Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paris Dads

Quite a few of you said you'd like to see more Paris Moms svp.Surprise - I found Paris streets full of Paris dads! My French friend, M. assured me these are not all divorced daddies out walking their kiddiewinks. Paris dads start taking their offspring to la musee early. Dads were spotted waiting online at the Basquiat expos.
M. say Paris moms are highly skilled at getting dad to pitch in, while they go shopping/faire la course.
A dad on rue de Rivoli.
Both Paris and London have designated area for baby poussettes on the bus, so please move aside when you see one boarding.
These two bebes were having a tete a tete at the Salon du Chocolat. French kids do not miss out on much.
Here a Paris dad has a 'doudou' tucked under his arm for safe keeping.
A future Paris dad-to-be gets training in poussette walking.
This Paris dad prefers to carry his adorable bebe.
Bonjour Paris Dads!

Monday, November 29, 2010


BEAR Did you have big success on Black Friday?
Were you out at the crack of dawn catching all the rock-bottom bargains?

BEAR BEAR was dreaming he was back in the duty-free shops of Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport grabbing up the Frenchie bargains

T-shirts for bears.

BEAR This 'I WAS IN PARIS' T was very appealing.

BEAR Not to mention the endless supply

BEAR Of other bears

And Eiffel Towers up the whazoo at CDG

In every color of the rainbow.
Bear was wishing he'd bought this dapper neckerchief perhaps made by Lanvin?

BEAR And some French regional caramels would have been nice

BEAR Maybe next trip, BEAR will bring along his own valise/suitcase so he can bring back some goodies too...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Paris Signs

 Paris signs makes me want to dream.Merci Hediard.
When you're departing Paris on the Eurostar to London, you're encouraged to buy French parfums so you can feel more Parisienne - last chance!
Or to find your inner chat? Go try to find the thing in the Gare du Nord or understand the signs for that matter? Has this happened to you? The Paris Metro is another story. I love reading their signs like this one for a family ticket to the Louvre... The Metro is a goldmine of signs...
 Regarde! A French Girl who is peut-etre perdu/lost?
No need to worry about do not enter oneway signs if you're walking...
Do stop and peruse the menus/ardoises dans la rue...
Why do I always come to Patisserie Secco on the day (lundi) they're closed?
Why did they have to go and repaint the adorable dog on the wall at Secco? Dommage...
Here's a sign I can't resist...
Why must I read every porte-etiquette/pastry sign in every vitrine?
A 'sign' in the vitrine that needs no words. Macarons at super classe patisserie Hugo et Victor.
You can wear Paris signs on your arm if you buy a bag at Barbara Rihl (Pierre Herme's wife) 1, rue du Juillet 75001
Or just paint directly on your sleeve like this girl in the Metro.
Moi, je t'aime PARIS SIGNS!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

La Patisserie des Reves Petit Dejeuner

Patisserie des Reves Petit dejeuner again Patisserie des Reves This time at La Patisserie des Reves' new salon de the
111, rue de Longchamps 75016Patisserie des Reves There should be tinkling music playing...Patisserie des Reves It's that magical...Patisserie des Reves Like a peek inside a pastry chef's dream laboratoire...Patisserie des Reves Except everything is real.
Including the BEST Paris-Brest in Paris according to Le Figaro.
Patisserie des Reves Miam-miam!
Patisserie des Reves Now for that petit dejeuner.
The brioche by the way is Reves pink logo.
Patisserie des Reves The pink salon is in the back facing a petit jardin...
Everything is pink pink pink including the menu and everything is designed within an inch/centimeter of its life.
Patisserie des Reves I kill time browsing pastry chef Pierre Conticini's cookbook, Sensations...
Patisserie des Reves Major miam!
Patisserie des Reves Why does a macaron never look like this when I cut/bite into it?
Patisserie des Reves et voila! La brioche
Patisserie des Reves BEAR is on hand to assist with petit dej.
Patisserie des Reves One does not leave La Patisserie des Reves empty handed...
Patisserie des Reves Look how pretty the tarte au citron is secured so it doesn't move an inch until it hits your bouche/mouth!
BONJOUR Patisserie des Reves Petit Dejeuner!