Monday, June 15, 2009

Steven Broadway

Doodles by PB
Since last April when I showed you a wonderful show of fashion illustrations at the Society of Illustrators I've felt the urge to get back in the studio and make "quickies".illustration by Richard Rosenfeldillustration by Richard Rosenfeld
I particularly fell in love with this loose drawing of fashion illustrator Richard Rosenfeld who teaches at Parsons School of Design.illustration by Robert Fontanelliillustration by Robert Fontanelli
And this witty Chanel concept from the Line of Fashion exhibit. When I discovered Steven was teaching at F.I.T. I made a dash for his class.illustration by Steven Broadway illustration by Steven BroadwayAnd what a ball it's been! Here Steven demos drawing sheer fabrics
Not just one model but TWO models constantly moving, constantly changing outfits....
Doodles by PB
Ya gotta be fast for this class.
Doodles by PB
But I love working "fast" and hate long poses. Steven forces me to use all my materials, pencil, pen, watercolor, brush all mixed up togethe.
Steven demos drawing legs.
illustration by Steven Broadway illustration by Steven Broadway
And Pucci-style prints.
illustration by Steven Broadway illustration by Steven Broadway
A drawing from Steven's website.
Steven brings in a bunch of fashion drawing books to show.
Look! Models doing The Paris Walk!
And Dolce and Gabbana stalk the Trench coat too.
A little something for the patient guys out there.
Macarons by Jean-Paul Hevin
A 4:30 pm gouter/macaron snack for you all.


  1. Slightly out of subject today! :-) Interesting and this fashion art certainly is something!

    ... and at the end we came back to our dear macarons!

  2. Love it, but it's Pucci style prints ;)

  3. Nuovaarte10:05 AM

    Greetings C
    enjoyed YOUR fashion quickies and examples of S. Broadway, etc.

    A good friend in NYC is the topic of a cover article with his quickie figure studies and more in a 16 page spread in and on the cover of American Artist DRAWING magazine. The loose stuff are my favorites. He did a 20' brush painting of dancers in motion (life size) while they were all in motion.

    If you find a copy in a magazine section give it a browse...

    He also teaches.

  4. Gucci-Pucci!!!
    I will go fix it toute a suite
    These %$#@! names :(

  5. Those are great, Carol--I'll bet that was fun! I was wondering when you'd show these! Which ones are yours??

  6. Lol, the only reason I know it it's because I studied Fashion Design for 4 years ! But I've totally reoriented since :)

  7. Candice10:29 AM

    Lovely drawings.

    But "Gucci" styled prints??? Don't you mean PUCCI styled prints?


  8. Janice10:34 AM

    Thanks for identifying your gorge art work - definitely VERY loose

  9. what are all those sticks with red tops in his studio?

  10. wow!!! love these sketches, great post. What fun to be able to go to a class like that. Your "doodles are great!!

  11. Yorkie11:17 AM

    Loved the sketches!

  12. Carol, I bet that class was SO much fun!!

  13. These are great, what fun that class must have been.

  14. Anonymous12:44 PM

    So when are you going to design fashions with macarons prints? It seems like a natural to me.
    Cheers, Stephan

  15. Terrific sketches. I always like the quick sketches best - probably because mine always look over controlled.

    I have been playing around with the book - Fashion Design Drawing Course by Caroline Tatham and Julian Seaman. However, I don't practice enough and always go back to my first love - photography.

  16. I would LOVE to attend a class at FIT! You are one lucky gal. Please show us more!!!!

  17. I've always loved fashion art - it looks like you are very good at it!

  18. Wonderful illustrations.

  19. Oh man, if there was a class like that in this part of the world (LA area) I'd sign up in a shot. The one thing I keep working on with my watercolors, is to try and improve my sketching speed. I just don't sketch very fast and then I start to obsess over details which bogs the sketching down even further. I really want to loosen up and a class like that would be a great exercise in getting to that point.

  20. Patricia5:04 PM

    Absolutely marvelous. Darling Carol, you are a true renaissance woman! Serve up more of these delights, please!

  21. ton blog c'est exceptionnel!

  22. I love this Chanel drawing! I'm a big fan of these double C C. Chanel and I, we have so many stories to tell...But, I would prefer to talk about macarons and windows of course!

  23. Sophia5:32 PM

    This is great stuff!

  24. Hey PB
    You are cool for always wanting to broaden your horizons by taking classes! I admire you!
    Your fashion illustrations look great. Keep em coming! Now, you can have new things to focus on (besides the important ones), in Paris.

  25. You are a Wunderkind!
    Wunders every day,
    always fresh and original.

    Regarding Pucci,
    have you looked at their website lately? I just love the image of the model playing game with the frames.

    I must have been twelve or so when I got my hands on a hand-me-down from my aunt: a Pucci style mini-dress: Green, blue and yellow, stretchy fabric and oh so short. I loved it until it became threadbare.

    Gucci is only gaudy - GG - nowadays. I am holding on to their old silk foulards though. They are classics.

  26. I LOVE your fashion illustrations. Your talents are endless my dear. Sounds like a fun class.

  27. The doodles are so cool. I love it. Wish that they were mine...

  28. What a great post! I love fashion drawing. One of my favorite books is "Drawing Fashion: The Art of Kenneth Paul Block". If you're not familiar with it it's worth a look.

  29. Oh, Carol!1 That sounds like so much fun!! Wish I could have been there with you!

  30. Hey, am really new to your blog. I LOVE STEVEN BROADWAY! I wish I could have taken his class. You lucky thing.


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