Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Angelina For A Day...

I've been sitting here fantasizing working at Angelina for a day... Just for one day. How bad could that be? I know I'd be really terrific in the pastry brigade - Just let me at em! Miam! Lift that tarte citron - tote that tray. But carrying heavy trays laden chocolat chaud up stairs does not appeal to moi...pas de toute!

I think I'd stick to busing if you don't mind... After all, Angelina is a still life painters dream... Utterly dreamy non?
Perhaps I'd carry a little black Moleskine dans ma poche for quickie sketches between trays...
I'd tuck a twisted lemon peel in my pocket to give those still lifes a more Dutchie-look like this Pieter Claesz painting - pourquoi pas?
Angelina treats, 9" x 11"

Waiting on customers?
Hum...hum...pas si bien pour moi je pense...
I think I'd stick with les Paris doggies...
un peu d'eau mon ange?
After hours, maybe I'd tickle the keys a bit - Coco used to listen to this piano when she'd take a break from creating at Chanel...
Then I'd have a gouter of pate de chestnut - looks a lot like facial cream doesn't it oui?
When no one is looking.
I'd grab a bottle of Angelina chocolat for the ride home on the Metro.
Not too shabby wouldn't you say?


  1. A little water, my cabbage.............?

    1. Anonymous3:25 PM

      A little water, my angel. She's asking the dog if it would like water. Ange is a term of endearment. Cabbage is actually a term of endearment too... but that would be "chou".

  2. I think working a day at Angelina would be ok - but better to be a patron there, have their delights and paint a delicious sight for all to see!

    Again, I marvel at how you render it all so beautifully...

  3. I think if I was to work a day at Angelina's - my pay check would just be signed over to them. Its all so delicious!!! HHL

  4. @Cynthia!
    it was your mentioning Angelina at BlogHer that got the wheels churning
    Big Merci!!

  5. Dear Carol,
    Your watercolor, Fortnam & Mason Tea Time arrived in perfect condition and I could not be more pleased with it. It is being matted and framed now and will be a birthday present for my wife; each item in it will have a special meaning for her and make her smile with delight.


  6. I'm thinking I'd like to work as their official taster. What a job that would be!! Miam miam!

  7. Mmmm, I think I will take a break and have "one of each". Just deduct it out of my paycheck(OK I'll probably have to work more than one day to pay for my break)!!! Oh, do I have chocolate on my chin?

  8. The lemon peel still life is great!
    I love the way that place looks :)
    I wouldn't mind busing there, either :)

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  10. If I worked at Angelina's I fear their profit margin would be non-existent ~ I would have to try one of everything, and I wouldn't be able to elegantly carry the trays up the stairs like the waitress in your pic. ....Pas-de-tout!!

  11. wonderful watercolor, Carol! lovely!! Somehow, I don't see you busing tables--painting them,...now that's another story! THAT I can see!! too funny...

  12. Anonymous8:53 PM

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  13. Carol, Your blog is always delicious. You are so gifted!

  14. Thanks for the Angelina boost, Carol. I have shamefully been to Paris 3 times and never, dare I say it, never set a foot or a longing glance at Angelina. Again, another place you have made me put on my list. But the real reason for my comment is that your picture with Marmaduke is fabulous. YOu look great and your hair is fantastic! Blogher was definitely "happenin'" Happy blogging to you, Carol.

  15. Ramadan starts tomorrow...how an earth will i read your delicious blog everyday when i'm fasting???.......torture!
    I wish i was a rich heiress who could get daddy to fire up the jet everytime i had a hankering for angelina's!!

  16. What a wonderful place...how come I haven't heard of it!

  17. Am I the only one who doesn't like their Mont Blanc?? But give me a pitcher of chocolat any day of the week!

  18. As long as you're fantasizing about working at Angelina, pretend you're a food critic there to try everything!


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