Saturday, July 11, 2020

Paris Cheese Map, Blue Zone etc.

The Paris Cheese Map is getting enveloped right now.
Inspired by a cheesy French napkin I've been saving for just such an occasion...
I made all the fromagiers holding giant hunks of cheese.
I've yet to find the names all for the geometrical cheese shapes. Do you know them? I can tell you the striations on top and bottom are from the straw they rest on, getting turned constantly while aging, somewhat like making Champagne.
Today I went into LAURENT DUBOIS at Mutualité. They're known for their unusually flavored and shaped cheeses.
B's 80-something mother called and said, "You better start eating in the Blue Zone if you want to live to 100. I think we watched the same program - DAN BUETNER chatting on Amanapore and Co. The gist is you eat mainly grains, seeds, nuts, beans and greens. No wonder my 6:30 AM Breakfast Club is in such good shape dining on flax seed/oatmeal. I wish someone would tell them there is NO dinner service.
Yesterday I made a 'Blue Zone' lentil salad c/o THE LITTLE PARIS KITCHEN cookbook by Rachel Khoo, who used to live in a tiny walkup studio in the 19th arrondissement. 1cup washed French lentils in 2 cups cold water + a bay leaf, some thyme, salt and cook for 12-15 minute. No overnight soaking. Add greens etc. plus a dill dressing.
Watch the fun VIDEOWhen I wrote the book review in Feb 2013 I had no idea I would move into Rachel's tiny walk-up 6 months later.
Here's a tiny patch of those fab Portuguese tiles in her kitchen we shared. I could have stayed but I found my current castle in the clouds and moved on. Rachel moved on to Sweden and is still turning out ingenious cookbooks  by the dozens.
By the way Blue Zone regime says no dairy allowed. I shall ignor that rule. I'll bet these Jura cheese chips are not on the menu either but girls just wanna have fun non? Have a good, safe weekend dear PBers

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Paris Summer Collections

Some say Parisians have flown the coop for their SUMMER retreats, but I saw plenty on my weekly jaunt uptown for overseas stamps.
Many were eating fraise/strawberry sorbet. Berries are in season. Its been a while since I waltzed through Printemps.
Inside Ladurée has added a new carry-all to their witty bag collection in their own unique pale green linen (a mere 19€). I was tempted except I already own about 50 carry-alls/sac cabas
Downstairs at Printemps is a Think Pink collection - le pop-up Burberry.
Observation - the French are mad for pink flamingos. 
What I thought were imaginative men's neckties from CHRISTIAN DIOR are indeed ladies bandanas for head, neck or wrist - whichever you prefer (190€). 
Louboutin, the shoe man, has a new collection of amusingly designed lipsticks and what have you. 
GALERIES LAFAYETTE has an exceptional collection of joyous summer windows.
All photographs taken on the beach in Nice at Hotel Negresco (where long ago I had a lunch reservation and then chickened out last minute. Little did I know I would end up sitting next to Chef Jacques Maximin but that's another story).
The photographer is DAVID LURESCHI, a French-American based in Paris, who draws inspiration from folklore, pop culture and film history. I don't doubt it. Here's a hot tip for you.
Every summer I'm visited by the same mosquito, starting in early spring. He likes to get a jump on things. This winter I collected clementine peels and let them dry out. I'd read during confinement, mosquitos don't like citrus scents. Et voila. It works! And there is a new Summer 6-pack collection of Paris letters/maps waiting for you in my Etsy shop.  Stay in the pink dear PBers. 

Monday, July 06, 2020

Quatrehomme, June Paris letter, Au Petit Bonheur La Chance, Paris clouds

Why is there always a truck or scaffolding in front of Quatrehomme Fromager?
One of Paris' best CHEESE shops, open since 1953.
The metro is full of giant French cheese posters including this cheesy wedding cake inspiring June's Paris letter. (Mailed last week by the way so go stand by your mailbox svp).The family establishment is sitting over a huge cellar where their cheeses are aged. Not open for viewing. I asked.
But they will answer all your cheese questions about their vast selection. Mme. Marie Quatrehomme was made the 1st cheese MOF in 2000. Coming from the post, I turned down rue Saint Paul by chance. 
Its been a long time since I stepped inside AU PETIT BONHEUR LE CHANCE. Have you been?
The name means some thing like; aimlessly, happy-go-lucky, haphazardly... I asked if they had any cheesy things.
By chance they did.
I came home with a nice old school cow rubber stamp (see above) and an ice cream dixie cup covered in cows, all for the Paris CHEESY map going out this week! 
Outside AU PETIT I saw this scooter rider. Her French terrier is going to sue me.
An update on my cloud studies. Please click on empty box to see Notre Dame svp.
I'm painting atmospheric Notre Dames with the steeple still attached. A  bit of artistic plastic surgery is OK  sometimes. There is a new ribbony gift/renewal/subscription envelope 
in my Etsy shop. Please stay well dear PBers💋❤️🐻xxx

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Paris Summer

'Sitting in a park in Paris, France...' 
Easy, breezy, JONI MITCHELL  fits so well with the heat wave we're having. 90 degrees in the shade. Sunbathing Frenchies don't mind.
Not me. I'd rather be in this speed boat with les Flics, feeling the breeze.
BEAR 🐻is collecting Ambre Solaire for a sunny weekend. This is gonna last for a few.
What to wear? Mom and daughter cut-off sun suits.
Or a breezy long skirt. Another 'Extended Cafe'. Sounds like a night course doesn't it? They are everywhere including bordering Eglise Saint-Louis. Set to continue through September
Though my guess is they're here for good.
I wouldn't mind.
Waiting for the lunch crowd.
Rotisserie de la Tour  at  19 quai de la Tournelle has gone all out. Their waiters must now cross the heavily-trafficked quai to deliver their excellent poulet by the Seine! Yesterday was their 1st day but Parisians showed up. Its wacky or maybe just ingenious.
Yesterday I dug out my fan/evantaille. Essential in the land of little A-C.
All manner of berries and Rosé are present and counted.
I shot the fiery skyline out my window at 5 am. It predicts another scorcher today. Capturing it on paper in watercolor is another matter...
'I am a lonely painter.
Living in a box of paints'. 
Thank you Joni. Thank you PBers for stopping by. Please share Paris Summer with a friend. Stay cool 🐻💋🥂

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Painting Clouds, Boudin, rue du Tresor

Rows and flows of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air
And feather canyons every where
I've looked at clouds that way (Joni Mitchell)
The cloud show out my window is ever changing. Always a spectacle.
How-to books say paint/draw the sky everyday for a year. I'm on day #1.  
EUGENE BOUDIN known as 'roi des ciels', wanted to "swim in the sky". He made hundreds of studies of skies and clouds in pencil, pastel, watercolor and oil. I visited the Le Havre Boudin exhibit 2 years back. Cloud paintings TBC. PBer, Irv mentioned he longed to visit his place on rue Tresor. I went there on Friday to look for washi tapes.
Irv said I'd know it by Cafe Philosophes on the corner.
A lovely tree-lined cul de sac full of small restaurants in the Marais
Just off rue du Veille du Temples.
Mark's Tokyo is a haven for paper fanatics.
I found the sweet Laduree tapes there.
Walking home on rue Saint Antoine the streets are full of cherries and flowers. 
These days each little trip outside seems such an adventure. Everything looks fresh and new.
Maybe some day I'll sit along the Seine and paint... There is a new 6-pack of MARIE-ANTOINETTE THEMED LETTERS in my 💌 Etsy shop. Thank you Marilyn. What a good idea! Happy Dad's Day out there🥂❤️