Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Paris Advent Calendrier

All Paris is obsessed with advent calendars in November and I've caught the bug. I made the perfume map into an advent of sorts, but you need 30 24 apertures for the 30 24 days before christmas, starting December 1st.
As a general rule the advent calendar is a house with lots of opening windows. This one is from Patisserie des Reves, filled with hidden candies"
Every year l'Occitane does a whimsical house full of cosmetics. I waltzed out yesterday morning planning to pick one up. Ha! There isn't a single one in all Paris.
'Rupture of stock' they call it. These are limited editions. Grab it when you see it. You snooz, you lose. La Mere de Famille's annual candy-filled house is long gone. Boo hoo
You can still pick up a Nuxe-filled block of Parisian houses. Monoprix commisioned it and they are still around at 50€ a pop. Ouch.
Chocolatier Arnaud Larher's row of village houses looks inticing (29€) and still in stock. Yum Yum
Jeff de Bruge candy shop is almost out they told me. Last one.
Another top chocolatier, Chapon has stacked little boxes lined up like a Christmas tree.
A rather modern design from Maison du Chocolat. Advent calendars are either candy or cosmetic-filled or DIY.
You can buy plenty of reproduced old designs and fill them with whatever you want.
The carrousels are lit up in all the parks at night in Paris.
Le Bon Marché's windows have a snowball theme with flocans (snowflakes). This would make a nice advent calendar no?
More pretty lights
Every year at place Saint Sulpice, G.Thuillier has nativity pieces.
A real house with edible chocolate-covered marshmallows near Galeries Lafeyette. La Grand Epicerie also has edible houses covered in snow.
I know what I'll be doing next November. No more 'Johnny come lately' waiting to to catch the Avent calendars. Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. If you like this post and want to support it, buy Paris letters and watercolors (no rupture in stock so far) or forward to someone who might enjoy it. 

Friday, December 02, 2016

Paris Letter Gift Bundles

It's that time of year.
Everyone is out shopping and browsing for gifts. Paris is always a knockout even if skies may be grey and the temp dropping. Hello Red Ridding hood!
Every Christmas since I moved to Paris I've wanted to show you the Fab gift bundles you can give yourself or others.
The box designs and ribbons are sensational.
This one caught my eye in Monoprix...they have a Big selection of gift bundles. You say you want that 'je n'ai sait quoi?" Well get scrubbing. I see oodles of French women scrubbing away in the shower post-pool. No idea why this is essential since they just soaked in chlorine for an hour but it is evidently.
Anything with the word 'cottage' is considered adorable and trés charmante I guess.
Now this gift bundle (also at Monoprix 19.95€) is a delightful steal. Everything you need for New Year's Eve including pink Himalayan salt and onion marmelade to put on your foie gras atop your pain d'epice toast.
You will need Champagne with that. Veuve Cliquot will cost you a bit more, but oh so worth it. This year's gift city metal 'sign' box is a keeper.
I dropped into La Poste office to mail out your perfume gift bundles and noticed their display of my Paris letters had diminished.  They admitted some now adorned their walls at home...ahem
I decided to deck my own walls with letters. I'm not done yet but I noticed quite a few images of the beloved Eiffel Tower. Ah ha
Why not create a gift bundle of 5 Paris letter Eiffel Towers, including an underwater Tower.
Plus an Eiffel Tower giftcard to go with! What's not to love?
I wish I could include this mini-Eiffel Tower brandy bottle in the bundle but it is not to be. Quelle triste.
Here's a gift Suzanne Y of California dreamed up from November's perfume map, clever girl
Suzanne says:
I had fun, relaxing time coloring! and it didn't take that long though I think it looks better in real life than the picture I attached here. The paper I used is 80# Strathmore cold press 132 - it was part of a watercolor paper sampler pad and goes through my printer very easily though I had to cut it to 8.5x11 to fit the paper tray. Like I mentioned before, I've copied on 140lb arches but it doesn't always go through the printer. I Used Sennelier paint in honor of painting French places but it seems less pigmenty than other brands... I like more pigment look. Smaller paint brush was easier to use than a bigger one. Now that I've had fun painting and there were only 2 sheets of paper you can send, I would prefer the outline... it's free coloring sheet!
I tried painting one myself this morning. Much fun and just as relaxing as colored pencils
Holiday gift bundles are up on Etsy. Hooray! Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. If you like this post and want to support it, buy Paris letters and watercolors or forward to someone who might enjoy it. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Exposition Leonardo en France, Ambasciata d'Italia, Il gelato del Marchese

Thank you for your Thanksgiving greetings PBers! I celebrated a week early at the Italian Embassy
A special event for the closing of the 'Leonardo in France' exposition.
And what a grand celebration it was catered by the divine Il Gelato del Marchese, 3 rue des Quatre Vents, 75006
No turkey. Just foie gras gelato plus foie gras. I think every course except the Parmigiano had gelato.
Mini cornettos of ricotta gelato with bottarga.
Of course Il Gelato brought along their adorable kiosk. The guests (mainly Italians) were swarming like bees. Some came up from italy especially for the event. The gold stiletto heels - to die for!
Three kinds of pistache gelato, one Iranian, one from Sicily.
Solli came along to help taste all the flavors. She had mandarino, cafe and chcocolate.
Gorgeous cream puffs too, though no pumpkin pie...
Beautiful bouquets.
The Italian embassy is housed in the stunning hotel particular,  Hôtel de Boisgelin (also know as the Hotel de la rochefoucauld-Doudeauville) at 47, rue de Varenne in the 7th.
We felt like princesses exploring the rooms.
The grand Carrara staircase.
Just glorious
What to say. Not your average thanksgiving dinner bien sur...
Where the Da Vincis were displayed was lined with Sicilian mirrors.
The exhibit celebrates the 500th anniversary of Leonardo's arrival in France at the request of king Francis the 1st. Most of the paintings were copies by Da vinci's students, Francesco Melzi and Gian Giacomo Capriotti.

The piece de resistance, the drawing of the head of a woman known as La Scapigliata, lent by The National Gallery in Parma. Breathtakingly beautiful.
There were maps of Da Vinci's trip into France and the Amboise chateau in the Loire valley where he created many technical drawings and machines.
By the way its Black Saturday for me. Some holiday gift bundles are up on Etsy and the 12-months of Paris maps is back. Hooray! Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast! If you like this post and want to support it, buy Paris letters and watercolors or forward to someone who might enjoy it.