Friday, June 29, 2018

Showing Up

I was supposed to show up at this last nite !!! Grrrr My landlord had a lute concert in our jardin and I HAD to show up!
I borrowed tHis pic from @Parischezsharon..the BEST person to follow on instagram for what's going on in Paris pastry! I mean it. Join the thousands. Sharon never disappoints.
I thought if i ran up to the new Maison Plisson 2 I'd catch a few shots. No luck..
***IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Paris visitors! FAIT ATTENTION! Look where you are going or as Louise says you MUST scrutinize the sidewalk. Why? Because Paris, unlike New York, is constantly making repairs. Paris has great infrastructure. Any potholes get filled. Bumps in pavement...same thing.  So you can easily fall down. I did  2X, once cos of construction.
Regarde. A common sight on Paris streets. Crutches. You have been warned.
I'm running to get my annual visa papers ready for monday's 10:30 rendezvous (sounds so romantic non?) at the Prefecture de Police. I Must show up or get kicked outta France. C'est comme ça.
Right now I am running to gare st lazare to go to Jane klares sketch walk in Trouville. I have to show up or else.
I hope to get wet.
Eat lots of this!
Yes, I am still way over-excited about the Champagne/patisserie tasting. Some of you have said you will SHOW UP! Hooray! Sunday 8 july for 35 champagnes + 14 Top pastry chefs. Plus me madly painting their pastries to boot. Meanwhile Paris cherries are up on Etsy. Get the BOWL OF French CHERRIES PRINT 🍒 in your 📮mailbox. Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. If you enjoyed this post please share. Update:I missed the train. 2hrs to correct all spelling errors and chill.🤪 Dyslexicly yours,🍒CG

Monday, June 25, 2018

A million Mercies, Philippe Conticini, Fou de Patisserie guest chefs

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all the glorious messages and comments dear PBers, OH HAPPY DAY! I have been on cloud 9. Did I say I WILL BE PAINTING PASTRIES at the champagne event on 8-9 July?! PLEASE COME watch me noodle if you're in Paris. Over the weekend I tried not to spend every minute riding ligne 9 to metro Franklin D Roosevelt and did some pastry research.
The general consensus is I should NOT sleep in the metro next to my poster art.
But couldn't I paint onsite like this musician? I'm thinking seriously about it...
I tried two times to catch some pastries at the new Philippe Conticini patisserie preview on until July 20th at 37 rue de Varenne. But each time arrived after the allotment of 300 pastries was gone, finished, vide, terminé, disaparue.
Saturday, I made it. The shop opens at 11 everyday except Sunday, Monday. In the beginning of September it will be permanently open. Hooray.
Meantime I could only look, not taste.
No time to wait on line. Pierre is there signing his new gluten-free and sugar-free cookbooks, so run!
A brand new FOU DE PATISSERIE opened 3 weeks ago on 36, rue des martyrs 75009.
Every Saturday they have a guest pastry chef performing magic. Last Saturday, Nelson Lechine of restaurant, Les Cascade was making exquisite waffle 'sandwiches' filled with whipped cream, sprinkled with cocoa powder and a ton of vanilla bean.
I know it was exquisite because I ate if for lunch on a Paris park bench.
Admittedly I also ate an avocado toast, (my 1st ever) at Le Grand Epicerie. What was I waiting for? Topped with marinated artichoke hearts and red bits of perfectly pickled red cabbage. Bread was gluten-free from Chambelland. The whole mess was absolutely delicious and makes a great, quick lunch.
A Big Merci to PBers, Pat, Robert and Charlie for helpiing to bring me down to earth at Cafe St. Regis. Another first, eating their lemony paper-thin chicken Paillard, (19€)  but it won't be the last. I highly recommend it.
Couldn't this be a scene out of MR HULOT'S HOLIDAY? So French. I also hit the downtown Fou de Patisserie, 45, rue Montorgueil 75002
Do you know their luscious publications? The best French pastries chefs spill the beens and tell all.
Their broad selection of top chefs makes it easy to experience many pastries without running all over town. I was looking for painting subject matter of course...
Passion fruit always wins the day for me.
My beautiful couple.
Sadly Angelina's super delicate framboise, whipped cream affair did not make it home in one piece. Still it tasted outstanding. Giant berries atop a drift of Chantilly with a base of deep raspberry jell.
Passion fruit saved the day and got painted before disappearing. Meanwhile Paris watermelons and cherries are up on Etsy. Get a FRENCH BOWL OF CHERRIES PRINT 🍒 in your 📮mailbox. Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. If you enjoyed this post please share.
Bonne Mardi and THANK YOU again for your kind wishes and a swell week!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Le Salon des Champagnes et des Patisserie Fines

Last May I did a cover illustration for an upcoming tasting of Champagne and pastry, SALON DES CHAMPAGNES ET DES PATISSERIES FINES on 8,9 July at PAVILLON LEDOYEN. When SOLLI emailed me a photo of my art in metro Gare St Lazar this morning, I fell off my chair. Whoa!

On the way to my dentist appointment later I jumped off the train. This is every artist's dream!

Yes I signed it.

3-star Michelin restaurant, PAVILLON LEDOYEN is behind the Petit Palais 8, avenue Dutuit, 75008

Its Paris' oldest restaurant. Former clients included Robespierre, Danton and Marat.

Since 2014 top Chef Yanick Alleno, previously at Le Meurice, has reinvisioned Ledoyen. Now considered one of Paris' top 10 restaurants, the cuisine is noted for complexity and finesse.

Of course there will be oddles of bubbly to try.

12 superb Paris pastry chefs

Will create magic at pastry stations within the tasting area at Ledoyen.

Marie-A called and asked if I'd like to dream up a new cover for the  july Champagne tasting. I scibbled some preparatory thumbnails on the Metro enroute. M-A picked the exploading bottle at the top.

A later stage study of exploding bubbles

M-A asked me if I'd like to taste a dessert before leaving. Why not?

We squeeze into chef, Aurélien Rivoire's tiny pastry kitchen. The sous chefs are on a tear.

Chef Rivoire concocts

Stalks of rhubarbe encrusted in sugar flakes
Into this exquisite dessert dusted with beet sugar and a dollop of rice ice cream!

A second dessert appeared. Two bites to be tasted together in one mouthful for the full effect.
A third dessert appeared, a giant orangette. Preserved orange peel enrobed in the darkest chocolate with a touch of gold leaf. I didn't mention to anyone that I'd recently gone off desserts since starting a new regime. There are some things better left unsaid. This orengette went home with me. If you are in Paris July 8 or 9 please do come to the tasting. I plan to attend. Meanwhile I'll be sleeping in the metro stations admiring my handiwork. Cheers 🥂