Friday, June 19, 2009

Les Bonbons

Les Bonbons, 9" x 12"

I'm curious about French attachment to penny candy and other souvenirs of childhood.
A French friend, a philosophy Ph.D, 1st pointed out Les Bonbons to me on rue Brea in the 6th - a delightful penny candy emporium, though I doubt you'll find anything for a centime.

 It's her favorite shop.

The penny candy kisoque at the Odeon Metro is constantly busy, though you don't see many children buying lollies and gummi bears. $5 for just 100 grams (3.3 ounces)

The old fashioned ice cream cone is a Parisian favorite.Why does Paris have more ice cream shops than New York?
  A giant blue lapin sitting out in the street.

High or low, Parisians do not put away childish things. Pierre Herme's vitrine focuses on an enfant's dreams. And who is not reduced to a greedy 5-year old inside Pierre Herme?

Renault covers a car with a favorite candy - the fraise tagada. Penny candy is serious business in France.

 Paris chocolatier Jean-Charles Rochoux, has cuddling chocolate bears/doudous in his vitrine

At Cafe Loup in Musee des Arts Decorativ they serve fraise tagada candies as an amusing afternoon snack/gouter with tea. *Note guimauve/marshmallows on the left.

The museum bookstore had this book on French penny candy. I bought it.

In the Marais Au Petit Bonheur La Chance specializes in vintage grade school paraphrenalia and toys. 13 rue St-Paul 

Painting by an unknown artist in the 9th arr.
Play and playfulness - is there ever enough of it.


WendyB said...

That car is amazing! All cars should be candy-covered from now on.

Merisi said...

Merci for this immensely delightful post! Every image has at least one reason to make me smile like a five year old with her hands in the candy jar! Wonderful! Merci! :-)

Frøken Paris said...

J'adore les bonbons! I want to eat bonbons now! This post is really sweet...

Annie said...

my favorite hard candy was one my Grandmother Mina always had in a bowl on her coffee table: red, shaped like a raspberry, hard on the outside with raspberry soft center. Salivating now. Never have seen them since childhood.

Jennifer said...

thoughtful and perceptive Ms. PB
Penny candy is not revered in the same way in the US.
I loved those marshmallow bananas particularly.
It was nice to be able to buy just 1 or 2 rather than a huge bag as you can now. And who wants to wait until Halloween for these goodies to show up?
Not fair that we've left behind so many good things. Maybe that's why we love Paris?

Erin said...

me thinks it is a cultural thing probably going back many years.
i have noticed here in the u.s. the rebirth of several childhood candies that prior had faded away.

Anne Corrons said...

fraises tagada are the best bonbons! hope you can find some in NY.

manon 21 said...

j'adore les bonbons!


Louisa said...

I'm a sucker for Dutch farm animals licorice - impossible to find outside Holland :(

Ejmordasky said...

love the colorful sketch--it must be hard to walk BY this place!

Terrie said...

love that candy color pink!

Frosty Lime said...

That shop looks so warm & inviting inside!

The Lady said...

i've loved your paints!
the little rabbit in blue can be the son of this!!
best kisses from Italy

Norma said...

Lovely work,
love the dogs.

Susi said...

Merci pour les bonbons.
Love the lapin blue!

BTW Have you been to the old cookery shop Dehillerin?
Massive metre-long cooking spoons and whisks and everything else imaginable for faire du cuisine.

Startbackat said...

Every time I put on a scarf I think of Paris.

somepinkflowers said...

i love this observation!
to Parisian love
of the simple things of childhood
and should we be surprised

don't they adore most items

~*Good Taste*~


{{ me?
well, i would spend $$$$
to shop THERE
such inexpensive petite treats.

go figure! }}

A Brush with Color said...

Carol, you make those store-fronts look so easy, and I know they're so not!! They're just delightful.

Ariel Wilson said...

I just happened across your blog, and I have to tell you: I LOVE IT. I am a HUGE Paris fan, so your blog was so amazing, it almost made me cry. I added you to my list of blogs that I follow, and if you are interested, you could check out mine?

Au revoir,
The French Daydreamer

Unknown said...

engaging post from beginning to end- entertaining eye candy!!

PeterParis said...

Yes, we should all try to stay a little bit childish. For the “bonbons”, I have no problem! :-)

Anonymous said...

"I am ever curious about the French attachment to penny candy and other things of childhood..."

"The child is father of the man"--by William Wordsworth. And before that Jean-Jacques Rosseau also advocated the same appreciation of childhood. Perhaps that could explain some of the attachment ;)