Thursday, April 30, 2009

The French Scarf

 It's practically summer so what's with a post on the French scarf?
The French do not put away their neckwear because the weather has changed and temperatures are rising? No way!

How is it the French woman can put on this sack-like outfit with  l'écharpe hanging to the floor and come off looking chic, soigné et avec du syle?

Granted the scarf has history (even if this is an English painting) it's hanging at musée Cognaq-Jay by the way.

More traditional French neck adornment at nearby musée Carnavalet.

 A bow adorns the neck of many French jam jars.
 This chocolate duck could have so easily been sporting a French scarf don't you think?

A French scarfy twist on this intensely chocolate-carmelized Saint Honore creation at Pierre Herme.

Here a French kid get's early scarf training.
*Note the color co-ordination going on here.

This little French girl got the training.

Back view.
I could use some scarf training.

The double scarf effect - one used as a shawl/cape base for the other scarf twisted on top.

The "shawl" scarf on its own...

 A touch of red scarf showing color co-ordinated to go with a green food cart.

Here the French scarf evolves into the casually knotted sweater neck adornment.

 The scarf can be color co-ordinated with salade at Cojean.

"How could you leave your l'écharpe at home?"

My all-time fav French scarf by artist BEN (no longer available). I drool for this.
Now I get it! The baguette wears an écharpe.With or without the French scarf, the Paris baguette est toujours irresistable.
BONJOUR French Scarf!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Paris Posh Places

YSL Avenue Georges V, original watercolor, 9" x 11"

Have you ever walzed into the YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) boutique on 7, Avenue George V in Paris?
Givenchy Avenue Georges V, original watercolor, 9" x 11"
Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing..

Or what about Givenchy at 3, Avenue George V right next door?
Easy as pie right?
Avenue Montaigne in the 8th arrondissement is chock-a-block with some of Paris' poshes places, as is Avenue George V also. I have yet to set foot in Jimmy Choo at 34 Avenue Montaigne... This facade inside Chanel's window gave me hope, but when I saw the guard at the door I took off rapidement...
Anne says Cafe L'Avenue at 41, av Montaigne is overpriced. Maybe that's why Beyonce, Jay-Z, Bruce Willis hang out there? I have yet to try their hot chocolate...
Look! Someone wearing white shoes is walzing into Nina Ricci? I hope they are not sneakers...hmmm
Dior? Forgettaboutit! Never happen - me walzing in that is. If only they had macarons I could get up my courage...
Don't I need a diamond-encrusted bag to enter?
Or else an extremely LARGE bag?
Or maybe an extremely LARGE scarf?
I did get up my courage and walk into the Plaza-Athenee, because they are famous for their macarons and I was hoping to run into one in the lobby. No such luck, but I did take a peek at the desserts menu. 32 euros for ONE dessert OUCH!

Anne somehow managed to drag me into Louis Vuitton on 101, Avenue des Champs Elysées and nothing deleterious happened. In fact it was fun. But as you can see here, all sorts of people are pouring in with small bags, no scarfs and white shoes, so anything goes I guess...
Chocolatier Fouquet just off of Avenue Montaigne at 22, Rue François 1er, is one posh Paris place where I feel relatively comfortable. The surrounding essence of chocolate helps alot.
I even bought something and didn't worry about breaking the bank.
Have you walzed into Paris' posh places and lived to tell the tale?
Please tell all!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Line of Fashion

SPRING has truly arrived in New York City with the grand opening of London's TOP SHOP down on Broadway in Soho. Of course flowers are bursting out all over on 5th Ave. and 58th street.
  The city has kindly planted masses  on many streets. The trees are pretty spectacular in front of The Plaza Hotel. You cannot experience spring in NYC without munching a Sabrett hot dog. The taste will not be spectacular but it's a very New York thing to do. Dean and Deluca's floral selection has exploded.
On Madison Ave. Barney's windows are full of the "Blue Project" - top New York designers got some old blue jeans scraps of and told,"Go create!"British Designer Matthew Williamson rocked H&M last Thursday but I got there on Friday. TOO $%^#@ LATE for this jacket :( In the new TOP SHOP these shoes rocked the joint. As did the massive throngs of lookers. At the Society of Illustrators on East 63d street there's a wonderful show of fashion illustrations not to be missed if you love drawing.
The master of fashion drawing, Kenneth Paul Block was the central focus of the show.
I LOVE the wild, free sketches of Richard Rosenfeld.
How can you not feel nostalgia for this sketch/doodle of master draftsman, Joe Eula of Jackie Onassis being fitted at Halstons.
 Joe Eula did quickie sketches for Halston's 1st collection since he didn't own a polaroid camera. The exhibit closes May 1. Run and see it if you love beautiful drawings. I went twice.
 Signs are plastered all over town for fast way to get to Paris - by subway no less. To see Gustave Caillebotte's Impressionist Paintings from Paris at the Brooklyn Museum.
Do you know the wonderful artwork of Nathalie Lété? I got this Eiffel Tower plate of Nathalie's.
This little Soho New Yorker in has on the best Spring outfit.