Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I'Orange at Salon du Chocolat

I wrote about it before. You'll see a ton of the color ORANGE at SALON DU CHOCOLAT.
Why? Well oranges are dipped into chocolate right and left.
French orangettes getting dipped into chocolat noir before our eyes.
The chef's eyes were elsewhere clearly.
Cocoa beans can be orange among other colors. B
French chocolatiers have a terrific sense of color. Orange and chocolate play well together.
MOF chocolatier Arnaud Lahrer clearly is nuts for the color orange.
Throw an apricot in there. No problem.
Rococo Chocolates fancies orange ribbons.
Mandarine + cocoa bean
Do you love orangettes too? Any Citrus paired with chocolate makes a happy marriage of flavors.
You can see here orange-colored stands and staff T-shirts. I'm not making this up. If you want to see these orange-shirted staff singing and jumping then Follow my INSTAGRAMYou can also Receive Parisbreakfast letters, mapand watercolors in your mailbox.
More chocolate stories to come! Cheers

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Salon du Chocolat 2017

Last nite at the inauguration of the 2017 Salon du Chocolat I wore myself out PBers combing the ins and outs of Paris' best chocolate for 3 hours! Such hard work.

The most beautiful pastry IMHO was this religieuse chocolat  from Jeffrey Cagnes of Stohrer

Yann Couvreur, the fox enthusiast created this year's giant all-chocolate sculpture for the salon.

I thought I would paint onsite but it was insanely crowded

Couvreur has his first recipe book out. His lovely chocolate foxes were getting grabbed up at C30

In the same area new Karamel was caramel heaven at C30

My fav British chocolatier, Rococo Chocolates is nearby in the back at D53.

Their packaging and everything inside is to die for. A Don't-Miss

The pastry/chocolate chefs show up 1st nite. Eclair king, Christoph Adams minding his stand and shouting out CHOCOOOOOLAT!

So many cocoa beans to remind you where chocolate comes from.

The colors!

Hugo Victor at D8 have been coming for years. Beautiful design, beautiful flavors.

Of course the chocolate dresses...trying to see the fashion show the 1st nite is insanely impossible.

Michel Chaudun of the famous 'pavé', little chocolate paving stones is at A28

Here's my haul from last night - my annual stash of Lyon's Bernachon (D23) fab cacao for a year of daily hot chocolates. Bag and teatowel from Rococo Chocolates. Their drinking chocolate tin adds a note of serenity to my chaotic drawing table. More chocolate salon to come.
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Please visit all my favs even if only in your dreams.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Creating October Boulangerie Map

PBers have requested a boulangerie map. I didn't realize this is an impossible proposition till I had eaten way too many croissants and pain au chocolats. But first things first. Thumbnail sketch time!
Do you love farmy, glass paintings on old traditional Paris boulangeries? A must in the map
Who else saves adorable crumpled, printed tissue paper from their jambon sandwiche? These bits come in handy when its map-creation time.
Have you been to newish Pain Pain, top of rue des Martyrs at No.88? I went boulangerie researching in Montmartre Saturday and fell inside.
Their cinnamon chausson au pomme is irresistable. Cinnamon is not a fav flavor in France so when you see it grab it.
Les Petits Mitrons at 26 rue Lepic is really a divine fruit tarte shop with some viennoisserie. An old Montmartre classic. Impossible not to include.
Very homemade style. Not elegant but absolutely yum. They have quiches if you want savory.
Almost every boulangerie in Montmartre displays award decals in their windows. Is it the altitude? Do they try harder? Lots of winners of best baguette in the 18th arrondissement.
Prize winner Au levain d'Antan is closed on Saturdays. You've been warned. It was instantly obvious to just focus on Montmartre boulangeries - an easy tour in an afternoon, rather than attempting all-Paris. Other areas will follow if you're interested. Give a shout out svp.
Maison Landemaine at  22 rue des Martyrs is another top prize winner. I'm including some 9th arrondissement boulangers. Very close by. I forgot Boulangerie Boris. Such a lovely place! The decor - painted ceiling, croissant tilework, pink and blue. A don't-miss at 48 rue Caulincourt. Its on the map
Back to the drawing board. If I get the border design worked out the rest falls into place.
Time to cut out and paste on the map. Takes me back to my obsessed paperdoll days...
Coloring in is the most fun part. The home stretch is in view. Maps went in la poste yesterday.
Voila. Don't you love mini viennoisseries? What lifesavers they are. Mini heaven.
Thank you Paris boulangeries XXX
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Salon du Chocolat opens Friday. Guess who will be there with her tiny paintbox. Hopefully with hands full I cannot sample so much. Plenty of reporting and chocolate Insta videos to come!
Stay tuned PBers

Thursday, October 19, 2017

October Paris letter wip

The October paris letter went out on monday...I think. Maybe Tuesday?
First several trips to Bastille marché with some inspiration from David Lebovitz Fall marche post thrown in.
The market oranges and creamy yellows inspire
Nuts and hunky Fall champignons
Marron, chataignes, chestnuts. Call them what you will. Sure signs Fall is here.
Today I saw Borsolino-style winter hats at Bastille going for a song
I pass bouquinistes by the Seine every day. Something inspirational always catches my eye.
This yellow quince print took 2 visits before buying
The Larousse legumes et plantes potageres was an instant purchase last summer. No hesitation at all.
All the bits are cut out like paperdolls, ready to be glued down
Ta da. A continuation of the seasonal foods series. You can get them all so far and Receive Parisbreakfast letters, mapand watercolors in your mailbox. 
Follow my INSTAGRAM for more Paris Fall. Three guesses what the October map will be?