Saturday, February 06, 2016

Where is Bear? Perspective and the February Chocolate Map

Yesterday over a scoop of Berthillon lait d'amand ice cream, PBer Peggy asked me,
"Where's Bear?"
Bear has been Extremely busy
Running from chocolate shop to chocolate shop all over Paris for the February Map (it went out yesterday by the way).
Have you been to Foucher on 134 rue du Bac? It's one of the oldest luxury chocolate shops (from 1918) and trés charmant.
Not so far away, Maison du Chocolat on 19, rue de Sevres has colorful Saint Valentin windows. Bear was best pleased.
For Valentines Maison du Chocolat has beautiful red heart boxes instead of the usual brown.
Bear has become quite fearless. He browsed deluxe Patrick Roger of the renown turquoise bags at 108 bd St. Germain.
Nearby Bear stopped in Une Dimanche à Paris, 4-5-6 Cour du Commerce St. Andre.
Not only a big selection of Valentines goodies
Une Dimanche offers pastry and chocolate classes! YUM
Bear browses the windows at La Patisserie des Reves, not exclusively a chocolate shop
But such pretty Valentines windows and they let in dogs so bears must be welcome too.
Looking for something affordable in a luxury chocolate shop?
Go for the 'bouchées' - a big mouthful of rich chocolate usually priced under 5€
I was delighted to find all top Parisian luxury chocolate shops offer smaller-sized 'tasting' boxes like La Mere de la Famille.
Pierre Hermé has always had a small box on offer for 11,50€ - you choose the chocolates.
La creme de la creme of Paris chocolatiers, Jacques Genin
Genin has an adorable metal box of 8 chocolates for a mere 11€.
There is affordable 'haut couture' chocolates for everyone in Paris.
Do not be afraid to enter and buy a few. Me too. 
SVP tell them Parisbreakfast sent you ;))
Regarding perspective on the Paris map letters...hmmm. My landlord came to dinner and drew me a one-point perspective lesson on his napkin. I've never been any good at perspective and  probably things won't change much in the future, but I did make the crowd of French chocolate shoppers gradually get smaller for his sake. Voila!
February's Paris chocolate map is not one street but all Paris.
I may have missed a few - they will show up in next year's map. There are SO many chocolate shops in Paris! Perhaps more than anywhere else on the planet.
Bear has eaten way too many chocolates this month doing researche for you :((
If you are a new 6/12 month subscriber or renewer you can have a watercolor of Bear inside a Patrick Roger bag, the next best thing to eating a Patrick Roger chocolate.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Gourmet Action Finland!

Everyone thinks they wanna be a French Girl.
Come Jan/Feb people in this town are all doing a Detox regime!
Yesterday Coco Jobard kindly took me along to a presentation of Finnish gourmet products. Enroute she announced she was doing  a 15-day sans sucre regime (no sugar for 15 days!!). Hmm...
Coco went 2 years ago and tasted bear(!) and reindeer (Bambi!).
This year it was more like a bear's dinner. Delicious dried berries
From Joy Of North. Ahh...the flavors! The fruits in Finland in summer get round the clock sunlight so are extra intense. Divine. And no sugar of course.
Sparkling pink pamplemouse (grapefruit) drinks with just a touch of alcohol and almost no sugar.
Fruity vinegars like blueberry and framboise from Malmgard. Oh so delicate and NO sugar.
Extraordinary salmon, one smoked with blue cheese inside on the right. Not so pretty but the flavors! Where to find this in Paris? I hope La Grande Epicerie was there.
Delicate fish eggs from trout and other Finnish fish.
Coco was collecting samples for Pierre Hermé, always on the lookout for new flavors. You may be eating Finnish berry macarons next visit. Qui sait? These jams and syrups are from Lapland.
Cepes dried and edible as is or cooked. Everything may be edible in this picture..
A rose with frost on it from Finnish Plant of Vampula.
They make heavenly rose petal confiture that Coco says is better than the French version from Provins (with Very little sugar added I might mention).
I visited Provins and theirs is more like a jelly though made from the same species of rose (Rosa Rugosa).
We were both enthralled with Finnish soap stone from HUKKA. Who knew there are 226 kinds of soap stone? Or that Finnish soap stone is the most dense and radiates hot and cold temperatures like no other? You can cook food at the table on a heated stone or
Relax your tired computer-weary eyes with iced stones. Terrific!
We were given lovely samples to taste. Most kind Action Finland.
A few birch seats might have been nice, in my opinion, for a Finnish ambience.
Coco let me off at Pont Marie. I had to pass several boulangeries going home. It was Chandeleur last night so I was tempted to grab a few crepes.
Instead, feeling like Sweet Jane and I got a 'paille'(meaning straw but tasting nothing like it). Its a sandwich of two Very sugary palmier with a thick smear of raspberry jam inside! Miam
Right now I'm finishing the February Chocolate map so sugar (and chocolate) is tops on the menu for me. To heck with detox regimes!
The maps should go out tomorrow latest. Stay tuned.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Maison Objet 2016

From Jan 22-26 the massive marvelous Maison Objet was held out at Paris Nord Villepinte
I ran out the 1st day end o' day hoping to catch as much as possible. This is Halle 6
There are 7 more Halles just as huge to visit. The show is international separated by country and subject.
I made it to just 2 halles.
I love the patterns of the displays.
The figures bring it alive.
I still don't know how to 'do' this twice-a-year mammoth show.
I'm always a fan of Challieres bird cage lamps
Belle de Sucre specializes in exquisite tea time sugars
In a variety of colors and whimsical shapes.
Perfect to go with Netherlands's Pip Studios floral china.
Oui o non?
Everything is designy at Maison Objet even the food has patterns.
I fell hard for Dejeuner sur l'Herbe's stars over Christmas
My checks, dots and stars are coming together on the home front!
Now I just need a paper doggie from L'Essential to go with it all.
And bunny cups from British
More whimsy from Norway.
After 3 hours traipsing through just 2 halles of Maison Objet
I was ready to collapse into a bunny chair (with a bunny cup perhaps?)
Or a faux birch bench in a faux forrest
But they shooed us out at closing time.
I went home, slept for 10 hours straight, my head full of dots and dashes. Just a few more patterns for you.
The letter charts up on Etsy. Voila!