Thursday, September 28, 2017

September Paris Children’s Clothes Map

The SEPTEMBER PARIS MAP is in the mail as of today the 28th. Hooray. Everyone thinks French women are so chic. Look at the kids. Super chic from day one. So are the kids clothing shops in Paris.

The Paris mom above was trying to pull her chic kiddie away from this Gerard Mulot patisserie window

Did you know Monoprix has chic kid's clothing?

I would love to buy. The price is right. The size is not sadly.

Back on Paris' streets a white tulle skirt with red tights and navy cardie. Why not?

Just cute if not chic.

This threesome simply dressed but chic. Navy blue wins the day.

At last a selfie even if in shadow.

Look in kids store windows for latest trends. French kids wear a lot of neutrals just like their parents. 'Sober' is a word you'll hear to describe children's clothing. Nothing to do with the state of drunkeness and everything to do with classe and elegance. Look at elegant brands Bonpoint and Jacadi.

Sergent Major is a terrific chain to check out. No sober clothing here but plenty of fun, color and prints.

A tiny shop with wonderful windows, Billie Bush. FYI many kids shops are in the 6 arrondissement.

A must visit and la creme de la creme is concept store, Bonpoint at 5 rue Tournon, 75006

Bonpoint LOVES sheep by the way. This store is in a mansion with many, many rooms of treasures.

The clothing is elegant, priced accordingly but beautifully presented and worth visiting even if you don't have kids. A brilliant presentation of the brand and stunning publications you can take away too.

million and one sketches later that only took me 3 weeks to do. *note there are many sheep 🐑 

Thank you Google for your fab research images.

Scrapes of doodles kept getting lost. Another reason the Sept map is late. My non-existent cat 🐈‍⬛ knocked over the alarm I don't have.

I took many shots of rentRée signs so maybe next September I will spell it correctly? Thanks for all the corrections PBers.
Ta Da. Huge sigh this is done and on its way to you. Thank you for your patience. Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast!
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Monday, September 25, 2017

Paris, Monday morning

Trying to be ambitious this morning I headed out to the pool at 7:45 am. So much for best laid plans...
Passing my local boulangerie de la Tour as fast as I can without stopping in
They are hard at work on the viennoiseries
Joggers (footers) are racing right by my boulangerie too
Dads are herding the kiddies to school
I get to piscine Pontoise. They're closed for technical reasons. Hmmm. I look in another boulangerie, flirting with temptation
La Parisienne is a prize winner
Best baguette in 2016. The address should say 52, bd Saint Germain
A Hopper-like worker gently placing the cookies. Why do all French workers look like they walked out of a Hopper painting?
Beautiful croissants but I resist merci dieu.
Back on the street  the parents are coming
And going
Little Red Riding Hood is late! I was Always late to school as a kiddie and I lived only a block away. Were you late too? I'm still a johnny-come-lately.
Dad hitches a ride.
Clearly RED is the IN color this Fall.
Even on my street red is the color of choice.
Most Paris concierges wear black when they're polishing the front door brass. I run back to my studio. I'm late with September's Paris map! Can you guess the subject?
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Happy Monday PBers

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Irving Penn, EclairWeek2017

Tuesday morning was the preview 

My photography professor friend, Sardi Klein 

Always told me to study Penn's still life, "After dinner games" (top picture) for inventive arrangement & depth of field.

I vowed to do still life thumbnail studies 

Every day after seeing the original.

Post-exhibit I ran over to Fauchon for still life painting (and eating) ideas.

They are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Eclair Week september 14-23. Hurry up.
You have just 48 hours to get this delightful 10-eclair box and upstairs their savory eclairs await.

House pastry chef, Patrick Pailler created a daunting array of flavors and designs. Hokusai's Great Wave is included.

I went for plain fraise/strawberry. Anything red wins my vote. Pretty to paint.
Fauchon's pastry graphics are the best in Paris.
Oui or non? To paint at home I got their classic chocolate eclair with tiny gold sprinkle decorations.

Rush over to Fauchon to celebrate their annual #EclairWeek 2017 Take a selfie in front of the eclair backdrop and win a trip to Paris or an eclair. 
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