Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Place Saint Sulpice

Place Saint SulpicePlace St. Sulpice, 9" x 12"
I've heard it said that after you get your goodies...

At Pierre Hermé on 72, rue Bonaparte...
Place Saint Sulpice You can take them over to a park bench at Place St Sulpice...Place Saint Sulpice And devour them in plain sight and no one will much mind one way of the other...Place Saint Sulpice I've also heard you can take your PH goodies up to the second floor at Cafe de la Mairie (where Catherine Deneuve takes her petit dejeuner daily...or so they say), but I've never dared try. Have you..?Place Saint SulpiceIf you do sit down on that park bench at Place St. Sulpice you'll be facing a very attractive monument- the Fontaine de Quatre-Eveques build by Ludovico Viscounti in 1847 from The Monuments of Paris: an illustrated guide by Michel Poisson.Place Saint Sulpice After gazing at this fontaine more times than I can count I've come on the idea that just maybe the master pastry chief himself might sit here too...
Place Saint Sulpice Don't you think what he calls the Saint-Honoré Satine may be a not too distant cousin of...
Place Saint Sulpice This fontaine?
What do you think?
Am I off my rocker comme habitude (as usual) or do you see the strong resemblance too? Should not this gorgeous dessert have it's name changed peut-etre to Saint-Place Sulpice Satine..?
And might it not deserve a spot on this P. Hermé box of not-to-be-missed monuments - Les Incontournables de Paris?
I can find all sorts of ways to waste time...

Though I'd much rather be walking this dog at Place St. Sulpice...
Or about to dive into this heavenly tarte citron of Hermés sitting on this Paris park bench.


  1. Tarts to go... amazing , wherever you look there's a way to enhance quality of life... I would dare to head to that second floor, oh yes sirree ;)

    I think Chef has been sitting on said bench... look at that will you.. yes...yes they are quite similar..aren't those greys beautiful?

  2. So many wonderful spots to sample the delicacies of Paris....sigh. Your photos give me my "Paris fix". Merci beaucoup.

  3. Hi!
    I'm Brazilian and I discovered your blog in a subject in a newspaper of Brazil. I really love it! Your art is wonderful, magic, I feel like if I was in Paris!

  4. Carol, your painting here is beautiful! I love this one. That fountain is wonderful, too--it looks like a gorgeous spot.

  5. Foodwalker2:12 PM

    Those Satines look really divine!!!!

  6. Tamara2:19 PM

    What a fun painting!
    Love all the quotidienne activites going on.

  7. Anonymous5:18 PM

    I've done my comparative homework and I must say : Ladurée's macarons are a 1000 times tastier than Pierre Hermé's !

  8. How do you consistently produce such a quality blog? The detail and quality of your pictures are always amazing. Thanks for yet another Paris memory!

  9. Birds eating PH macarons! Mon Dieu! I never dared go to this cafe with my macarons. And, I never dared eat my tarte au citron on the street! I just eat on the streets when I'm in NYC. Vas comprendre!

  10. Hello! Congratulations for your blog that I find delicious! Paris is beautiful and your drawings are delicate and fresh. I love Paris with its beautiful places like Saint Sulpice, place des Vosges, Montmartre, Saint Germain Des Pres, Le pont neuf...and the sweet Hermes are wonderful!
    Sorry for my English not perfect...
    Carla -Italy :-)

  11. Laura F. of Lauralines is also an early risers.

    Believe me, if we'd known the tarte citron was that close, we'd have had them.

  12. Anonymous4:59 AM

    A few days ago I discovered this wonderful blog. I will miss him in the next few days to visit again and again and marvel. He is really great, I am very eager about Paris as witness. A real work of art.Sorry my English ist not perfekt;-)Manuela

  13. Hello Carol,
    this is Zeet, the guy with the day glo pigments last week
    your blog is fantastic!!
    and I like your art

  14. Carol, is there no place to sit down at Pierre Hermé's? The tarte citron looks very tempting!

  15. Your post makes me want to pack up and fly back to Paris!

  16. Hi Carol,
    It certainly looks as if the chef was influenced by the monument, whether consciously or not! I think that that was a brilliant observation!
    You are certainly not off your rocker!!
    Keep up the good work! I love your blog

  17. Carol: I looove your blog! You have inspired me to go to Paris!I'm going to Paris in August (I know it's not the best time to go!) for the first time with a good friend and I cannot wait to try Ladurée's macaroons and see all the places you have suggested. Any other tips you have for first timers will be greatly appreciated! Merci Beaucoup! Best, Anna

  18. Do you eat all your props? :)


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