Thursday, June 25, 2009


When you see this sign do you start to salivate in anticipation..? 

Winston is tempted at Ladurée,
9" x 12"
Le leche-vitrine means literally in to lick the windows and it now seems all too appropriate to me. Tentation means temptation - what a good name for this dessert...

I thought I'd provide you with a little torture this morning...
I hope you brought your bib... At the same time it's a chance to comparison shop for Canneles... You can never say that the French do not show you the prices...

In fact they display them with great style and ingenuity.
Why is it when a French pastry shop opens in New York they never show you the prices? Never a price list or a big board like in France?
I don't get it - is it because if you have to ask, you shouldn't think of buying?
It makes me that mad :(
Oh well back to dreaming...
Even a pastry shop can put up a sign that their window is in the process of redecorating or réalization!
Only in Paris.


  1. What does 1 E 45 (pain aux amandes) mean? 1.45 euros? Or?


    Just like $4 gallon gasoline, I find the notion of a $6 doughnut much easier to resist than a fifty-cent doughnut............


    The delicacies are tempting indeed, but at those prices, easier to resist!

  2. I knew the phrase translated to "window licking" but had forgotten the literal french for it. thanks for the reminder!

  3. Je suis un gros gourmand, I want it ALL! Those palmiers and canneles look divine. I like getting these messages just before I go to bed each night but it makes me want to search for a snack a minuit....
    bon nuit

  4. In-May8:43 AM

    Carol: Have you ever seen "Pithivier" (puff pastry with almond cream filling) in Paris pastry shop?
    It is so good!

  5. 1 Euros 45
    according to Google
    Not bad in my opinion for a PAIN AUX AMANDES
    You won't find any French pastries in New York at that prix...

  6. Hi Carol...
    Love the little picture of Laduree!
    It's one of the best you've done, so clever.

  7. I miss your macarons and minis. Could we revisit those once and a while?

  8. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Torture indeed! Everything looks gorgeous (especially the cannelles, which I don't know---
    But just the plain croissant! The crepes!

    Thank you so much, Carol, for keeping the Paris we love, Paris of the streets and shop windows. alive before our eyes.

    Berkshire Tsarina

  9. FoodWalker11:32 AM

    Apricot Bignet>
    Um...just bought some apricots yesterday.
    what to do????

  10. I am a huge fan of your blog, Thanks. I stopped reading newspaper
    comic strips years ago but someone at my job left the strip "Non Sequitur" was a single panel with a
    business man talking to a bartender in an empty bar, the statement to
    the bartender was: "I stopped pursuing the American Dream when I found out it means I'd need to move to France".
    Apparently we all want to go.

  11. oh my goodness...look at all those wonderful goodies that would go perfectly with my morning coffee.

  12. And, Paris is the perfect place to do lèche vitrine, isn't it?

  13. Anonymous2:26 PM

    ah! cannelles! ahhh i want one now.

    haha i do go crazy whenever i see the word "patisserie". i have to stop everything i am doing and enter it no matter what.

  14. oh...i love the cannelés bordelais!
    when i go to Paris, it's my 1st sweet treat at pâtisserie Stohrer, rue Montorgueil...
    i tried once to make some but..hum...
    ce n'était pas du tout la même chose!

  15. Such cruel photos when you are off the carbs. However it tastes like Paris. And that is a good thing.

  16. Carol, in France it is compulsory to write down the prices of items in shop windows. And of course, you already know that the VAT is included, this way there are no bad surpises...

  17. Susanne7:26 AM

    Loved this morning's breakfast. ;o)
    Many thanks--

  18. And if I lick my computer screen, would that be le leche-ecran? Where did you see those apricot beignets??

  19. Anonymous12:59 PM

    That looks so delicious, seductive ... every day I would eat something like this. Beam me up....please. Manuela


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