Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Feu Rouge

Can you name where these people are?
And whose feet are these?
Do you know who this is and why we should care? I don't...ahem
Any idea what is special about this Paris garbage truck? There is a clue in the link-if you click on it that is...
Where is this hound walking?
Is this a belt or a...?
Can you name this designer? She does a lot of red stripes...
Can you name this artist?
Hint: he just has a big show at the Hotel de Ville but I didn't get to see it. Did you?
Can you name this Paris department store?
What were they drinking?
What does this red sign mean?
Name this red macaron flavor...
Do you know where I saw these eclairs?
The answers to be revealed in tomorrow's PB post.
And the prize will be...
A macaron painting because I am not going to raid the freezer yet!


Chas said...

1. Corner of Rue Bonaparte and Rue Jacob--Laduree.
2. Wish I knew!
3. A forgetable performance artist who had a small part in a forgetable film "The Good Thief" (2002)
4. Environmentally friendly.
5. Le metro; which one I don't know.
6. Sweater.
7. Sonia Rykiel.
8. Sempe. Did you know there is going to be a film based on his character "Le Petit Nicolas"?
9. Galeries Lafayette.
10. Chocolat chaud.
11. The red diamond indicates a Tabac--the only (legal) place in France where one may buy cigarettes.
12. Framboise.
13. Pierre Herme (the little square gave it away).

The Sabbatical Chef said...

I MISS PARIS! Paris me manque terriblement and I NEED A FIX. Merci for giving me a temporary one, ma chère.
I can answer a few of the questions...
Some are guesses!

A pâtisserie in Paris (duh)

Christian Laboutin's red shoes- the ladies are obviously françaises- my guess is along the strip of designer shops near the Plaza Athenée (my hotels of choice are in the Rue Cler area- I just love to stroll through the lobbies of the big, fancy ones- I haven't been stopped yet!)

Warren Zavatta some comedian- I've only seen signs

garbage truck also cleans the street- it's green with the red stripes giving it the right color combo

Métro dog!

Red sweater tied around the waist- trop chic

Striped sweater? je ne sais pas- je ne shop pas

Petit Nicolas by Goscinny- I love that kid! I didn't go see the exhibit either, though.

Cosmetics at Au Bon Marché? Doesn't look like Galeries Lafayette- I prefer BM anyway because of the Grande Epicierie

Café has been consumed!

Maison de Presse sign- buy your magazines and newspapers

Pomegranate macarons? I need to try my hand at making these things soon! A friend brought me a box of them from La Durée last fall when I was in Arles and she came to visit... oh là là. Pure paradis.

Enough rambling! Thanks for the wonderful post.

Chas said...

Wait! Could those feet belong to Carla Bruni Sarkozy?

Susan said...

Hello Carol,
Laduree-Rue Bonaparte
Carla Bruni-Sarkosy's feet
Zavatta is a clown-grandson of another famous clown of the same name
Garbage truck is green with red door which emphasises the red warning sign
Hound is in metro at Saint Paul
It's not a belt but a red pull (sweater)
red stripes by AgnesB
drawing by Cabu
cosmetic counter is at Bon Marche
Deux express were drunk in the cafe
red sign means that tobacco and stamps are available
red macaroon is framboise (raspberry)
Fauchon eclairs
Some macaroons of course :)

Parisbreakfasts said...

I didn't even know some of these answers
PB readers are too ^%$#% smart!
What gives?
So far no 100%
The prize will be...
A macaron painting because I am not going to raid the freezer yet!
Carolg :)

Chas said...
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Dick said...

My wife is in Sevre sw of paris today, I should send her out to check the answers. The only one I can get this early is tabac and maybe they were drinking chocolate I love your post it makes every day a bright and fun day.
Thank you for all your work.

Parisbreakfasts said...

CHARLES I simply didn't remember about the red tabac sign..
The full answers will be in tomorrow's post

Candice S. said...

1. in front Laduree on rue Bonaparte.
2. Louboutin Shoes
3. Filmmaker Warren Zavatta
4.Garbage Truck has the green/red coloration that makes it "pop".
5. Dog is walking along a "correspondence" route in the Paris metro.
6. It's a sweater worn as a belt.
7. Sonia Rykiel
9. Bon Marche
10. Deux Cafe

FoodWalker said...

Fun idea!

Merisi said...

I am really torn:
do I love your post or
do I love your readers' knowledgeable/witty answers more?

What have they been drinking?
Double espresso, of course! :-)

Merisi said...

I am really torn:
do I love your post or
do I love your readers' knowledgeable/witty answers more?

What have they been drinking?
Double espresso, of course! :-)

Anne Corrons said...













JP HEVIN miam miam

Nikon said...

I love how you got everybody interested! Great idea and great photos!

French Accent said...

This is fun!

1. Ladurée
2. It's Carla Bruni's lower body and she's wearing Louboutin shoes.
3. Warren, a multifaceted performer, is the grandson of the legendary clown Achille Zavatta.
4. Green and red are one of the best color combos. Red makes green pop and vice versa.
5. Dans le métro...
6. It's a sweater.
7. Sonya Rykiel
8. Le petit Nicolas de Goscinny
9. Galeries Lafayette
10. Coffee
11. They sell tobacco.
12. Raspberry
13. Pierre Hermé

Jill said...

Can't tell you all the answers but did you see how the the guy in first picture had a red sweater matching his wife's red boots,
It was great seeing all the red as l am one moaning they don't wear colour's and its my best colour,
Jill xxx

Chris said...

What a fun post! I dont know many of the answers however. I knew the Petite Nicholas image because I just did a post on that (and the new movie coming out)

Lani said...

Hi Carol,

I looove your website.
Not sure where they are in the first photo but they are on the corner next to a stop light. The doggy is in the metro station, the woman walking is Madame Sarkozy, they are drinking cafes, or maybe espressos-- no milk. Street cleaner truck. That is a belt or a sweater. I think that is Agnes B or maybe Sonia Rykiel?
The red sign is a pharmacy. The store is Printemps?
And the flavor is framboise-- or red currrent.
The eclairs look like Pierre Herme or Laduree.
Ok, those are my guesses.
A bientot,

Paintbox Studios said...

That's the librairie, near St Michel and the Cluny (my fave)
The feet are Carla Bruni's
I don't know about the red nose guy
the hound is in the metro
the designer is Agnes B.
artist Sempe (love him, love Petit Nicholas!)
is it Galerie Lafayette?
Were they drinking chocolat chaud?
Don't know the red sign
is the macaron framboise?
how about Laduree?

OK, mostly guesses, but fun!

Merci Carol!

Anonymous said...

My Dear

You change my every day, when I check my mail, and open Your blog!!! Thanks for Your wonderful work, I miss Paris all the time, but You put me close to this geourgeos city.I leave in Argentina and recomande Your site to all my friends!!!
Merci and Bon Journee.....Zulma

Marnie said...

ok - wanted to cheat and read other answers but resisted - here goes
Carla Bruni's feet
red & green on garbage truck - perfect color combo
subway/metro station
Sonia Rykiel
pomegranate macaroon
that's all i knew
fun post

Di Overton said...

I have just got out of bed so my brain isn't functioning yet. Having said that I don't know the answers anyway. You have some very clever readers :)

Clouds said...

Hah. Fun post! Looking forward to your answers..