Sunday, May 30, 2021

Napoleon Expo at La Villette, Napoleon Letter

0n Monday I was privileged to see the new Napoleon expo at La Villette. Ideally Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto should be playing in the background as you read this post. 

It should be blasting at the Napoleon expo as well in my opinion.

It is a very in depth, interactive exhibition celebrating all the events of his life, on the 200 anniversary of his death, May 5, 1821. 

I wish I’d known more about Boney before visiting, but now I can’t stop reading.

Did you know roasted chicken 🍗 was his favorite food. Rotisserie spits were turning 24/7 in the Palace. He was a fast eater. He believed one should not spend more than 10-15 minutes on a meal! Well he was Corsican.

But I digress. If you are planning on coming to Paris or even if you’re not certain, get your tickets now. You don’t want to miss out. 
The huge gift shop will fill all your needs for Xmas, anniversaries, birthdays etc. except for sending Paris Letters of course. I was swept up in the Napoleon obsession immediately. To hell with strawberry❤️ fixations.
The May Letter is my interpretation and was inspired by sending Poppy Joy the Marie-Antoinette letter. It is certainement the perfect Father’s Day gift for June 20th non?
It was crystal clear he had to dump 
Josephine. All those years feeling sympathy for her, but the man needed issue, offspring, crying babies, heirs. His dynasty needed to continue.  And no way was Josephine going to do it. He was practical above all. Well in some things anyway.
Bonnie tells me he did not cross the Alps on a bucking stallion as Jacques-Louis David gloriously painted him. It actually was on a donkey. The path was twisty-turny. By the way don’t miss David’s story on Wikipedia. His life was just as convoluted and fascinating as Napoleon’s. He had friends in high places, many despicable like Robespierre and Murat. He would surely have been guillotined too , save for a convenient tummy ache.
There are many, many Napoleonic battle videos on youtube if you’re inclined (in English). Or French videos, more romantic videos. The battles are for techie nerds in my opinion. Lots of graphs and numbers..little drama or romance❤️
There was much discussion whether the Paris letter border should be Bees? The Napoleonic bee 🐝symbol got the most votes. Or the Roman Laurel leaf? Among Napoleon’s many delusions, he saw himself as Emperor of Rome, crowning himself with a golden laurel wreath and adapting neoclassical details to his regime.
Even if you’re father/husband does not have a ‘Napoleonic Complex’ he should love❤️ the new Paris letter. If you write PBER in the ‘notes to seller’ at checkout a mini Legion d’honneur watercolor will be added for as long as they last (50+).  Bon Dimanche PBers💋🐻🐝🐝🐝🐝

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Bon Dimanche


5 am this morning...gnashing of teeth, tearing of hair and banging of head. My Paris May map idea was not gelling. And it was going to be strawberry jams in Paris 🍓 An hour or two later on instagram looking at strawberry this and that, finally the bell rings. 

I head out to Marché Bastille for strawberry research. What’s with the white strawberries? Anyone know?

The marché is the best study in color theory.

I forget what an ‘upper’ the marché is.

I buy some Pomme-fraise juice from the Picardie stand to get in the right 🍓frame of mind.

Then over to Bd. Beaumarchais to Maison Plisson. After weeks of fruitless testing, I’ve concluded they have the Best 🍓strawberry confiture/jam in the city. 

Plisson is one of those upscale epicerie in Paris.

Outside all of the newly refreshed cafes are filling up. There’s a buzz, even though its another long, holiday weekend. I decide to take a break for a so-so pizza. Isnt this fun..a Coke bottle for olive oil.

A Sunday flash mob of bikers whiz by..gone before you know it.

Than a lone biker leisurely passes under a perfect backdrop of clouds.

Across  street Haussmann buildings are reflected in Agnes b. window. She has shirts with map drawings in the window ☺️

Almost done in my 🍓treasure hunt. The Body Shop has strawberry 🍓shampoo, cologne and soap, etc. Call me nuts but I want to spritz all the May letters 😃 Will it last? Probably not.

Final last stop, Finnish store,Finnova. Marimekko is celebrating 70 years in business with mountainous strawberries on everything🍓🍓🍓

Someone has ordered a mountain of whipped cream and strawbs on top of a waffle base.
Back on the Ile Saint-Louis, Parisians have invaded to buy their Berthillon Sunday cornet/cone. Plus walk their 2 dachshunds.Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. If you'd like to receive Parisbreakfast watercolors, letters 💌, and mapin your mailbox, check out my Etsy shop. 
Bon Dimanche dear PBers ❤️ 🐻 🍓

Friday, May 21, 2021

Yesterday on the way to the pool..


Yesterday my blog post broke in 1/2 😳 I re-sent the 2nd half. look hereYesterday on the way to the pool I loved❤️ seeing cafe chairs and table with a ‘Reserved’ sign on it.

Yesterday on my way to the pool in St.Germain, I saw these gorgeous kids dresses hanging outside. Its a first in 6 months. I’m thinking I’d love to wear these jolly prints🍒 Wouldn’t you?

Yesterday I got to the pool and they were fermé/closed 😳 even though it said they were open online 😕 Today is the beginning of another ‘bridge’ holiday weekend (Pentecost).

Yesterday I fell in love ❤️ with these peach tea boxes, on my way to the pool. I went inside Jugetsudo (45 rue de Seine) for a closer look. The tea boxes were 21€ each.  I quickly fell out of love 😕 

Look! Even the teashop has chairs outside for tea tasters ☺️ Across the street is Patisserie Mulot with the pink-striped awning.

I confess I cannot pass by Mulot without a peek inside. They had new lovely citron vert/lime moussy things next to their classic pancake-flat, divine citron tartes. I waltzed inside and bought zero🤸🏾‍♀️ Victory. 

Outside, waiting patiently the sweetest doggie.

Last night, by chance, I saw a stunning doc on Elsa Peretti on YouTube. We lost her last month. Do watch. What a genius.

Yesterday PBer Shannon sent me a box of her fabulous handmade chocolates, La Chatelaine Chocolate Co . She and her Parisian husband moved here from Montana. And they have the only chocolate-covered caramel bonbons you’ll find in France, among other delights. I know about these things. I’ve been looking for ages.

The day before yesterday was la réouverture/ reopening. I didn’t get out of the studio until 8 pm. It felt like Liberation Day! Toute Paris was enjoying the sunny evening. All the waiters were rushing around. 

I caught one waiter racing across the street with a tray full of dinners at La Rotisserie de la Tour. He waved and tipped his tray in greeting 😃

It made me think of 2 favorite Paris letters with sketches of French waiters. Are you dreaming of a Paris breakfast today? Waiter! Monsieur?🙏🥐☕️
This morning in Paris at 5:51 am out my window...

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Shopping at Marin Montagut, 48, rue Madame


Today is the Big Day. Toute Paris opens up! But Monday I got in on the ground floor🤸🏾‍♀️ as I was walking through the parc 

Sunny 48, rue Madame in the 6th

I spotted Marin Montagut shop and an open doorway. I’ve been meaning to visit since they opened.

Look! Don’t I need this pigeon’s dolls house thing for my guys🐦?

The Breakfast Club waits in the rain sometimes, poor guys, till I give them their oatmeal. And its getting earlier everyday...😳

(They were just airing the shop out after months of being closed up tight). 

Never mind. I sashayed inside.

They were very busy arranging things, hanging things, dusting things like all Paris is this week for the Big Opening !!

I begged them on bended knee, “Please just 2 minutes🙏 I won’t touch anything🙏 Just some closeups and I’m outta here. 

Just 5 minutes🙏Less! I promise🙏 La la la la I put my bag down to prove I was serious, which could so easily break many of their treasures. 

And aren’t they the best treasures ever? The curiosity shop you’ve been dreaming of. Montagut has a shop inside Le Bon Marché but this is so much better. Do come visit when you’re back.

 is pretty brilliant at everything. Not just designing interior decor. Remember those adorable shopping video’s with Ines de la Fressange? He drew and filmed them, plus started that map series.

Thank you Nanci for the ever so nice review in my shop 👏👏

Alison asked if I had a Paris park map with those nice green chairs?

I do and it goes perfectly with the 🌸 cherry blossom map don’t ya think? 
These berries look like blossoms no? 🌸🌸🐻🍓🤸🏾‍♀️