Running Gang hopefully won't last, and Parisian girls will go back to what they do best: Look pretty (sit down at a café terrace,) walk, walk, walk (sit down at a café terrace,) walk, walk, walk... etc. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. They were Not all jeune filles, cherie...pas de tout

    2. PS French women of all ages have quite slender legs, so often you thing a young woman is walking in front of you and at the corner you realize it's a grandma
      Go figure...

  8. cyndi from SD1:49 PM

    Loved your posting today.Sadly,it is too late pour mois...I just flew out of Paris yesterday.Though it's all good.My friend and I fit in clothing wise,essential scarf,etc.But being larger than a size 0 gave us away as Americans.As you have posted Carol,Printemps arrived as we were there,and it was absolutely spectacular.
    Love your blog,and as always merci beaucoup for all you do

  9. Love the polka dots and I thought the ballet slippers were nice, but I guess I am always a little out of step.

  10. You made my day,Carol!
    I have been wearing my (UNironed) jeans shirt
    just because I love it and it is comfortable,but truth be told,feeling like something of a slob for doing so.
    Great news to see that it's all okay!
    THANK YOU!!!

  11. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Sooo full of good tidbits the keds..and the dim sum looks wonderful..

  12. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Paris is thousands of miles and dollars away for me, but a girl can dream right? Your visual feasts and charming commentary give me a taste of Paris which I so appreciate!
    Keep up the wonderful work! This is armchair travel at it's best!
    Thank you,

  13. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Thank you again for your timely blog I am starting to pack for my 4 week stay in Paris. Looks like rain on Sunday when I arrive, I will be prepared, rain or shine. I am really enjoying your blog.
    Best, Ann

  14. What's IN for me this summer ,is what ever I can get into, and feel good. Maybe I'll get myself a polka dot scarf, I have been lokking but as yet haven't found one in the outback. I hope you took yours with you, then you'll certainly be IN in Paris. Great to see all the stuff being brought out of the closet.

  15. Depressing! You can't be saying that years of the Parisian chic, of not falling to what they called "negligé" (sloppy) is now dressing like Americans? Are flannel bottoms next on the streets of Paris?Pas possible!

  16. I always love your fashion trend updates.

    So weird about the running shoes. That was the biggest american give-away a few years ago. Only the pompiers used to run in the mornings at jardins Luxembourg. Maybe more francais have caught the trend?

  17. I like the old denim look, the jean jacket & the jean shirt.
    The last shot is great.......

  18. Hmmm...interesting look. I would love to see the couture show! How long will it be going on?

    Thanks for the update!

    1. I think thru July E
      There's a direct link there...I never remember these things..just run as soon as it opens and on to the next one

  19. Running shoes in Paris??? They will all look like American tourists! LOL.

  20. Running shoes? How tiems have changed! In 2001 I was told running shoes in Europe would make me simply shout "American".

  21. Hehe - seeing these shoes, my 10yr-old daughter looked at them and said, 'I don't care if I'm not à la mode this summer, Mum. I don't want them!'. What can I say? She's cool. I want to be like her when I grow up. On the other hand, with the sun yesterday in St Germain-en-Laye, every 2nd person was wearing... white trousers! Why did I chuck mine out last year? I should read you more often...

  22. Love the polka dots skirts.

  23. Yes runnings are in! But leggings are not.
    For more tips on how to dress for Paris by a real parisian (me), check out my last post:
    Bises de Paris!

  24. Anonymous8:55 PM

    This blog was... how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I've found something which helped me.
    Many thanks!

  25. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Love? People cheese & wine


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