Thursday, August 12, 2010

I am not Restraint

I SINNED!Yesterday I lost my RESTRAINT!
And after being ice cream-free FOR SIX WHOLE DAYS too. I know I said August would be totally ice cream free for the whole month, but who/whom was I kidding?Naturalment, I lay the total blame at the feet of Joe DiNapoli, fellow watercolor artist and Maine accomplice.We met for lunch yesterday at this faux Maine-like-shacky restaurant, Mary's Fish Camp. Joe ordered a GIANT-size cod sandwich, which I immediately coveted. Who wouldn't? I, on the other hand ordered first, the smallest Little Neck clams on the planet (equalling one bite total). Then I idiotically ordered Steamers equal to about 1 1/2 bitefuls. Bien sur, all my neighbors ordered REAL food just like Joe. I meanwhile ate A LOT of Oyster crackers...hmmm As we were walking up Charles Street, Joe said, "Next time I'll choose the restaurant. We shoulda eaten here!"
The entree prices are like half of an app at Mary's shack joint.
We stopped in Joe's and I shot a few of his paintings when he stepped out of the room...
Don't worry. One of his SIX guard cats kept a beady eye on me. HMPH
If you do not have compulsions to gobble up ice cream at the drop of hat, especially after eating a lunch totaling the size of a quarter, I suggest you try making your own. David Lebovitz' The Perfect Scoop is the one ice cream book to own word out. This book is off limits for moi, malheureusement.
Gelato Two Dips, watercolor, 10 1/2 x 7 3/4"
Painting ice cream I can do.
Now I'm going to the pool to work off the 3,000 calorie gelato cone I ate yesterday.
I will keep you apprised of to my progress and ice cream regressions for the rest of August. That's a promise. 19 days to stay the course. Wish me bon chance.
I'll be sticking with these harmless little minis in the meantime.


  1. Yup.
    Went past by Mary's later that evening. They were bringing in the clams by the wheel barrel full. One clam per barrel!!
    You got the short end of the stick at MARY'S so-called camp for sure.

  2. Gawd do I struggle with ice cream in the summer just like you do!!
    This little tirade gives me courage.
    I shall join you in unison in the Anti-Ice Cream brigade.
    Ever onward into the breach for an Ice Cream-FREE August!!
    sara in anapolis

  3. Really, August is not the month to not eat ice cream. Choose maybe February or maybe even March, but not August. Ice cream is good for us, non?

  4. I recently discovered your lovely blog a few days ago, and I've already subscribed!! :))

    I can relate to your ice cream struggle-and I lose most of the time! Perhaps guard cats are needed at the local ice cream shop~~ :D

    Thanks for a bit of sunshine everyday!

  5. Bon Chance ... and have the cod sandwich next time .. I could use one of those right now.

  6. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Yes I just love Ice Cream...the best invention ever don't you think? I make my own Ice Cream ou glace, all kinds and fun to do..I should get David's book Scoop and give it a try. I think I have Ice Cream in the freezer, so see you later. Have a nice weekend

  7. OOMMMGG!! All that food (and ice cream of course) looks delicious! :D
    The first picture reminds me of a gelato shop I was at during my CA trip last week; I tried their watermelon sorbet and it was amazing! You should try that flavor of ice cream if you haven't yet ;)

  8. Wow, I want to buy one of those silver ice cream cone stands in your 2nd photo. Lovely! Mary's Fish Camp looks like a great place. Good luck with avoiding the ice cream thing. I splurge on it all of July & August, and swear it off the rest of the year. Although, gelato is a must year round :)

  9. Wow--love his paintings, too, Carol! He's very talented. Thanks for introducing us to his work. And your ice cream painting is fabulous with the watermelon as well--love that! Shoot--go eat some ice cream--it's calcium--it's good for you, right? Remember--"this is not a dress rehearsal." Eat some for me.

  10. The seafood looks great, but I've never heard of a cod sandwich!
    The ice cream looks better :)
    3000 caolories? Wow, swim more laps.......

  11. A post full of smiles today! Gawd, I love ice cream too, though as gourmet as I get is Ben and Jerrys...who, by the way, have a scrumptious 'limited' edition, Key Lime Pie...and I swear it's better than any slice of KLP I have ever eaten! I even used a baby spoon to slow down my shoveling it in, and I still ate the whole pint, sitting at the computer blogging, making variations of the yummm sound!

  12. I just gained 20 LBS looking at the ice cream extravaganza:-) The food looks great too.
    This is my first year not living in Maine during Lobster season in 11 years. I spoke to a friend last night and they were about to sit down to a lobster, crab, etc feast. Oh, well... can't have everything it seems.

    You guys make a GREAT support team
    Who doesn't LOVE KEY LIME PIE?
    You HAD to tell me didn't you.
    I am highly suggestible :(

  14. Oh yes, strawberry ice cream goes very well with pink hollyhocks.
    I have some freshly made in the freezer.
    Come on by.

  15. Restraint is highly over-rated. Life is short. Eat all the ice cream you can find!

  16. Yah!! you can definitely paint ice-cream, you didn't tell us your favourite flavour !!! mine is rhubarb -Miam!



    et voila
    Thanks for asking
    Now I want some...fortunately there is no decent ice cream in those flavors out here. Though I have been know to lower myself and eat Chocolate Mint in a many a pinch.
    it's tres sweet of you to think that far ahead to my birthday, May 17
    merci buckets of ice cream
    I have nothing to say to you.
    Just because you recently decided to live the free and easy life does not mean..oh well whatever :)
    c'est la vie

  18. Oh, what a funny post ... all about portion control.

    I had delicious gelato on Easter Sunday afternoon, and so far have resisted.

    Tomorrow I will definitely return to the scene of that gelato and see what flavors are available.

    I do thank you for the encouragement. There will not be any post gelato swimming around here.

  19. Dear Carollll...
    Don't you know it's against the law (of happiness) to deny oneself of ice cream during the months of June, July and August?
    Wait until OcT. or November to put yourself in misery again!
    Good luck!

  20. and i thought you were with me in my state of deprivation!
    tsk tsk

  21. Anonymous3:22 AM

    Yummy, yummy, yummy, I got love in my tummy...summer is MADE for ice cream! My delicious indulgence too, but, I don't mind sinning. Two scoops in a cup or on a beautiful waffle cone, just like you! Favourite flavours: pistachio, vanilla, fraise, rum 'n raisins, berry swirl, and so know how it is!
    Great photos, Carol. :< )

  22. Come and stay with me and gorge on fromage chevre with poivre rouge et vert, or cendres, instead! Just got back from Brantôme marché where there are fromage stalls everywhere!

    Give me cheese over ice cream any day. Miam miam.

  23. @Frances!
    I had delicious gelato on Easter Sunday afternoon, and so far have resisted.
    FRANCES! you are a SAINT!
    Where did you happen to have that delicious gelato? Do you remember the address? The particular flavor?

    Chevre ice cream! Clare you are brilliant bien sur. The world is waiting for yr creation. Just because Jean-Paul Hevin made cheese chocolates does not mean he owns it. Ice cream could be so much better IMHO

    @Lavender Playground
    what are you taking? Where do I get it. You are the one I will follow. Yr the ONE!!

  24. Justine7:06 AM

    Gelato is Italian ice cream served in a semi-frozen state, made mostly with milk (not cream), so it can sometimes be lower in calories than premium ice cream. For instance, Old-fashioned Cream Gelato from a famed Italian gelato maker, Grom (, has 215 calories for a small (half cup). Ciao Bella ( Vanilla Gelato is 210 calories for half cup. Italian ices are probably your best bet at only 50 calories per half cup.
    210 x 4 no 5 =1050 calories
    + cone (50 calories)
    Gonna take more than a few laps in the pool to work that off!

  25. Carol I love your humorous way of blogging :)

    All that food looks glorious (et oui, the icecream looks good too although I'm not a big fan of icecream) who could blame you for not restraining!


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