Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bonjour Madeleines

I was looking for Madeleines

I'd given up finding these quelle ordinaire quotidien dunking cookies

Until I come home and blewup a counter shot to find these perfect golden shell biscuits They have absolutement rien de tout to do with the grand La Madeleine btwAnd everything to do with a young girl named, Madeleine de Commercy, who saved the day according to Tartelette. Depend on her to include an excellent recipe in her cookie tales...
I always flirt with the Mini Madeleines de Bretagne at Le Bon Marche, especially the caramel au beurre madys, but restraint occasionally kicks in for me...
Fauchon are not only the maitres of the almighty Paris eclair, but of the madeleine as well. They have beautiful tins of mini-madeleines, which I did fall victim to (for research purposes bien sur)... They also offer individul madeleines in at least 7 different flavors!

You can buy the whole set in a gift box or just one framboise.
I gave French girl the contents of the tin, except for two to paint. So far niente as they say in Brasil..

Why do some people think French Girls don't cook?

This is a BIG erreur. There are literally tons of adorable cookery books everywhere you turn in Paris. Plus they're in full color and relatively inexpensive, say 5-9 euros...

Which brings me to the tale of French Girl. Arriving home from work at 10 pm, she was in a tizzy. She'd forgotten she was to make THE MADELEINES for the office party the following day. Eeek!
JAM The pots and pans flew. I mainly watched and later washed-up.No wonder French Girl has 18 jars of jam in the Frigo! They're used to flavor her office soiree madeleines. Ah ha!
They came out perfectly though I can not tell you on her recipe-un mystere...
Here's an homage of sorts to the madeleine transformed into a chocolate Easter sculpture at The Paris Ritz.
I have too many times shown no restraint with the crumby madeleines in the Metro vending machines. Fortunately I usually lose my money rather than gain calories.


  1. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Oh i do love Madelines! They taste so nice.

    It would be great if you could follow me back!

    Keep it real,


  2. The little bags of mini madeleine de bretagne brought back memories of our trip to Paris last March/April. We buy them at Printemps where we stock up on all the other "must have in the hotel room" items. Try them next trip, Carol; they are splendid!


  3. They look so delicious! I just love your blog by the way!


  4. Geri, NJ12:29 PM

    Love love love Madeleines...and very easy to make! Oddly, I was actually sorry to see Entenmann's mass marketing them...takes them out of the realm of exclusivity...lol.

  5. I bet those beat the heck out of the pale ones I get at Starbucks too.

    Ok, I give up, why are the bottle turned upside down in the vending machine?


  6. Un placer leerte y poder con los ojos saborear estas exquisitas madeleines!!!Seguro que las de Laduree me gustarían más!!!!!Un beso, Gloria.
    A pleasure to read about your madeleines! And taste the flavour with my eyes....Laduree safer than I would like more !!!!! Un beso, Gloria.

  7. You innnocent! One cannot judge a cook by her cookbook shelf! Proof positive: I have at least 36 linear feet of cookbooks in my kitchen and a few stacked up elsewhere in the house. I have hardly cooked for 15 years! Obviously, a little more "research" is in order.....perhaps I should do you a favor and do it for you? Miam miam!

  8. Never had one, but you make them look good :)
    Hats off to French Girl on her heroic baking!

  9. Justine3:46 PM

    My God, she gets home from work at 10?
    ! ! !
    Definitely a heroine.

  10. I think I'd rather take a trip to Brittany for those minis...

  11. Hi! I just found your blog...how cute! I just had to go to Paris...for an hour. No time for madeleines, croissants...nothing. Tragedy!

  12. I adore madeleines... I sometimes make them with lavender sugar! But, if I understand your photos correctly, a spoonful of jam is put into the batter before it goes into the oven? Lovely!

  13. Carol, you make me hungry with those pictures!
    Niente means nothing in Italian.
    Ninguem means nobody in Portuguese.
    Take care, crazy lady!!!

  14. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Bonjour indeed!
    We have a little cafe here in my shopping - mall - a little tacky but Delifrance tries very hard to make a delicious cafe' au lait and madelines - for a morning snack.
    I need to know how to make these - perhaps in Paris I will find the trays.
    Your photos are delightful.

  15. Hi Carole! Madeleines sound soo... French. we have a lovely lady in my French classe who makes these little treasures for our end of term parties - they are perfect with a cup of tea. Loved your post as always.

  16. Oh, what beautiful pictures!
    Just wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing!

  17. @Simony
    How about
    pas encore/not yet
    too many languages racing around n my tete!

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