Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Serenissime! Venise en Fete de Tiepolo à Guardi, musee Cognacq-Jay

Friday, in time for Carvival I went to the sneak preview of Serenissime! at lovely small museum..
Cognacq-Jay. On until June 25.
What a splendid exhibit in splendid hôtel Donon, 8, rue Elzevir, 75003 meteo: Saint Paul
60 paintings plus the museum's own collection of Venetian XVIII paintings.
Pietro Longhi  (1702-1785) always delights.
A festive Tiepolo oil with all the figure's backs turned watching a Carnival spectacle on a balcony.
A grand view of perhaps the annual gondala regatta by Francesco Guardi
Another Guardi at Saint marks, a 'veduta painting..large and spectacular. I hope this is a game with all those sticks..hmm
Also popular and much smaller, 'capriccio' paintings depicting imagined fantastical scenes
Often with ruins..
These are from the museum's collection and by Guardi or his 'school'.
A boaty scene..
I did a couple of 'capriccios' whilst in Venice a while back.
I forgot the ruins though...next time.
There are wonderfully painted mirrors as you enter to get you instantly into a festive mood.
If only the French would realize museum-goers do not like to bend low to read the descriptions. At least not this museum-goer. If only Alitalia had a desk so you could grab a ticket to Venice on the way out.
And if only Il Gelato del Marchese had a stand serving cappuccino and gelato.Time to dream of Venice and Carnival. Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. If you like this post and want to support it, do buy Paris letters and watercolors or forward to a friend.
Arrivaderci Venice!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Paris small museums, Musee Marmottan Monet, Pissarro

There are around 70 museums in Paris! Why not do a map of some smaller museums to remind you there is life outside the Louvre.
On Tuesday the first comprehensive exhibit in 35 years opened of Pissarro (1830-1903)at the musée Marmottan Monet in the 16 eme.
Camille Pissarro, though Danish and brought up on the island of Saint Thomas (now the US Virgin Islands), came to France, studied with Courbet and Corot and then became deeply immersed with his contemporaries: Monet, Cezanne, Seurat, Signac, Caillebotte.
Known as the first imprssionist, Pissarro started the first independent Impressionist salon with these artists in 1874.
Initially he lived in Pontoise, a short ride on RER A from Paris. It no longer looks quite like this.
These serene, classic bucolic scenes are typical of his early painting years.

Monet was a frequent painting companion. no wonder the hay stack.
Pissarro was passionate about painting market scenes. He liked to get up cllose to the worker.
He painted side by side with Paul Seurat.
His pointelist period.
Artist friends suggested he paint in Normandie, Rouen, Dieppe
And these harbor scenes in Le Havre...wonderfully foggy and atmospheric.
Pissarro immersed himself in Paris urban scenes, particularly the boulevard de l'Opera.
He declared that he was "delighted that I can try to do these Parisian streets that people always say are ugly but that are really so silvery, so luminous and so alive, so different from the boulevards. This truly is modern life!" He painted this motif 15 times, in all kinds of weather.
Place de l'Opera always fascinates.
Coming home I passed by Mamy Therese madeleinerie...
I met the owner, Jacques Mercier, grand-son of Mamy Therese and owner of her secret recipe. Evidently I am not yet through with madeleine immersion. More watercolors along with the new museum map and Paris letters on ETSY. Munch...munch

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Boulanger de la Tour, Cake au Citron

A new boulangerie opened, Boulanger de la Tour/ la Tour d'Argent 19 quai de la Tournelle, 75005
Just think. You can eat the same baguettes as guests at Tour d'Argent are eating..
This lemon cake looked divine, 'le Week-end'. Perfect gift for a visit. When JEFFREY BAILEY invited us to Chez Kate B and B in St.Maur we couldn't resist taking a cake. St. Maur des Fosses is a short15 minute ride on RER A from Nation. A darling, cosy place to escape from the hubub of Paris yet still very close to the center.
Both Jeffrey (American) and his wife Catherine (French) are artists
So oodles of art decorates their B and B. Much more fun than a sterile hotel in paris.
Bear was delighted.
Catherine made us a trés French lunch - omlette with sautéd zuccini, onions, potatoes.
Four beaten eggs thrown on top, browned a bit and turn.
Served with beets, green apple, fennel and haricot vert salad.
At last the scrumptous cake! Very light. Much lighter than a pound cake and not too sweet. Perfection.
Ages ago I bought this interior preparatory sketch from Jeffrey. Givenchy's salon no less.
Lately I've been hanging out at the Paris Opera dreaming of painting the gold grandeur.
So with a little arm-twisting, Jeffrey gave me a mini lesson in painting gold effects. Much practice is required to tackle the Opera Garnier.
Catherine gives evening classes in her studio. Note all the champagne glasses on the shelf. I asked if that was for after class? Non, non. We drink champagne all through the class. OK!!
Living the 'Champange life' would be dining at  La Tour d'Argent now and then. You could also buy their baguettes across the street. Or have your very own cake au cirtron watercolor with Paris letters on ETSY. You'll find chez Kate B and B easily on Google.
 Bisous, bisous from Bear