Monday, July 31, 2017

In Provence

I'm back from Provence with working wifi and no distractions to stop me from blogging except addressing envelopes...
Is Provence the fruit basket of France? Nicer than New Jersey maybe.
I'm at the huge Apt Saturday marché here.
Everything looks so beautiful.
And tastes it too. A typical market lunch back at the workshop after a morning of painting. Bear is happy as a clam.
What they think you should wear in Provence.
What locals really wear. Mostly French ultramarine blue.
What they are eating at the above cafe in Goult, Luberon.
Everywhere you go, lavender. Especially in high-up Sault where you can still see the tail-end of the lavender season.
And buy directly from the producteurs, by far the best venders.
Lovely blue bottles of lavender laundry spray for your sheets. Lavender has endless uses they say.
I did not taste the lavender ice cream. Pistachio svp.
Nor the local nougat but I love looking at these big slabs.
A lavender- colored shop in Sault.
Colorful, woven straw market bags hang in Goult. All together we visited Gault, Sault, Villars, St. Saturnin les Apt, L'Lsle-sur-la-Sorgue, and Apt!
I miss the doorways of Provence. Have you been?
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Happy End of July PBers where ever you are!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Profile of Avignon

Yes I'm in Avignon, one day early for my watercolor workshop (attending not teaching).
2017 has been the year of ramparts for me. I am done with them!!
But life in the festival d'Avignon takes place in the street. Not to worry.
International performers entice visitors with snippets of their acts
Hoping you'll buy a ticket for the show later on
An endless parade of get-ups
National costumes
What ev. Please can I buy your parasole? It is HOT here!
A great little band...why didn't I buy their CD?
Signs are put up all over town for the multitude of acts.
More signs
There are plenty of quiet square to sit and read a book or drink an apéro..
My biggest fascination was the ice cream of JEAN LE GOURMAND.
All flavors are churning so absolutely fresh
Pistache, passion fruit, mango, coconut. I can attest all are excellent and 2€ a pop.
Def bring a fan or pick one up. You'll need it!

Friday, July 21, 2017

L'Été en Ville, Paris Plage

L'Été en ville...Summer in the city
You don't need to leave town
Just come to Paris Plage
It was jumping last Sunday
Yet sooo relaxed.
There was a lot of jitterbugging going on for sure even in the heat
To this hot hot band
Everyone was havin' a good time
Drinking lots of apéro classiques
The bars were busy
SUMMER TIME in Paris!!
There were oysters too like at the beach
Or you could cool off walking by the misters..
Or on the grass by the Seine.
I cooled off with a pistache, framboise gelato comme d'habitude.
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Happy Summer PBers where ever you are!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Paris Epicerie July map

Food shopping in Paris is one of the obvious joys when you visit. Who doesn't have a favorite thing they long for when away and stock up on insanely while here?
La Grand Epicerie Paris in the 7th at 38, rue de Sevres would be at the top of any shopping list, especially good for people watching on Saturdays. This is where the chic love to shop.
For some unknown reason La Grand Epicerie recently decided to start their own house brand. Part of the fun was always the plethora of obscure products on offer. They are still there but less so.
For sure their chic et pas cher shopping bags (15€) have always been worth collecting. They change designs monthly.
You may think you didn't come all the way to Paris to shop at British chain, Marks and Spencer's. You would be wrong. They are all over Paris and much loved. I like the one next to the Apple store 7, rue Mabillion in the 6th arrondissement.
The French have embraced M & S with devotion. I read somewhere more BLTs are sold in France daily than anyhere else. I am a big dévotée. I take it home and grill it open-faced. Also terrific are their prepared Indian dishes and correctly spicy. Marks and Spencer's may be the only place in town with marked-down labels (always yellow). I captured a haul of BLTs late on a Sunday eve for ,75 centimes each. Granted I had no idea what to do with 4 BLTs but its the thought that counts.
M&S is another good chic people watching place.
FYI bet you didn't know cheese danishes do not exist in Paris. Except for these British twists made with cheddar. Très delish IMHO.
Grand Epicerie's big competition is probably Galeries Lafayette 'La Maison Le Gourmet' on 35, blvd Haussmann in the 9th. If you're mad for French pastry and chocolates this is the one-stop shop to hit. All the top marks under one roof: Pierre Hermé (macarons only), Alain Ducasse chocolates, Satoharu Aoki, Jean-Paul Hevin, Christophe Adams l'Eclaire du genie, patisseries Dalloyau and Benoit Castel.
Instant gratification aplenty here.
A smaller specialist eoicerie for all things Breton is Le comptoir de Breizh,109, rue Veille du Temple
The same products we found in Brittany can be found here..cidres, Bordier butter, salted caramels.
They've recently created a new line, La Maison du Sarrasin, all from buckwheat including very tasty cookies, sesame crackers and even a tea of sorts.
I'm a big fan of Greek gourmet store, Mavrommatis near rue Mouffetard.
Their 1 kilo buckets of out-of-this-world made-in-France yogurt from Greek cows is heavenly, if you're into yogurt. 5€ and so worth it.
Not at all chic but still fab is warehouse-sized Tang Freres at 48, Avenue d'Ivre in the 13th, in one of Paris's Chinatowns.
Loaded with exotic ingredients at bargain prices. Mellon-sized pomegranates were a mere 1,20 each. If you're into coconut water or its very hot was...nothing is better then a fresh coconut. They drill a hole while you wait. Its an easy walk from Metro 7 Porte d'Ivre stop. Try it. You'll be surprised. The July epicerie map has other must-visit shops on it, Swedish, Lebanese, etc.
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Oh just come to Paris. The weather is glorious!