Sunday, June 19, 2022

Squid Green = Spring/Summer

Did you watch Netflix’s The Squid Games? I did not…

Squid-jumpsuit green is ‘The It Color’ this Spring/Summer.
Printemps filled their store. 
And windows were full of it. 
Something Squid green for everyone.
By the way Squid star, Jung Ho Yeon is the new face of Chanel’s  red Camellia N.1 collection.
Over the hot, hot weekend, Sollie_Food and I went off to Chinon. At a train stop—billboards of Squid green. 
Sollie’s dress was a slightly darker shade of Squid green. 
French school kids are in fashion wearing smocks of this green. 
In the foodie arena, I spotted these green mousse deserts following the trend in Galeries Lafayette Gourmand, my favorite dessert browsing hangout. 
My food expert friend, Geraldine recently opened her own terrific coffee roasting shop, Coffelia in the 9th at 45, rue du Condorcet with an IN-colored sign. Do drop in if you love coffee or tea ☕️ 
Chocolatier Patrick Roger call their chocolate boxes ‘emerald’ green. I call it ‘Squid’. 
If you visit Avignon, I can happily recommend eating lunch at EAT, even in the asparagus combo wasn’t trendy Squid green. I loved it. 
*How about learning to mix Squid green or any other watercolor? G. succeeded in convincing me to give her watercolor lessons. We’re having so much fun playing with paint and color. Please contact me for one-on-one private lessons in my studio while you’re in Paris. 
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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Hubert de Givenchy – Collectionneur at Christies Paris

I went Thursday to Christies to see a preview of the auction of Hubert de Givenchy’s collections starting June 14th.

From pieces  his Paris home and the Chateau de Jonchet. I love going to view auctions. Its a different way to experience art. You can get close to the objects.

But I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like this one.
The density in number and lavishness of the items was daunting.
The entire building at 9, Avenue Matignan was filled, top to bottom with salon settings and even a faux sculpture garden.

Niches were created with just clocks or just chairs (Givenchy was mad for chairs) or just silver chocolate pots. 

Givenchy had a strong sense of sculpture. 

A sense of 3-dimensionality. In shaping his couture designs and in his collecting.

Diego Giacometti (brother of Alberto) was provided a work studio on the premises. He specially created miniature sculptures of each of Givenchy’s 9 dogs for their graves sites among many sculptures.

Givenchy’s 10-year mentorship with Christobal Balenciaga influenced him deeply. Balenciaga said, “green velvet is a good idea“. 
Givenchy’s residences and are full of green velvet walls and chairs and
green malachite in his designs. 
These screen shots are from the excellent Youtube video by fashion videographer, Loic Prigent.
Watch this to get a better understanding of this massive collection. Green silk passementerie tassels show up on many pieces. 
Balenciaga passed on to him client Bunny Mellon, who became a close friend and gardening partner. 
This is her guest room at the chateau recreated for the auction sale. Read Laure’s review for more notes on French antiques. Suzy Menkes has an interesting podcast on the collection.
I recognized the 6 room paintings by Jeff Bailey. I bought one of his preliminary sketches in 2010. 
Givenchy was such an elegant man with elegant, refined taste. It was fun drawing him for the Audrey in Paris letter
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Friday, June 10, 2022

Jardins Jardin 2022


The annual 4-day (on through Sunday) JARDINS JARDIN has arrived in the Tuileries. Aside for a torrential downpour the weather has been grand.

Its a week or so until the start of summer in Paris. My recent obsession with painting glass 
Drew me to beautiful jars filled with fruit and veg. 

You can also buy very small green houses. Will they fit on my little patch of roof?
The bee ๐Ÿ people with 
honey from Paris rooftops are here againCITYBZZ with the latest in what to wear when bee-keeping.
Why didn’t I buy fresh ๐Ÿ“berries 
at LA FERME DE GALLY instead of jam? 
Their nectar framboise looked yummy. I am definitely going back. 
You can buy cherry tomato ๐Ÿ… plants for your balcon. 
The fresh mint plants smells heavenly. 

There are the beautiful designer gardens for total immersion with steaming fountains and trickling brooks to make you forget you’re in the middle a busy city. 
Buy a ready-to-go picnic basket lunch and camp out on the grounds.
Chanel has again installed a garden presenting their latest red Camellia creations in 2 ‘red’ greenhouses. 
But first immersion into the scent of No.#1 as red flowers dance and flow over you. 
Then a visit to the lab for more details and pretty flower samples to make us forever young๐Ÿ˜Š 
I was inspired to run home and get out my red paints. 
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Tuesday, June 07, 2022

I ❤️ Paris Ice Cream Chariots

It’s that time of year…

When ice cream chariots hit Paris streets. 
I love these carts/chariot ร  glace.
Paris weather has been sunny and glorious and requires an accessory cone/cornette or cup in hand. Are you a cup or cone person?
I asked Solli_food who spends half her time in Italy, if the streets are full of ice cream chariots. Absolutely not. 
Its a Paris thing and the tradition goes way back.
I briefly thought about owning my own chariot…
Berthillon does not have a chariot outside, just an open window. 
But all the other restaurants on รŽle Saint Louis do. Some with the smallest chariot in Paris. 
Did you know the rectangular metal bins are called ‘bac’..ร  glace.
A new ice cream shop opened near my poste office on 27 rue Saint-Antoine, Baltis Paris featuring Lebanese fleur d’orange ice cream dipped in pistachios. 
A short walk down the street, Monoprix was offering 4 bistro glasses for the price of 1 Baltis glace ๐Ÿ˜ณ C’est la vie.
If you love ❤️ ice cream there’s something very cheering about seeing it๐Ÿฆ available everywhere. Today I got off the bus and had the best flavor ever! Saffron with bits of preserved ginger at chocolatier Christian Constant, 40, rue des ร‰coles, 5Arr. Save some for me๐Ÿฆ If you enjoyed this post consider supporting PB by buying my Paris maps, letters and watercolors. And please share with other Francophiles. subscribe to ParisBreakfasts newsletter here