Monday, February 28, 2011

Bear Stories

BEAR's first Birthday is soon so we thought we'd celebrate today.
BEAR would like to drop into Sonia Rykiel to visit his long-lost brother. BEAR never stopped missing Paris... He remembers every detail of his last day... Bear feels a great affinity with a town loaded with stripes. BEAR wants to know if we'll take the EUROSTAR this trip now he's an expert. He was a swell guide in Venezia certamente.
He's lined up quite a few chocolate places this trip you know.  He'll be on the lookout for more bear doudous bien sur. BEAR has such fond memories of macaron class at The Ritz. He's thrilled to bits that he is going to get to interview Mad About Macarons! author, Jill Colonna in Paris for you.
"Can one ever have too many petit dejeuners?", Bear asked.
NY Bears have captured BEAR's imagination.
He didn't expect there to be such a large bear population, especially at FAO Schwarz. BEAR's bag is packed & prete to go off mid-March. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Pastry Sketch Crawl Returns!

Yesterday was major. I got my walking papers to venture back into the Big Apple (with a cane but I'm now allowed to climb the stairs alternate steps instead of one-step-at-a-time!)
A chance to return to the Pastry Sketch Crawl and where better than Café Petrossian.
With some reservations bien sur...
NO sitting for hours on end (that upended me in a sciatica episode)
Back to tres chic Cafe Petrossian.
Though Lord knows why I picked out exactly the SAME tarte as last fateful visit. I must have a deep hidden attraction to strawberries.
If not to pate brisee crust. I only stayed a half hour and sketched a bit. No point tempting the Gods of Sciatica again.
I returned home to paint in bed
This seems to be a lucky painting spot for me along with Nom de la Rose teas
Au Nom de la Rose Au Nom de la Rose Teas, watercolor, 9" x 11"
I could not resist a quick look in Bergdorf Goodman's windows.
At some 'tartie' shoes I may never venture out in again (not that I did in the past...ahem) Farewell M. Louboutin

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Au Nom du la rose

Au Nom de la Rose Can there be too many visits to the Paris floral chain Au Nom de la Rose?

I think not.Au Nom de la Rose These closet-sized boutiques spill their wares out onto the street.

Au Nom de la Rose In the most charming of ways.Au Nom de la Rose Who could possibly mind the rose petals they scatter under tables and chairs?

Au Nom de la Rose You get a sac of rose petals when you make a purchase too.
Au Nom de la Rose What's not to love about Au Nom de la rose?

Au Nom de la Rose Is it ever too late for a heart-shaped bouquet?

Au Nom de la Rose Never!
Au Nom de la Rose I'm pretending, between physical therapy sessions...
Au Nom de la Rose That some mysterious someone has scattered a few rose petals around here.

Au Nom de la Rose Au Nom de la Rose,  9" x 11"
Au Nom de la Rose I'm pleased to see you can buy just ONE rose if you so choose...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Return of the Older French Girl

It's been a year since we visited ultra chic 'OFG' /older Fr Girl, so back by popular request - voila *Note stance and splash of lovely yellow-orange scarf.*Note ruffled jacket -tres flirtie.

Bright bleu punctuates a neutral pantsuit at Gerard Mulot.
A touch of turquoise on this OFG biker.
OFG bikers abound in Paris...
As do racing grand-meres pushing two little ones.
Regarding the OFG's hair - natural gris.
LONG shoulder-length hair is the norm for Fr OFG.
VERY LONG hair is OK.
Ride Paris buses to catch OFGs - the more civilized, scenic way to travel.
OFGs browse apartment ads like the rest of us.
 They walk their petit Parisien dogs.
My favorite OFG-ever-youthful 2nd-cousine, Kristine in Pigalle. Toujour charmante.