Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Writing on the Wall...

'The writing on the wall' in Paris is endlessly engaging.

It can come in a variety of languages, not just French... Though reflections will always be Parisien... Cafe de la Paix - a logo instantly recognizable...Writing on a tablecloth and still memorable... Or wrapped round a glass...
Parisien writing can be a chore if you didn't learn to write on a mini-blackboard...
These kids are having no problem reading multiply ardoise...
This ardoise is universal!
All Relais de L'Entrecôte have the same menu. But don't go if you're vegetarian...
Writing in a Metro vending machine beckons...

No sign required.

Last night Dimitri, a visiting Dane, taught me how to put writing on tartes...
And Metro signs :)

~BONJOUR Paris Writing!


  1. What I really love is that French artist's writing... you know, white on black!

  2. Dimitri11:31 AM

    You learned your lecon well!

  3. Melissa11:32 AM

    I love all the tiny pastry tags like on the raspberry tart..

  4. Kathleen11:36 AM

    To make a copyright sign try these keys: Alt + Ctrl + c = ©
    I enjoy your photos & comments.

  5. the sequence on a laptop is to hold down the alt and fn keys while you press m,j,o,9.

  6. Now, you have a new power: writing! I'm very proud I know you, Madame!

  7. enjoyed this lively post.
    have a wonderful evening.
    i am off to los angeles tomorrow for a very long weekend.

  8. I love your little addition to the metro sign!

    Your site is always a good way to get my "paris fix".

  9. Foodwalker4:50 PM

    I'm always guaranteed a giggle and a smile when I stop by at Paris Breakfast.

  10. French graphics are so...
    Why isn't NYC like this?

  11. Sandra D.4:53 PM

    You ARE a saint to give us Paris 5x a week!

  12. I love that you put the Sortie sign last :-) My mother & I ate at Relais de L'Entrecôte in the 6th last visit and loved it.

  13. Fun post, Carol. I love seeing the French ecriture on signs. Or most anywhere, for that matter.

  14. Fun post! I watched someone writing the menu for a cafe near the D'Orsay. I didn't realize they used white markers! Anyway, I'm all for a bd Saint-Parisbreakfast. If you need my vote, just let me know.

  15. Next time i go to Paris, i will keep my eye out for all the amazing things you have taught me to see there. Your blog is absolutely fantastic.


    P.S. it would be great if you could check out my blog sometime at

  16. Bonnie5:45 AM

    How come everything Frenchy is wonderful? :)

  17. I came over here to find a petit croissant for my late breakfast, alas, after scouring the tables for a very long time, all I found was those little honey pots, with wooden servers, at Le Select's table. Well, I won't complain, I'll take my little dried out pretend-baguette and steal a little honey.

    Sweet greetings from V.,
    La Honey Pot M.

  18. I just don't get how the French make handwritten signs look so good when here in England they just look cheap :(


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