Monday, June 22, 2009


Secco, original art, 9" x 12"
I went back to Boulangerie Secco many times last trip.
Not just because they were a 10 minute walk at 20, rue Jean Nicot, 75007

And not just because they have a wonderful old country store feel to their boutique.. And not just because they had excellent savories and very nice salade nicoise, perfect for a light dinner after too much macaron tasting...
And not because of their macarons, which I never tasted - too many other goodies to taste... And not just because they seem to be open practically round the clock, well at least until 9pm daily except for Sundays when they are fermé (closed - an important French word to learn if you go to Paris)...
And not just because their interior is pretty darn gorgeous for a bakery shop!
*In French it's also useful to know the difference between the plafond(ceiling), placard (closet), and par terre (floor) so you don't end up saying I was walking on the placard though you may be after visiting Secco...
More of Secco's interior gorgeousness...
They even have wine on offer and homey jams of a thousand different flavors...
Another reason not to miss out on Secco...though I resisted.
I resisted these wet-on-the-inside chocolatey moussey little cakes...
I even resisted the mini version...
Their sandwiches and salades-never could I resist!
Unfortunately I resisted what Jamie Cahill suggest may be some of Paris' best madeleines -
"They have an unusual flavor, attributable to a "secret" recipe featuring sucre vergeoise, a sticky brown sugar, rather than the refined variety. Secco also adds a tiny hint of lemon. The cakes' darker color and courser texture is unique but wonderful".
And why did I leave my copy of this very pastry guide at home pray tell?
What I did not miss out on several times over was...
The remarkable tarty lemoniness of Secco's tarte Citron, noted in Figaro's best of Paris at #4!!! I've now tasted 7 out of the top 10, so I feel qualified to highly reccommend this little tarte.


  1. Your photos always leave me craving something yummy!And your illustrations are equally as delicious!:o)

  2. I love that blue awning!
    Nice one Carol!!!

  3. I love this one. That blue is perfect.

  4. I'm on the lovin' the blue train. Love the pooches especially the little one holding the bag. Another winner.

  5. Great painting! Love the pooches :-)

  6. Among the best - and the cheapest! I love (also) the tartelettes de citron! Thanks for the address!

  7. that lemon tart...mighty good looking...making me have a little crave thing going on now.
    have a wonderful day.

  8. STOP IT! I am looking at this on a lunch break and I am dying here! Great story told though the photos.Just a wonderful post.

  9. Wow that looks delicious. I will have to cross town and check it out. Thanksf or the tip. Carla x

  10. Anonymous3:15 PM

    I don't know how you can resist all those temptations. I would weigh mucho if I lived in Paris.

  11. oooh this watercolor is so pretty. I adore the awning and the pups are perfect, especially the little one holding the bag (sooo cute!).

    It occurs to me that aside from your beautiful watercolors, maybe you should consider "books" Carol. You could do separate books...facades, macarons, Paris cafes, Paris pooch hang-outs, etc., I think they would be awesome!!!


  12. Foodwalker3:39 PM

    The french, spanish and italians sure know how to do sandwiches. American ones are just too darned big.

  13. If I hadn't eaten so many delicious things last weekend, I would have taken one of these moelleux au chocolat! and one apple tart, and one sandwich, and.....

  14. Jim MacC5:45 PM

    Well hello to Paris Breakfast today!!!!!

  15. Not since Hemingway has someone been able to bring food to life in such a way. My palette is begging me for a taste of something that can only be satisfied by traveling to Paris.
    Thank you for filling up my soul in such a grandiose way.
    Your blog site has become one if my new favorite things to do.

    Because of you I have been able to travel to Paris repeatedly in the last few weeks. If only in my mind.

  16. Yes, I wish I made it to Secco's. I got back from a week's stay in
    Paris after a considerable hiatus in visiting overseas.
    Thanks once again for your charming site.

  17. What a cute little shop and I LOVE your painting of it. yummy looking goodies in there too.

  18. Lovely to see this chêre Carol...
    I used to come here each morning and evening when it was Poujauran Boulangerie as I lived across the street when I was an architecture student.

    All the women of the quartier gathered here as Jean-Luc Poujauran was the most handsome man in the quartier and he kept us all coming back for his smile and Sablés à l’Orange et raisins...miam...

    You make me want to make these sablés again soon, as he gave me the recipe, for which I am grateful.
    I imagine I should post it on my blog.

    Glad to see the new owners kept the pink facade and dalmation on the facade as well as the ambiance in the interior space.
    This pink facade/Dalmation was used by French Vogue many times for photoshoots...

    Your watercolor of the facade is so cool, just so sad to see a new name on the trademark blue awnings.
    But your work is as intersting as ever.

    Merci mille fois for sharing.

  19. Ah ha!...there was no cute homme within...
    But he sold the recipes along with the place-it was part of the deal, so they have all the same things plus they added the patisserie.
    There are still lines for the goodies if not for the beau mec..

  20. The pastries are heavenly, but oh those sandwiches!

  21. Enfin! A pic of les baguettes!
    Gorgeous pics, you are very talented.

    What I would do for a tarte citron, that looks delishimo!

  22. I've been there, I've been there and I had a savoury thingy and it was FABULOUS

  23. I cannot wait to go there's on my list a grace de toi!


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