Thursday, August 26, 2010

5 Things I Ate at Jean Millet Patisserie

I only tasted ONE cannele at Patisserie Jean Martin.
je le regrete beaucoup. Only one crepe too.
THREE sable citron (not all at once).
I'm a sucker for anything with lemon on it and this rich buttery cookie has just a thin icing of lemony-ness.
I have had their croissants.
Before I noticed they had mini versions.
Abricot is another flavor I swoon for. Do you too?
103 Rue Saint-Dominique
7th Arrondisement
Metro: Invalides
Pastry chef Denis Ruffel has received France's highest honor, the M.O.F. or "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" so this little patisserie is well worth searching out.
I did not get to taste this.
Nor did I buy a 'week-end' cake to take as a gift.
Foie gras? mais non.
I would LOVE to eat one of their salades for lunch.
A la prochain.


  1. Oh, man, your food posts are killing me, Carol. My stomach is growling now. thank goodness it's almost lunchtime and I brought a boring sandwich with me to down in a minute!

  2. Carolg in LA12:01 PM

    Can you write about paintings or clothes or architecture too?
    I gain weight reading this...

  3. You are making me VERY homesick . .
    right down the street my treasured 83 rue Saint Dominique.
    Have fun today and all your days in Paris!

  4. Elizabeth12:05 PM

    Forgot to mention Patisserie Valerie yesterday. I haven't tried the one in Mayfair, but I really liked the ice cream at their shop in the Brunswick Centre (Russell Sq.).


  5. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Awesome blog, I hadn't come across previously in my searches!
    Keep up the good work!

  6. I haven't had anything to eat yet today and I click on your blog.....:)
    Yipes, Everything looks good!
    I think that I could eat all of those crepes!

  7. Those salads look yummy indeed!

  8. Beverly Bosquet3:00 PM

    Hello Paris Breakfasts!
    I have been enjoying your blog for a while now, searching out your recommendations, and wow, now there is one in my quartier! I can't wait until it opens tomorrow to pick up something delicious... maybe the weekend cake would be just the perfect thing!

  9. Kris in France4:17 PM

    Hey carol!
    Cannelles are My favorite thing after repettos and Our village bakery has them almost every Friday.
    And I have the recipe (in France).

  10. Robin in Santa Monica4:19 PM

    I just returned from a wonderful trip to France. A week in Paris and a week at a friend's house in Uzes in the south. It was wonderful for an endless amount of reasons.
    Here at home I avoid bread, cheese, wine, and dessert. I ate it all there and enjoyed it immensely.
    I am going through cheese withdrawal pangs. I went to the store this morning and bought a good chevre and some goat milk yougurt. They, however, did not have any pate or good charchuterie. I bought some wonderful creamy and light chevre in a farmer's market in Uzes and paired with a homemade gingerbread made with figs that I bought there also. I have been dreaming of it. I am going to have to figure out how to replicate that gingerbread with figs for myself.It feels a little severe to be returning to my normal eating habits. Alas.
    I love your blog.

  11. One spends so much time planning a trip yet next to zero on re-entry to reality
    What to do?
    Come home laden with goodies to prolong the experience perhaps?

  12. I usually stay in the 7th and I don't know how I missed this. Everything looks delicious. I'm back in the Fall and I'm heading to Jean Millet... Thanks Carol.

  13. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Yes Carol the re-entry is difficult since June I'm still out of wack. So I went shopping for wine and patisserie make me feel better, and through your blog I feel connected to Paris, and more like myself.

  14. I am willing to suffer the re-entry! Seriously. Right now even...well, right after I visit Paris. Nothing will keep me from my destiny: the lemon sable!

  15. arata f bine totul,as minca si eu ce e in fotografii,felicitari

  16. Hello Carlo - the place looks better on your painting than in reallity ;)

    Enjoy the weekend

  17. My mouth is watering~
    wish I could say that in French.

  18. Everything looks divine! I am really hungry now.

  19. I, too, am liking the look of those salads! And the molleux cake looks divine, i imagine that the texture would be incredible. Oh Carol, you make me jealous!! What's a canelle?! I know "canelle" is cinnamon? But I've never seen those funny shaped cakes(?) before

  20. @Les reves
    Those funny little cakes - the caneles - are native to Bordeaux and are really a pudding of sorts-eggy inside.
    They are made in molds..kind of chewy

  21. I just happened to find your blog and I am so happy about this post!
    I am, right this moment, searching interesting things to see while I'll be in Paris (in 10 days!!)

    I am going to Jean Millet for sure!!!



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